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Submission Title Date
1. Bait and switch05/25/17
2. Possible Service Monopoly???05/14/17
3. VZ Customer service survey05/08/17
4. Credit Screwed - Thanks VerizaRape!05/04/17
5. liar liar pants on fire!!05/03/17
6. Unblievable05/01/17
7. Verizon suddenly decided my phone was a stolen one04/29/17
8. Spread the word - Verizon SUCKS ASS04/25/17
9. Basiclly scammed04/23/17
10. Long Time Customer - Ripped Off - Customer No More04/23/17
11. Unlimited 4g read fine print04/22/17
12. No Automatic Line Discount Month to Month04/21/17
13. Paying for service we do not receive04/20/17
14. verizon scumbag motherfuckers04/13/17
15. BREACH OF PRIVACY 04/12/17
16. Billing me for Service after \"contract termination\"04/11/17
17. verizon sucks..04/10/17
18. my four line business service not working for 6 months - 04/10/17
19. Horrible service04/09/17
20. Verizon LIES.......04/09/17
21. Phone blocked for fraud04/07/17
22. bleeeeep verizon04/06/17
23. Should be out of business04/05/17
24. Long time Customer03/31/17
25. Verizon opens fake account and then tries to charge you for it03/22/17
26. Service downgraded - then disconnected before requested date03/20/17
27. NEW plan is a rip-off as expected03/15/17
28. What the 5GB03/14/17
29. No DSL 10 days plus03/13/17
30. slowest download speed03/12/17
31. Roaming charges despite setting phone to \"Deny Roaming Data\".03/10/17
32. Former Verizon customer 03/07/17
33. Service is non-existent. Bad, bad, bad.03/05/17
34. Verizon store on W. Peoria, Phoenix, AZ03/04/17
35. Data fraud and won\'t cancell.03/03/17
36. No Block Data Purchase Option03/01/17
37. Verizon is pond scum03/01/17
38. one hundred twenty two minutes on hold02/28/17
39. Verizon tried to break up my family02/25/17
40. verizon sucks02/23/17
41. They say no contracts!, buy a phone from them and you are.02/21/17
42. billing is Helter skelter02/17/17
43. Leaving after 20 years 02/10/17
44. The worst company ever02/09/17
45. How is this shit legal??02/07/17
46. Version sucks dick 02/07/17
47. Verizon is going to crash02/04/17
48. Verizon is the worst. Ever. 02/04/17
49. true verizon rape02/02/17
50. Shitty Internet Service02/01/17
51. rip off01/28/17
52. Verizon Store reps are lying Weasels!01/21/17
53. no signal, no answer, no care01/20/17
54. Pre pay post pay pre pay01/17/17
55. Family of scum bags!01/17/17
56. slowing down my internet01/16/17
57. Fuck verizon01/16/17
58. Do you trust the Windows 10 Data Counter?01/16/17
59. Verizon refuses to take back defective iphones01/15/17
60. RETARTED DSL01/14/17
61. Verizon \"Rewards\"01/13/17
62. PURE EVIL01/12/17
63. The great DSL Joke...01/12/17
64. Verizon Wifi01/09/17
65. OMG! Verizon is so full of S!#T01/09/17
66. Forced an overcharge to keep my service01/07/17
67. Selling Phones they know they won\'t have01/07/17
68. THE WORST01/06/17
69. Customer Service useless; makes DMV look awesome!01/05/17
70. 2017 still no cable or fiber and on vzw 3g for entire home01/05/17
71. Robbery!01/02/17
72. After as a 17 years customer, Verizon left me...12/30/16
73. Shitty Phone12/28/16
74. Sudden changes12/27/16
75. well played Verizon...12/27/16
77. verizon rip off12/26/16
78. I just need to rant about this shitty ass network12/26/16
79. I was lied to, straight up.12/22/16
80. Ripped me off 400 dollars for cancelling after 2 days service.12/21/16
81. Verizon took $ out of my checking account12/15/16
82. Verizon scans lies and verizon is trash12/14/16
83. Verizon (& Samsung) can not fix any of their Galaxy S6 or S7 edge broken/cracked/shattered screens. 12/14/16
84. Verizon sucks!!! Worst company ever12/13/16
85. two years I can\'t get back12/12/16
86. Worst signal and service ever12/08/16
87. Verizon suck 12/06/16
88. FOR NO RESONE!12/03/16
89. Verizon 12/01/16
90. yup11/30/16
91. Greedy Morons11/30/16
92. made problem worse11/28/16
93. How can anyone like verizon11/28/16
94. Verizon Blows11/27/16
95. Verizon Sucks butt11/24/16
96. VERIZON LIES 11/21/16
97. Buy one, get one half price SCAM!!11/19/16
98. Lies and Greed11/19/16
99. trying to be responsible? forget about it with verizon!!!11/18/16
100. Regular BS11/18/16
101. Cannot Access Router Settings11/07/16
102. Brand New iPhone stops working- Verizon tells me to fuck myself11/04/16
103. Upgrade, get shitty service11/02/16
104. DSL price doubled in 1 year! Crooks!!! Let\'s sue them!11/01/16
105. Cheezy devices and ancient technology.10/31/16
106. Different rates for different people for the same service.10/31/16
107. Ported Out a Number10/28/16
108. TERRIBLE 10/26/16
109. I feel so helpless fighting this batter with Verizon10/22/16
110. Charleston West Ashley Store 10/19/16
111. Lying pieces of shit10/16/16
112. Haha you\'re so right!10/15/16
113. Verizon is worst service provider in History10/14/16
114. double payment for the same month10/13/16
115. Unbelievable wait times to get a phone activated10/11/16
116. Automated system failure 10/08/16
117. Hello T-Mobile10/07/16
118. Data plan I didn\'t want10/06/16
119. They keep sending bills long after account closed09/27/16
120. Ridiculous charges for data09/24/16
121. Massively bull***tted09/20/16
122. Utter Ridiculousness 09/18/16
123. No TV Guide09/18/16
124. I was lied to09/03/16
125. Verliars09/01/16
126. They are billing me after I cancelled service08/31/16
127. Class action possible with 575,000 complaints08/31/16
128. Greedy Heartless Corporate Bastards08/30/16
129. Calling others "cutback networks" yet they don't offer true unlimited data08/29/16
130. Abominal customer Service08/26/16
131. Fucktard Company08/26/16
132. They Lie, Cheat and Steal, Verizon should go into politics08/23/16
133. Switch and Bait08/22/16
134. Worst service ever08/20/16
135. At my wits end!08/20/16
136. Bogo offer is a scam08/19/16
137. Phone was hacked, I paid and paid and paid...08/17/16
138. Crooks08/15/16
139. verizon is horrible 08/14/16
140. Data rip offs08/13/16
141. Family based controls are a joke08/13/16
142. I regret switching to this worthless company!!!08/12/16
143. Calling problems08/12/16
144. FRONTIER. Found a company worse than Verizon08/11/16
145. Features have been taken out by Stupid Verizon08/10/16
146. Spent 2 entire days waiting for Tech support!08/10/16
147. ???BREECH OF CONTRACT???08/10/16
148. Verizon hates customers08/10/16
149. the worst F**Ked UP "COMPANY"08/08/16
150. Verizon Really does Suck!!!08/06/16
151. Can't wait to leave the liars08/06/16
152. Verizon "Tech Support"08/05/16
155. OMG08/02/16
156. Outlook Versus The "Numbskull" Premium Techies At Verizon08/02/16
157. Don't Subscribe To Verizon - It's A Shitty Compan07/30/16
158. Premium Tech Support07/30/16
159. Verizon almost screw me!07/29/16
160. Verizon Sticks IT TO THE CUSTOMER TO THE VERY END07/29/16
161. Online Bill Pay SHIT07/29/16
162. Blackmail07/27/16
163. Verizon No longer Services Copper Lines07/27/16
164. customer service "stinks"07/27/16
165. Lied to, time wasted ... ugliness07/25/16
166. out source yank verizon union bum jobs07/25/16
167. Loathing07/21/16
168. Verizon can eat a bag of D*cks!!!!07/19/16
169. hate verizon07/06/16
170. phone doesn't work07/05/16
171. Verizon Sucks!07/01/16
172. burning tablet07/01/16
173. paying more doesn't get you more07/01/16
174. Verizon lies and that's a fact06/27/16
175. Switched to Sprint06/25/16
176. Switched Plans06/25/16
177. Over billing and pay won't reimburse06/24/16
178. Last Minute GB06/24/16
179. Verizon Can't Protect Your Data06/21/16
180. Predatory Billing06/21/16
181. They want me to pay more?06/20/16
182. Inept phone activation process06/18/16
183. Why do people put up with this company?06/17/16
184. Rip off phone06/16/16
185. Verizon Data Vampires 06/14/16
186. Verizon dumps long time customer06/05/16
187. Why I will not renew...06/04/16
188. Don't fall for Verizon's Hype!06/04/16
189. Verizon lost me and they really don't care because they finally got a contract06/03/16
190. "Over usage"06/02/16
191. Upgrade06/01/16
192. Just Pay for Everything05/27/16
193. trying to rob the customer.05/25/16
194. Well ... This blows05/25/16
195. Don't switch to the Device Payment Plan (DPP) if you have multiple lines05/25/16
196. Verizon Thiefs05/24/16
197. double billing for 3 months....wont fix, bank does, verizon cancels billing card...05/23/16
198. 13 hour wait for No Show05/22/16
199. Ibew local 232105/19/16
200. Some, but not all, reasons I hate Verizon05/19/16
201. Sec of Labor Perez 05/18/16
202. Bad people05/15/16
203. Lot of bills05/15/16
204. Lot of bills05/15/16
205. individual medical insurance plans05/14/16
206. jim cerulo,verizon manager05/12/16
207. clash of clans spam and fraud king05/11/16
208. CWA Member hit by scab vehicle05/11/16
209. thank you verizon unions05/10/16
210. Verizon Managers SUCK!05/10/16
211. Bunch of bullshit anti-american company05/10/16
212. jerod stole my promo data twice.05/08/16
213. Verizon screwed me05/07/16
214. I hate Verizon05/07/16
215. Replacement through factory extended warranty shipped 1hr away05/04/16
216. How they treat a customer who has been with them for decades05/03/16
217. striking workers suck mgmt rules05/03/16
218. ftitm05/03/16
220. In de azz05/02/16
221. Verizon more evil than Satan05/01/16
222. Erased my cloud pics after paying for 2 years of cloud 05/01/16
223. They love to cheat people04/30/16
224. Chris Coutts. Tell your story04/30/16
225. Donna Melchionna. Please add comments. Thank you04/30/16
226. Dave Ferrare. Please add comments. Thank you04/30/16
227. Pat Shea04/30/16
228. I pay a lot for our phones...04/27/16
229. How do they get away with this?04/26/16
230. (Untitled)04/26/16
231. No Ethics04/26/16
232. bank loans without credit check04/25/16
233. Verizon sucks!!!04/25/16
234. NG Verizon 04/23/16
235. They will tell you anything to get you to sign up04/22/16
236. Lucky Customer loves Verizon for another 14 months until my contract ends!04/21/16
237. Verizon Wireless Assholes!04/19/16
238. service sucks!!!04/19/16
239. What language do you speak Verizon?04/19/16
240. Bring back prunty!04/17/16
241. Update killed my phone04/16/16
243. Regan strike 201604/15/16
244. Inventing Fee for this Fee for that04/13/16
245. Strike04/13/16
246. Verizon is the worst company in existance04/13/16
247. Shocking Reality04/13/16
248. Dropped calls no service04/12/16
249. FYL Verizon04/12/16
250. Ex employee04/11/16
251. DSL works, Landline doesn't--Neither does Verizon site..04/11/16
253. I hate verizon! you are thieves!!04/06/16
254. These telecommunications companies are the same 04/02/16
255. Dropped in Texas 04/02/16
256. 650 Switching promo is BS04/01/16
257. Smh, once again! New bill04/01/16
258. I hate Verizon03/31/16
259. My cable was shut off LITERALLY for no reason03/29/16
261. Parental Controls03/26/16
262. stay away from this corpooration03/25/16
263. Home Internet Service and Wi-Fi SUCKS !!!!03/25/16
264. Verizon hates Veterans 03/23/16
265. SHut off service03/23/16
266. True story repost03/23/16
267. Verizon FiOS employee03/22/16
269. 36 Hours Later03/21/16
270. Don't even know if this will work...03/20/16
271. Managers calling me liars. TAKE VERIZON DOWN03/19/16
272. simple downright fraud!03/18/16
273. Unable to refund03/18/16
274. Unable to refund03/18/16
276. Erroneous Advertising!!03/17/16
277. (Untitled)03/16/16
278. screw me03/16/16
279. Greedy BASTARDS03/16/16
280. The latest phone insurance scam03/16/16
281. Verizon just sucks03/15/16
282. data charges that aren't true03/13/16
283. Shitty customer service, inconsistent wifi, 03/11/16
284. Verizon Wifi Coverage Sucks03/10/16
285. 5 'certified' phones bad03/10/16
286. $190 Early Cancellation Fee03/08/16
287. I work for these scum!03/05/16
288. Phone swap02/29/16
289. slamming and cramming02/25/16
290. VerizoMob won't let me cancel02/25/16
291. Verizon Bait and Switch02/25/16
292. Verizon mafia02/25/16
293. Can't get my Verizon bill lowered02/24/16
294. Letter to Verizon02/24/16
296. Replaced Defective phone withd get connected with a technical representitive that another defective phone02/20/16
299. Lazer02/18/16
300. No Contract Unlimited Data We are raising your bill 25%02/18/16
301. verizon sucks02/17/16
302. never got my $250 security deposit back02/15/16
303. Internet SCAM02/15/16
304. Verizon is has my area tied up.02/14/16
305. Fucked by Verizon Mafia!02/14/16
306. Beneficiary problem02/13/16
307. Verizon Connection Too Slow...02/11/16
308. Less diversity please! More humans need jobs!02/10/16
310. Dishonest People - Need Class Action Complaint02/10/16
311. Verizon sells landlines/Fios to Frontier, hides it from new customers02/09/16
312. VERIZON SUCKS02/07/16
313. Another case of incomptency02/06/16
314. Verizon Horror Story02/04/16
315. idiots!02/03/16
316. Absolute Criminals02/03/16
317. No issues with Verizon01/31/16
319. VERIZON SUCKS01/30/16
320. Service keeps cutting in01/30/16
321. Their product sucks and they don't care01/30/16
322. FREE NOTEBOOK, MY ASS!!01/29/16
323. Useless Advice & Wasted Time01/28/16
324. Verizon is another big company that doesn't care about quality or customer service01/27/16
327. I hate verizon01/25/16
328. Jailbird in the family01/22/16
329. Verizon is the worst company ever EVER.01/21/16
330. Still happening in SW Virginia!01/21/16
332. Thieves!!!01/20/16
333. please hire white people to work in the stores01/19/16
334. Verizon phone book is crap!01/18/16
335. Verizion is the worst01/16/16
336. FINALLY LEFT VW....Oh the joy!!01/15/16
338. You call this service?01/11/16
339. Fuck Verizon 01/09/16
340. NOT AGAINLN5hyL:M%L01/09/16
341. Visual Voicemail on Nexus 5x01/08/16
342. phantom DVR01/06/16
343. Verizon rebates are a scam01/03/16
344. they are horrible01/01/16
345. Worst experience evar!01/01/16
346. Hello!!!!01/01/16
347. I thought this was a reasonable request.01/01/16
348. Seriously? I waited over 86 minutes for the to tell me i had no upgrade?12/31/15
349. Had to wait OVER an HOUR.12/31/15
350. Verizon elderly abuse12/31/15
351. The Worst12/29/15
352. The Worst12/29/15
353. Verizon Security Guard Poses as Tech in Sales Scam12/26/15
354. Data charges RIP OFF12/26/15
355. First worst and only Verizon experience12/24/15
356. Shitty ass internet12/23/15
357. Verizion took advantage of me12/22/15
358. terry12/19/15
359. Yeah.. Fuck Verizon12/19/15
360. Love Reading Your Stories12/19/15
361. I hate verizon12/17/15
362. They LIE12/16/15
363. Restocking fee is a crime12/15/15
364. Really special incompetence12/12/15
365. Special incompetence12/12/15
366. Billing fiasco12/12/15
367. Suckus Maximus.12/12/15
368. verizon and comcast will rot in hell and suck dicks for eternity12/11/15
369. sold us shit phones 12/11/15
370. Verizon SucksFor Gaming12/06/15
371. Verizon bad news12/04/15
372. verizon sucks dick12/03/15
373. Billing Nightmare12/03/15
374. Total deception and lies!!!!12/03/15
375. I HAD ENOUGH!!!!!12/02/15
376. Verizon store worker lied to me and stole my phone accessory12/02/15
377. verizon sux12/01/15
378. Data usage11/30/15
379. Really?11/30/15
380. Total Morons11/25/15
381. Fios router upgrade11/22/15
382. Can't get email11/22/15
383. Verizon Sucks Ass11/22/15
384. Buy phone - pay deposit - can't get international calls11/21/15
385. Any news of rif in ma or ri?11/21/15
386. same as "you can only be fucked by those closest"11/21/15
387. you can only be fucked by those closest11/20/15
388. they are just awful11/20/15
389. "Free" FiOS bandwidth increase = $10/month payment increase11/18/15
390. computers and technology suck!!!!!!!11/15/15
391. Verizon "High Speed" DSL11/15/15
393. These people are ruthless11/14/15
394. I am raping verizon11/13/15
395. Bait and switch11/13/15
396. Cancel FIOS and steam???11/12/15
397. So very fed up with the endless crap11/12/15
398. In a true market economy, Verizon would be bankrupt11/11/15
399. Verizacrap11/09/15
400. Liars, Uniformed agents. Crappy service. I hate Verizon11/08/15
401. Sales reps are like used car salesmen 11/05/15
402. LIE TO ME11/03/15
403. Impossible to get a contract11/03/15
404. Nightmare10/29/15
405. Verizon cheats customers on data usage10/27/15
406. I am being harassed by a Version employee10/24/15
407. Nothing but lies and broken promises10/22/15
408. Every time I play a game that n my iPad Verizon interrupts it so I can't play10/22/15
409. Scammed me, forced to pay 572.97, tablet scam. Can i get a lawyer and sue?10/20/15
410. verizon can legally steal your iPhone10/20/15
411. Liars10/19/15
412. Forced to rip off everyone10/18/15
413. Labor Charge10/18/15
414. Upgrde Data Plan Scam by Verzion10/17/15
415. Ugh. Rape artists10/17/15
416. 1 transaction/3 lies10/17/15
417. $40 more a month ..... WTF10/14/15
418. Verizon increasing the cost of unlimited data10/13/15
419. $70 a month for WHAT?10/12/15
420. over charge phone and internet bs10/10/15
421. SIM PUK I MEAN, WTF10/07/15
422. Cramming by Verizon and Slacker10/06/15
423. The worst internet connection ever.10/06/15
424. Tablet lies10/04/15
425. Verizon high bill a month for what?10/03/15
426. will never use verizon again 10/02/15
427. internet speed09/30/15
428. $72.99 internet09/30/15
429. Worst Customer Service in the World09/29/15
430. No help on overseas data plan 09/28/15
431. Tried to cancel phone/tv a month ago09/26/15
432. Salesperson will lie to your face.09/25/15
433. cwa and ibew unions09/24/15
434. don't sign up with version09/24/15
435. scum bag verizon09/23/15
436. Verizon extended my contract without my permission, then lied about it, then charged me an early termination fee.09/23/15
437. Placerville store threatened to have me arrested09/21/15
438. $100 rip off in 1 week09/19/15
439. Verizon is crooked09/17/15
440. A DSL nightmare!09/17/15
441. Slow internet quarrel09/16/15
442. never showed to connect service / won't take their modem back09/13/15
443. verizon sucks09/12/15
444. Charged for Returned Equipment09/11/15
445. verizon customer09/10/15
446. the right moment to add appropriate emphasis and horrorjio 09/10/15
447. Deceptive Practices....09/10/15
448. Verizon sucks09/08/15
449. Verizon Customer Service SUCKS09/08/15
450. NO MORE VERIZON for me!!09/07/15
451. Cannot contact a human09/06/15
452. Fraud locked my phone and girlfriends phone for their fuck up09/03/15
453. I hate Verizon@!!!09/01/15
454. Data blocking09/01/15
455. Take It Up With The Mail Carrier09/01/15
456. Cell phone rape it's a nasty business08/31/15
457. A TOTAL RIPOFF08/29/15
458. Scumbag Verizon jagoffs08/28/15
459. Follow up 08/28/15
460. Verizon Admits Error Yet Will Not Correct Same08/28/15
461. Try to do the right thing by Verizon and this is what you get...08/27/15
462. Well Contracts suck08/26/15
463. Verizon forces you into PAID VISUAL VOICE MAIL ON NEW S608/23/15
464. Stuck with homefussion wireless 08/22/15
465. Former call center rep 08/22/15
466. Charge twice for service will not issue refund08/20/15
467. TV boxes went out08/16/15
468. The new phone shell game and rebate; now you see it, now you don't 08/16/15
469. How can you Say 40 a month and then charge 100.0008/15/15
470. Verizon Bait & Switch Going On Now08/13/15
471. Never had to prove my corporate discount so often before08/13/15
472. the company where stupidity runs rampant08/13/15
473. Verizon and bankruptcy 08/12/15
474. Verizon stole from my checking account! 08/12/15
475. Short Fall Charge 08/11/15
476. And I thought Bell Canada were the worst 08/11/15
477. Poor cell service in St Louis. 08/09/15
478. 10 years folks08/09/15
479. i hate verzion08/09/15
480. Verizon Sucks08/09/15
482. Why would verizon do this???08/04/15
483. One decade of service then this bullshit08/04/15
484. Verizon is the slowest/worst08/03/15
485. Verizon S6 is a fucking piece of fucking shit08/03/15
486. Verizon sucks08/01/15
487. Verizon complicit in credit fraud07/31/15
488. Verizon sent my account to collection agency without any notices.07/31/15
489. No Service07/29/15
490. Almost lost my mind.07/29/15
491. No contract no air sweat shop07/28/15
492. Cancel your Verizon Service Get better & Cheaper Rates07/26/15
493. Verizon ripped me off.07/25/15
494. pass words07/24/15
496. How many Veridiots does it take to switch a router?07/23/15
497. i hate verzion07/23/15
498. landline07/22/15
499. No reception at home.07/21/15
500. prepaid phone07/21/15
501. Go ahead, makone with 6 differente my day07/20/15
502. Price Gaugers with no mercy taking advantage 07/19/15
503. Dishonest Sales People07/18/15
504. Pay for 56 Mbps, get kbps speeds07/17/15
505. Unfair charges07/16/15
506. CFPB Settlement07/14/15
507. Phone Number Porting Nightmare07/13/15
508. Bait and switch07/13/15
509. Verizon DNS Hijacking07/11/15
510. International Plan Still Charging 07/11/15
511. Over Billed!!!!!07/10/15
512. verizon always doesnt work when i was playing league 07/09/15
513. constant throttling07/08/15
514. VERIZON SUCKS!!!07/07/15
515. Services07/07/15
517. Ms07/03/15
518. Overcharging 07/03/15
519. Bunch of morons 06/30/15
520. Fuck verizon06/28/15
521. Other companies will buy out your contract06/28/15
522. Verizon has shit policies06/27/15
523. False Promotions06/26/15
524. Just "upgraded" but got screwed06/26/15
525. Bait and Switch06/26/15
526. Matt Sisak (part 2)06/26/15
527. Matt Sisak06/26/15
528. Abandoning commitment to rural customers06/25/15
529. Hope you didn't want that download now06/23/15
530. need something done? contact your regional president!06/22/15
531. verizon sucks cock06/21/15
532. Can't get online account06/20/15
533. Bait and Switch!06/18/15
534. Why I hate Verizon06/16/15
535. Rip off Artists!06/16/15
536. Dave Ferrare and ipad06/13/15
537. Robo Calls Harass customer06/12/15
538. Double Billing and Lying Reps06/10/15
539. Crappy website06/10/15
540. 7 days Trying to get a upgrade06/10/15
541. activate a phone06/10/15
542. documented harassment06/08/15
543. phone lines got taken down 06/06/15
545. Phone System06/05/15
546. The lies and problems that never stop06/05/15
547. verizon dsl internet06/04/15
548. I hate verizon06/04/15
549. WHAT Fricken upgrade????06/02/15
550. Cheif06/02/15
551. How to hold Verizon accountable?06/02/15
552. support BB account cancelled05/30/15
553. Entered me into a contract05/29/15
554. Im offering why wont they take it?!05/29/15
555. former employee05/29/15
556. verizon the fraudulent thief's 05/28/15
557. Modem reseting 3 to 4 times a day05/27/15
558. Landline - nonstop ringing05/26/15
559. Left Them For Good Today05/26/15
560. No worse than anybody else05/26/15
561. avoid jetpack WiFi prepaid05/21/15
562. squeeze their nuts 05/20/15
563. Verizon Blowzzzzzzzzz05/20/15
564. make your complaints known. 05/19/15
565. Stupid Customer Service05/19/15
566. better programming05/17/15
567. Verizon Website05/17/15
568. great experience05/16/15
569. Verizon Sux Ass05/16/15
571. how to get even05/15/15
572. no lube multiple times05/13/15
573. Hipocryte harrington05/12/15
574. Verizon is terrible and does not give enough GB05/12/15
575. I hate verizon05/11/15
576. Verizon05/11/15
577. VZ05/11/15
578. Liers!!!05/10/15
580. $1,750 for a disconnected phone05/06/15
581. I hate Hate verizon05/06/15
582. Switching back to Comcast. Verizon FiOS is bullshit. Here's why.....05/05/15
583. 4 Transfers and 2 hangups over 1 1.2 hours. 05/03/15
584. FUCK YOU VERIZON05/03/15
585. rip off 05/03/15
586. Technicians05/02/15
587. stole 150 dollars, cant get a final bill 04/29/15
588. Can't even work for verizon04/27/15
589. Sorry for screwing you have a nice day04/26/15
590. crappy on demand04/25/15
591. Loss for Words at How Horrible Verizon Is!!!04/23/15
592. Dispatch04/23/15
593. Verizon billing04/21/15
594. Class Action Lawsuit?04/21/15
595. The Insidious Ways Verizon Wireless Takes Advantage of Customers04/21/15
596. Many problems with verizon billing system04/21/15
597. zapped phone upon leaving verizon. 04/20/15
598. verizon's undisclosed charges on the bill04/20/15
599. phone rep 04/19/15
600. Verizon Solution Specialist 04/19/15
601. $300 lie04/18/15
602. Raped by Verizon04/17/15
603. FUCK CUSTOMERS!04/14/15
604. pahrumper04/13/15
605. Edge Upgrade Fail (Cost me thousands)04/08/15
606. Tried to sign up for Verizon - Fail! Hire Americans you dumb fucks!04/07/15
607. no billing info!!!!!!!04/04/15
608. NEW UPGRADE CHARGE.04/03/15
609. "Best wireless coverage" is all BS04/02/15
610. Liars04/01/15
611. Liars and Thieves03/30/15
612. Sorry but your number has expired...03/27/15
613. Verizon is a rip off03/27/15
614. Verizon Prepaid03/27/15
615. reported verizon, and they disconnected my account 03/26/15
616. swiched from DSL to Fios and Got Bill Raped03/24/15
617. Depends on who you talk to03/24/15
618. I am ready to have a stroke......03/24/15
619. All this is true, I used to work for them!!!!!03/24/15
620. can't even order service03/24/15
621. Lies and Fraud03/23/15
622. vERIZON sUCKS 03/23/15
623. PATHETIC03/22/15
624. $2,000 month data03/21/15
625. The reps lie to get you to buy.03/21/15
626. one pissed off ex-customer03/18/15
627. verizon rep set me up03/17/15
628. last laugh03/17/15
629. Verizon Business Plan...Screw you to the Max03/17/15
630. Tell no lies, unless you're Verizon03/17/15
631. why i hate verizon03/14/15
632. I don't want to GO to your online STORE!03/14/15
633. the app. lie03/13/15
634. store employee tried to steal my phone03/13/15
636. why use verizon? GOOGLE PHONE IS FREE, MAGIC JACK $50 PER YR 03/12/15
637. how verizon turns me against it in 3 month03/12/15
638. Unbelievable.03/12/15
639. The Edge bull03/12/15
640. Verizon Store Worse Than DMV03/12/15
641. Lies03/11/15
642. modding software03/10/15
643. verizon pimps your ass03/10/15
644. Verizon LIES03/09/15
645. Six degress of Suckage03/09/15
646. Don't worry we have no intention of robbing you blind. 03/08/15
647. Raping the Disabled03/08/15
648. Verizon agents lie!03/06/15
649. Lied to me to get a reup on contract. 03/05/15
650. Tarzan03/04/15
651. Bogus Data Overage Charge03/04/15
652. Verizon's forces customer to wait 12 hours for their arrival03/03/15
653. Let's please put Verizon out of business!03/03/15
654. cancelled one year ago...wen to T-Mobile very happy!03/02/15
655. just can't get what I wanted03/02/15
656. Canceled January 29th Still getting billed after verbal assurance.03/01/15
657. forcing ads INTO my inbox area03/01/15
658. Price Gouging Vampires02/27/15
659. WORST network on planet earth!!!02/27/15
660. Billed for unreturned equipment that was returned, can't get refund!02/26/15
661. I tried to cancel, Was offered great deal. Bill comes, THEY SAY OFFER NOT VALID.02/25/15
662. Mollified, but not happy02/25/15
663. internet outage?? WTF02/25/15
664. Charged for a NON-EXISTANT PLAN02/23/15
665. Verizon, and its minions, are the lawless one02/23/15
666. Verizon Customer NON SERVICE02/23/15
667. Horrible Service02/23/15
668. Dropped my phone02/23/15
669. here's what all reps think 02/23/15
670. FUCKING THIEVES 02/21/15
671. worse company ever!02/20/15
672. Verizon Phones for my company02/19/15
673. the reps will lie to your face02/19/15
674. I pay for 4g Lte in town. 02/18/15
675. World class call blocking NOT02/17/15
676. Can't Figure Out how to buy a Phone Through This PHONE COMPANY02/14/15
677. Just want to know how to avoid international roaming while close to canadian border02/13/15
678. the gape that verizon turned my butt into02/11/15
679. inside info02/10/15
680. Bill To High and Picture crappy02/10/15
681. Condenscending customer reps02/09/15
682. Report Verizon to the FCC02/09/15
683. Verizon bitches02/06/15
684. 50yearverizoncustomer02/06/15
685. some landline customers may get good news02/05/15
686. Oh my god I hate them so much02/05/15
687. Verizon Cancels TAP service with no warning 02/04/15
688. Bait and Switch02/04/15
689. I HATE VERIZON!!!!!02/02/15
690. Consumer Affairs02/02/15
691. NSF Fee Even though I called customer service and paid on time02/02/15
692. Overpriced piece of crap01/28/15
693. Going in dry01/27/15
694. a word of advice01/26/15
695. Hate verizon01/24/15
696. No phone, bogus charge sent to collection01/24/15
697. verizon is the devil. 01/24/15
698. Cancelled service 3 times01/24/15
699. Left Verizon too many lies01/24/15
700. wow lol01/24/15
701. Verizon stores don't. Care as long as you sign without reading contract 01/23/15
702. i hate them so much.01/23/15
703. Verizon is ripping us off01/22/15
704. 10 Reasons Amazon Prime Instant Video is Better than Verizon Fios TV01/19/15
705. Verizon Runaround Never Solved Access to Billing On Line01/17/15
707. Verizon Wireless Extends Contracts without Permission01/16/15
708. A story of interest for you via The Observer re: telecom company lawsuit01/16/15
709. Credit01/13/15
710. All you idiots are whiny idiots EXCEPT for a few of you01/12/15
711. Lies01/09/15
712. HATE VERIZON01/08/15
713. This mother fuckers i hate verizion01/08/15
714. Verizon horrible customer service01/06/15
715. Paying last bill01/05/15
716. Phoney wireless charges12/31/14
718. verizon took away my kids christmas12/30/14
719. Phuck Verizon!12/30/14
720. Saying verizon sucks is being too nice12/30/14
721. The Only Thing WORSE THAN VERIZON . . .12/29/14
722. Cut my bandwidth by 2/3 overnight12/29/14
723. verzion sucks12/28/14
724. Verizon flat out bull s@&t12/28/14
725. verzion sucks12/28/14
726. FTC Should Require Cell Phone Cos. to Provide Total Pricing for Plans12/24/14
727. Here is a prime example12/21/14
728. I actually worked for them!12/20/14
729. Disenchanted12/19/14
730. They wont take my money12/19/14
732. Verizon blocks transfer to Sprint12/16/14
733. Verizon jacks up my bill after a 1 year promo deal.12/16/14
734. Verizon Fios overcharged $1090 bill12/14/14
735. OK to not so hot...12/13/14
736. Verizon Increased FIOS Monthly rate without notice12/12/14
737. 150 dollar ripoff 12/11/14
738. ...should've stayed with T-Mobile12/10/14
739. Waiting for the deposit12/10/14
740. $10 rip off turns into $35 nightmare12/10/14
741. verizon sucks im am pissed12/10/14
742. JK south12/10/14
743. Verizon is trying to make me a felon.12/09/14
744. Your friendly call center rep here.12/09/14
745. Unbelievable12/08/14
746. So Tired...12/08/14
747. on demand free movie not enough credits to order???12/07/14
748. Liar after Liar12/06/14
749. ripped off for return box charge12/04/14
750. Worst company to work for 12/04/14
751. Mental State12/02/14
752. Verizon duped my son12/02/14
753. How to suck at providing internet. Random outages 101, by Verizon.12/02/14
754. Verizon has no way to find how to “cancel my plan”12/02/14
756. Leaving Them for Good12/01/14
757. Stop abusing VZW phone repa 12/01/14
758. horrible12/01/14
759. OMG. Verizon just F----- me. no joke11/30/14
760. No Fox11/27/14
761. 543$!?!?11/21/14
762. Don't leave the store...11/19/14
763. Try telling them you are taping the call11/19/14
764. verizon sucks11/19/14
765. real news channels11/18/14
766. better choices on verzion11/17/14
767. Bye bye Verizon11/16/14
768. Verizon scam- had on hold but still billed11/15/14
769. Billed without Knowing11/14/14
770. 4.5 hours later on the phone, they've lost my number11/12/14
771. better choices on verzion11/12/14
772. Paying for DSL - I get dial-up (free) sppeds!11/10/14
773. Worst customer service and experience ever. I will never ever go back to verizon11/07/14
774. Verizon is horrible. 11/06/14
775. Locked in without a phone.11/05/14
776. Customer Noservice11/03/14
777. Customer Service11/03/14
779. Verizon Sucks11/03/14
780. worst company in history! 11/02/14
781. On demand mafia11/02/14
782. Data Overage Nightmare11/01/14
783. Data Usage: where did it go?10/30/14
784. iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus = no talk and data on verizon without a wifi10/30/14
785. verzion is a piece junk company10/30/14
786. Hate Verizon10/29/14
787. Home Phone10/29/14
788. Lied to by customer service10/29/14
789. Verizon lost me my job10/28/14
790. "F" these ridiculous thieves!10/28/14
791. Extortion and Lies10/27/14
792. verizon sucks10/26/14
793. Most messed up company10/25/14
794. money money and more moneywait sex alcohol and affairs 210/25/14
795. real news channels10/25/14
796. boycott start now10/24/14
797. 12 Year Customer... DONE with Verizon. 10/24/14
798. Screw verizon10/23/14
799. a great scam10/23/14
800. Crappy coverage/non-working internet access10/23/14
801. Fraud, deception and extortion!10/23/14
802. Take your medicine like a good boy...10/22/14
803. verzion sucks 10/22/14
804. Verizon Wireless SUX10/22/14
805. I can't standverizin10/21/14
806. verizon blows !!!!!!!!!!!!10/20/14
807. Verizon Rep Scam Artists 10/20/14
808. Verizon Small Business Center Passes the Buck10/20/14
809. how to get verizon back hard10/19/14
810. iphone sucks 10/19/14
811. my new phone(( sucks))10/19/14
812. 3 days no tv. No internet10/18/14
813. customer prefaces10/16/14
815. I hate it10/16/14
816. Verizon Lie10/15/14
817. Verizon, the communication company, that can’t communicate. 10/15/14
818. Verizon Wireless Cheat. They are very fraudulent10/14/14
819. better programming10/13/14
821. hidden fee bullshit.10/13/14
822. Took Away Our Personal Web Sites?????10/12/14
823. Unetheical10/12/14
824. I'm frustrated with Verizon, too but the racism on this board is disgusting10/11/14
825. Bate and Switch10/10/14
826. verizon sucks10/09/14
827. Verizon wireless10/08/14
828. VERIZON IS A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!10/08/14
829. Could there be a worse company10/08/14
830. Verizon so frustrating I got heart palpitations10/08/14
831. Waiting10/07/14
832. Still Waiting customer service representative10/07/14
833. verizon is a bastard mother fucker that should start sucking dick maybe then they will give service10/06/14
834. Waited for two hours10/06/14
835. Terrible service at Verison10/03/14
836. Charged $ for equipment sitting in box.10/02/14
837. 4g jet pack10/02/14
838. Verizon Wireless SUCKS! Period!10/02/14
839. "Customer service" my ass10/02/14
840. Let out of contract but still billed as "suspended"10/01/14
841. How Did $250 a month turn into $700?????09/30/14
842. What happened to Verizon's Integrity?09/29/14
843. Slamming09/29/14
844. Verizon=Liers!09/28/14
845. Strong arm EXTORTION09/27/14
846. Cancelled Verizon w/ $0Balance. They turned us over to a collection agency.09/26/14
847. Help save America! Cancel your Verizon account.09/26/14
848. Wasted 3+ hours of my time trying to upgrade09/26/14
849. Intrusive VOD ads09/26/14
850. Verizon is worse to their employees09/25/14
851. retrotv and news channels09/25/14
852. Verizon Scum Bags!!!09/25/14
853. Free Tablet - HA!09/23/14
854. Voice, Internet, email, TV? Which is worse?09/23/14
855. Verizon SUUUUUCKS !09/22/14
856. can't cancel unused device online...go figure09/22/14
857. Verzion don't have aspire tv revolt tv black television09/21/14
858. better programming and customer choices09/21/14
859. I hate verizon09/20/14
860. wolf in sheeps clothing09/19/14
861. better programming09/19/14
862. Bad Verixon Service09/18/14
863. i hate them09/16/14
864. refurbished phone sucks09/16/14
865. Retirement info. needed09/16/14
866. Yep09/15/14
868. All of yall are a bunch of cry babies, FIOS is great09/14/14
869. Verizon is TRULY HORRIBLE...!!!!09/14/14
870. ripping consumers off BAD!!!09/14/14
872. Verizon Wireless tricked me09/13/14
873. verizon is a shark09/13/14
874. Verizon IMO ALWAYS Right Even When Wrong09/13/14
875. No Email For You!09/12/14
876. Verizon Home Fusion Gotcha09/11/14
877. Verizon tries to cash large mistaken check and won't cancel efforts to do so.09/11/14
878. Free iphone 6? What the hell!09/11/14
879. I actually love Verizone Wireless09/11/14
880. Verizon Jet Pack09/10/14
882. They bamboozled me into some program called the edge09/08/14
883. Verizon is the worst 09/07/14
885. Verizon lies09/06/14
886. fuck Verizon Insurance policy 09/05/14
887. data rape drug09/05/14
888. Home # for a Verizon vice president09/03/14
889. A solution to Verizon fucking us?09/03/14
890. I tell all my friends to never use Verizon09/02/14
891. How Verizon Fucks Me:09/02/14
892. Verizon sucks dick08/30/14
893. Verizon Prepaid even rapes me.08/30/14
894. why you are forced to fiber - link08/29/14
895. Agent admits that Verizon slowed down my Service08/25/14
896. Fat Ass and a Dumbass08/25/14
897. Verizon customer service don't care about customer 08/25/14
898. Pre-paid hell08/25/14
899. I will never ever ever go back!!!08/24/14
900. Home page horror08/24/14
901. Verizon Lied to the BBB08/23/14
902. Buy a New Phone Out Right Get to Keep your Plan, Not in My Case08/21/14
903. I.T. Director08/19/14
904. Unlimited nothing! Optimization everything!08/16/14
905. Disconnected yet still being charged08/16/14
906. 17 year customer, won't let me upgrade a line in the middle of a contract08/16/14
907. unbelieveable08/15/14
908. Simple Charger Purchase08/15/14
909. Verizon scandalous experience.08/13/14
910. Bad CSR training, bad company policies08/13/14
911. how verizon ruined and hurt me08/13/14
912. No information about service outage08/12/14
913. being overcharged is not close to being raped08/11/14
914. Fuck them 08/11/14
915. service restoration08/10/14
917. Awful customer care08/09/14
918. Let's rally around this cause to fight back at Verizon08/07/14
919. Verizon08/06/14
920. T Mobile is the answer to your ass raping from Verizon....08/05/14
921. Over-charged on Verizon bill 08/04/14
922. Annoyance with FIOS08/03/14
924. Public Safety Risk08/02/14
925. changing landline services08/01/14
928. Badgering07/30/14
930. data RAPE of US customers.07/29/14
931. circuit install nearly one year and going07/29/14
932. I'm a Jew Bastard07/28/14
933. Overcharged AGAIN07/27/14
934. Bundles07/26/14
935. verizon07/24/14
936. the spend your money lots of partys 07/23/14
937. The feeling your body has after dumping verizon...07/23/14
938. Disconnecting Service07/23/14
939. Verizon DSL is not in the horizon07/23/14
941. I HATE VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07/22/14
942. call quality07/22/14
943. Cell phone07/21/14
944. Took my unlimited data away07/21/14
945. The other side of the Coin07/19/14
946. Another day in Paradise07/17/14
947. Horrible service07/17/14
948. if i could....i would07/17/14
949. Secret Corporate Customer Complaint Line #07/17/14
950. Verizon lines dropped on 2 inches below ground.07/17/14
951. Bait & switch tactics07/16/14
952. Corruption, Fraud, Theft: Verizon's One Stop Shop07/16/14
953. FUCK VERIZON (chat)07/13/14
954. Verizon is taking Seniors over the coals .How are the getting away with it ?07/13/14
955. Verizon Small Business 07/12/14
956. Verizon text attachment scam07/11/14
957. Renew before price goes up! Fios screws me again07/11/14
958. Don't get assaulted out of the country, Verizon won't help07/09/14
959. Worse than road rage07/07/14
960. They suck so bad07/07/14
961. Former Verizon Employee Wiretapping Private Landlines07/07/14
962. Fios product is trash07/07/14
963. 4 hours to get new service you suck the big one07/04/14
964. Shitty overpriced internet (over a span of about a year07/04/14
965. Broken phone 07/03/14
966. Nothing for a long-term customer07/02/14
967. waste of time07/01/14
968. the ROOT of my problem07/01/14
969. yep they suck06/30/14
970. Yes,Verizon does suck and does not care06/27/14
971. Financial assassination06/27/14
972. rooted thunderbolt better than new Samsung galaxy devices 3g 4g switching06/27/14
973. Screwed by Verizon06/27/14
974. The internet sucks06/25/14
975. Kept charging me after closing my acct.06/23/14
976. Early termination fee 500 dollars 06/23/14
977. A Fucking huge bill06/23/14
978. FIOS fraud06/23/14
979. I shut off service, Verizon kept charging me for months afterwards, refunds half.06/22/14
980. Sorry service06/22/14
981. wow06/21/14
982. Annual Negotiation Call on 6/20/201406/20/14
983. Verizon is deaf to customer wishes06/20/14
984. report them to...06/20/14
985. 600 Charge for Iphone4 RAPE!! RAPE!!06/11/14
986. For Terrible Billing Service Press 306/11/14
987. Did you know that Verizon is the top provider!06/10/14
988. Terrible Service06/10/14
989. Data Usage Highly Inaccurate06/08/14
990. wrongful termination charge06/07/14
991. Free isnt Free -- UNSCRUPULOUS SALES TACTICS!06/06/14
992. My Experience with Verizon06/06/14
993. Perfectly And Consistently Incompetent 06/06/14
994. charged for a disconnected account for six months06/05/14
995. Bogus Data Overages06/05/14
996. Verizon is the best at being the worst!06/04/14
997. On hold forever06/03/14
998. Fuck Verizon06/03/14
999. Verizon Sucks!05/31/14
1000. Verizon won't give me back my dial tone05/29/14
1001. iPhone 5c 32gb bait and switch promo05/28/14
1002. Verizon for less then a month.05/28/14
1003. My Verizon Case05/28/14
1004. Verizon Data Plan Thieves 05/28/14
1005. Lying Frauds05/24/14
1006. All this, just for Internet?.. and Im still not conndcted? wtf?05/24/14
1007. I am literally getting 1 kb/s download speeds...05/23/14
1008. Customer Service... not at Verizon05/21/14
1009. Verizon steals money from bank accounts05/21/14
1010. email05/21/14
1011. Service Reps Suck05/21/14
1012. They just don't give a shit05/20/14
1013. if its your time Verizon finds a way05/19/14
1014. If you put anything Verizon within 500 miles of my grave, I will haunt you for Eternity05/14/14
1015. Worst company to deal with05/12/14
1016. One Way Contract05/09/14
1017. Verizon has me Drop Calls at least 10 a day05/09/14
1018. Worked as CSR for over 10 years05/08/14
1019. Verizon Lies and Screws You ... Over & Over05/08/14
1020. Liars with the worst customer service of any company ever.05/08/14
1021. Over charges05/07/14
1022. Verizon service doesnt work05/06/14
1023. $100 early termanation fee after 4 years05/06/14
1024. What they don't tell you before you sign up.05/04/14
1025. (Untitled)05/04/14
1026. To many issues for one posting05/03/14
1027. screwed every which way05/02/14
1028. 29.99 for new customers 69.99 for existing customers? Really!04/30/14
1029. They Just Want Your Money- I'm stuck paying someone else bill!04/30/14
1030. Buisness failure04/27/14
1031. Charged for bad Installation!04/27/14
1032. Bait and switch 04/25/14
1033. Verizon Hell on Earth04/25/14
1034. Verizopoly04/18/14
1035. how do i get rid of verizon?????????????04/18/14
1036. Never use Verizon again!!!!04/18/14
1037. Hang Up on me!! That's how Verizon deals with their customers.04/17/14
1039. Did not honor BOGO deal04/17/14
1040. verizon scamed me with false advertisement04/15/14
1041. verizon is sexist04/14/14
1043. Can you hear me now? Not if you need service or help!04/10/14
1044. Verizon random theft from non-customer's credit cards04/10/14
1045. Not enough room to explain how they screwed over employees and to tell how they screwed customers04/10/14
1046. Identity theft-Verizon corporate store employee opened an account in my name without my permission. It seems Verizon isn’t willing to do anything to resolve it.04/10/14
1047. verizon SUCKS04/09/14
1048. They lie04/08/14
1049. VERIZA-RAPE is RIGHT04/08/14
1050. Took me phone away04/07/14
1051. Verizon is Great, This Site is Bullshit04/06/14
1052. Promises, promises, promises04/05/14
1053. Verizon just SUCKS!!!04/04/14
1054. Numerous VZ Plus Stores to close by 12/31/201404/04/14
1055. Extremely Pushy Salesperson04/04/14
1056. Verizon kiss my a**!04/03/14
1057. verizon confuses the customer04/01/14
1059. They only want your money...03/30/14
1060. never trust service repsb word get in writing.03/30/14
1061. the worst company ever03/29/14
1062. Data rape03/28/14
1063. How to get a person using pay your bill03/27/14
1064. verizon sucks and ripps people off and bad service03/26/14
1065. they tampered with my 3g03/24/14
1066. Verizon sucks03/24/14
1067. Scumbag Data Charges03/23/14
1068. make up your damn mind Verizon03/21/14
1069. desperate03/21/14
1071. Liar Liar!!!!03/20/14
1072. try to cancel a vzw line!03/20/14
1074. Harassed me to get a new phone that doesn't work03/16/14
1076. Verizon enterprise solutions mgmt team sucks 03/16/14
1077. OMG what a JOKE! Epic customer service fail!03/13/14
1078. 4 months of no invoices then BAM collections03/13/14
1079. Verizon sucks ass03/12/14
1080. I just recieved my fourth Samsung 4Glte a week ago03/11/14
1081. Laid Off while CEO takes huge bonus03/11/14
1082. I am a VZW employee.03/11/14
1083. service teminated - no explanation03/10/14
1084. Phony phone charges to foreign countries03/08/14
1085. verizon, a cruel, cruel joke.03/04/14
1086. Out of Service for 6 weeks03/03/14
1087. unbelievable ....update to my story of 2/11/1403/03/14
1088. Hold phones hostage when you switch carriers03/03/14
1089. unexplained overages03/02/14
1090. Nightmare just trying to order service.03/01/14
1091. They should have asked me to bend over.02/28/14
1092. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam Work Email02/26/14
1093. How can I get out of Verizon02/25/14
1094. I hate verizon fios02/25/14
1095. VERIZON SUCKS ASS02/25/14
1096. Verizon DSL to Fios experience02/24/14
1098. Confessions of a Verizon Billing Representative (Fios)02/23/14
1099. no refund on main number02/22/14
1100. Outdated technology in Verizon call centers02/22/14
1101. Oh the inhumanity!02/22/14
1102. 299.00 Scam - Verizon should lose their FCC License 02/21/14
1103. Verizon employee02/20/14
1104. Verizon sucks!02/19/14
1105. Verizon disses their own customers02/17/14
1106. SHIT02/17/14
1107. Someones going to end up shooting Verizon's CEO in the face02/17/14
1108. Useless Internet02/17/14
1109. They must think customers are idiots02/15/14
1110. Screwed repeatedly and charged for the screwing.02/14/14
1111. Vzn Cancelled my Service & Raised Rates to Reconnect02/13/14
1112. want to get screwed? Sign a contract with verizon02/11/14
1113. I hate Verizon02/11/14
1114. Complain to the FCC they hold thier license02/10/14
1115. Twilight Zone benefit site pension etc.02/09/14
1116. A new form of blackmail02/08/14
1117. Poor Customer Service02/08/14
1118. another flunky doing Sheehans work02/07/14
1119. Verizon Radio Show and release of my song02/07/14
1120. no one knowes02/07/14
1121. GTE / VERIZON - SPY & Eavesdrop Corporation02/06/14
1122. Terrible Data Speeds02/06/14
1123. fake charges02/05/14
1124. Shady business practices by Verizon Wireless 02/04/14
1125. Disability discr cases "crippled" acc to VZ mgr02/04/14
1126. Veriza taking an Australian business to court02/03/14
1127. Verizons a ripoff!02/03/14
1128. Just Bad Customer Service02/02/14
1129. They told me to buy a 3G phone and then wouldn't activate it02/02/14
1130. Verizon Extortion02/02/14
1131. No contract, No account, but being Charged - What?01/31/14
1132. Two bad encounters. 01/29/14
1133. V. Wireless intimidation, and coercion. Fraud?01/29/14
1134. Total incompetence01/29/14
1135. Increase charges taking advantage of monopoly01/26/14
1136. Screw these scammers, I'd rather have dialup.01/25/14
1137. Abuse01/24/14
1138. Number Stealing01/22/14
1139. $299.00 Damage Charge Scam01/21/14
1140. Our soldier came home to the nightmare that is VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01/20/14
1141. verizon ripoff01/19/14
1142. verizon wifi rip off!!!!01/19/14
1143. Worse Customer Service EVER01/18/14
1144. Verizon prepaid sucks01/17/14
1145. un-fucking happy customer01/16/14
1146. Verizon hijacks out phone number from a medical office01/16/14
1147. How the billing department at VZ works!!!01/16/14
1148. Final Bill Worse than if Would've Terminated01/15/14
1149. What a freakin ripoff01/15/14
1150. Greg01/12/14
1151. Contract me charge me full price A%%holes01/11/14
1152. Dishonest!01/11/14
1153. They should be stopped!!!!01/09/14
1154. John Lyons has stolen my account01/08/14
1155. BAIT & SWITCH is Verizon's Game01/08/14
1156. Ohh how they lie, cheat, swindle and RIP US OFF!01/05/14
1157. Have used verizon for seven years and now finally get rid of it very happy01/04/14
1158. Screwed by Verizon01/04/14
1159. Verizon vs. the FCC vs. Humanity01/04/14
1160. giving too much money to verizon!01/04/14
1162. Weed company..01/04/14
1163. I dont EVEN have VERIZON!!!01/04/14
1164. Date Overage Charges01/02/14
1165. Promotional Service Fees12/31/13
1166. create fiction to extort more money12/28/13
1167. OMG, Cut my phones off on Christmas morning12/26/13
1168. "Nver had International Service"12/26/13
1169. Not Like the Others12/26/13
1170. Still_sore12/24/13
1171. iphone sucks as much as verizon12/22/13
1172. Where is Ed Prunty?12/18/13
1173. Verizon car charger fried my phone and they want me to pay!12/18/13
1174. Removed Channels from Contracted Bundle Package12/16/13
1175. Verizon SucksNY12/14/13
1176. Heinous,evil. An American disgrace.12/13/13
1177. Verizon Fios - Scamming Scum!!!!!!12/12/13
1178. Don't get home phone connect12/11/13
1179. Home phone connect ripoff12/11/13
1180. We Need to Take This TERRIBLE Company Down!! Number 212/10/13
1181. We Need to Take This TERRIBLE Company Down!!12/10/13
1182. Accountability12/08/13
1183. 5 towers no service12/06/13
1184. Prepaid Balance Stolen12/06/13
1185. Rebate Fraud12/05/13
1186. I WILL DESTROY verizon wireless! ENOUGH SAID...12/02/13
1187. I got screwed on pre paid service. WTF???12/01/13
1190. Lies, Damned Lies, and Verizon Wireless11/25/13
1191. Defective device 11/23/13
1192. I just quit my vze job11/22/13
1193. Sick of paying Verizon to disconnect me every 2 mins11/21/13
1194. F@#$ed by Verizon!11/21/13
1195. 4g = 1x11/21/13
1196. Paying for things I didn't want11/20/13
1197. BS Reconnect Fees11/20/13
1198. Verizon DSL Service is terrible in Chilmark, Massachusetts11/20/13
1199. bad after we walked out of the store11/19/13
1200. was sent a bill....and don't even have verizon!!11/19/13
1201. 30 dollar upgrade fee11/17/13
1202. Lies and more lies11/14/13
1203. Sold me a phone that doesn't work. Verizon Doesn't are11/12/13
1204. Mr Pete11/11/13
1205. Verizon representative are blatantly lying to customers11/11/13
1206. Never trust the reps, not even in the store.11/08/13
1207. Missing iphone11/06/13
1208. Non-caring representatives11/06/13
1209. Worst customer service ever. 11/05/13
1210. Back Charged and Ill serviced11/04/13
1211. I JUST WANT TO BE DONE WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11/04/13
1212. Verizon is using credit service company to rip me off for a bill due to their mistake!!11/01/13
1213. Margaret Serjak Verizon 10/31/13
1214. Margaret Serjak President Verizon California Robs you!10/31/13
1215. Verizon Fios In Southern California Target Seniors and Imigrants10/31/13
1216. Verizon is a thief. 10/31/13
1217. improving service, the answer, have less people. VZ to layoff 42 employees in Florida 10/30/13
1218. FIOS TV lied when I signed up in June 201310/30/13
1219. Lies and more Lies10/28/13
1220. It's not just their phone service that sucks10/28/13
1221. Requested refund of credit balance10/28/13
1222. Horrid business practices10/26/13
1223. Bundle screw job10/25/13
1224. She told me10/23/13
1225. u were expecting?10/23/13
1226. Robbed my bank acocunt10/22/13
1227. Verizon customer liar10/22/13
1228. Verizon - The booger you can't flick10/19/13
1230. Verizon stole my home phone number10/17/13
1231. Duped by Sales Representative10/17/13
1232. return phone scam10/17/13
1233. No More $10 Lines for dump phones10/16/13
1234. Stupid FCC10/15/13
1235. Verizon wants more and more money. they rob cheat and steal10/15/13
1236. lets get together for a group law suit against Verizon10/15/13
1237. Annoying billing practices10/13/13
1238. Vzn STEALING > $1200. In 3 months without their documentation!10/11/13
1239. Jerry Hopson10/11/13
1240. Verizon's Phoney ID's10/10/13
1241. $2,300 for 2 days10/10/13
1242. BOTTOM LINE10/09/13
1243. simple question, nightmare answer10/09/13
1244. Fios Battery a scam10/04/13
1245. Pay as you go10/04/13
1246. Between a rock and a hard place.10/03/13
1247. HARLAN IOWA10/03/13
1248. Verizon Blows10/03/13
1249. ANOTHER Verizon Ripp-off!!10/01/13
1250. THE REAL THING10/01/13
1251. Safety Issue10/01/13
1252. Your phone still under warranty died, here you go a replacement - oh but it's not new09/30/13
1253. Double Contract09/28/13
1254. Used to love V!09/28/13
1255. What a nightmare09/27/13
1256. (Censored)09/26/13
1257. many problems with service09/25/13
1258. No repair for you till maybe 2 weeks09/25/13
1259. Verizon Insurance Rip Off09/24/13
1260. High Speed Internet09/23/13
1261. I hate Verizon09/22/13
1262. Political Class in Bed With Verizon09/21/13
1263. Verizon can choke and die.09/21/13
1264. Three Phones.09/20/13
1265. Verizon can kiss my ass!!09/19/13
1266. All Verizon Employees Should Be Placed In Jail09/18/13
1267. Cable Box Problems09/18/13
1268. Y U NO GET PHONES!!!!!09/18/13
1269. Not much help...09/17/13
1270. Its always the customers problem....09/17/13
1271. RAPE Got To Hell Verizon!!!!!!!09/16/13
1272. Fuck this shitty fucking internet09/16/13
1273. Verizon=Overpriced shit for lousy service!!!09/15/13
1274. The best way to get what you want...09/09/13
1275. the real crime09/09/13
1276. Going AT&T Prepaid09/08/13
1277. rape by verizon way09/07/13
1278. You make me sick09/07/13
1279. Paid 750 to get out gladly!!09/06/13
1280. No human help obtainable09/06/13
1281. 11 Phone Calls 09/06/13
1282. Wanted: Verizon Rep To Strangle09/05/13
1283. Verizon Fraudulent Charge Back09/04/13
1284. Used up my data plan09/04/13
1285. All our bussiness files wipped by Virus from router09/03/13
1286. Drop lawsuite rip-off.09/02/13
1287. Screwed into 2 more years09/01/13
1288. Verizon is hurting my credit for no reason09/01/13
1289. VERIZON CSR & MGR. LIES08/31/13
1290. Verizon Wireless A robbery in progress08/31/13
1291. Rediculous Policy and Awful Customer Service08/31/13
1292. Sorry. That is our policy.08/28/13
1293. Backup assistant lost all contacts08/28/13
1294. Upgade Fees08/27/13
1295. Forced updates, FUCK YOU08/27/13
1296. My nightmare with Verizon08/26/13
1297. Billing Date Change.. $$08/26/13
1298. BEAT THIS08/24/13
1299. Upgrade battle08/23/13
1300. Verizon should stop the BS08/20/13
1301. Phone Crapped out. No insurance08/19/13
1302. Medical Emergency08/18/13
1303. "Sorry, we can't undo your free trial like we said. Oh, oops, we can."08/15/13
1304. Verizon wireless does NOT WORK IN BARBADOS08/12/13
1305. Circuit down and they won't send anyone out08/12/13
1306. Verizion is Poor08/10/13
1307. Verizon DSL Enhanced Service08/09/13
1308. Another rape victim08/08/13
1309. Would be better off with $45 Walmart prepaid phone08/07/13
1310. Sub Account email setup and password08/06/13
1311. 8.6 Billion reasons to drop Verizon08/05/13
1312. put verizon on defending chair08/03/13
1313. worst company on custom suppor online and offline08/03/13
1314. Tom B0h@n07/31/13
1315. You're not stuck with Verizon07/30/13
1316. vitim07/30/13
1317. Certified Like New Replacement Program???07/29/13
1318. Nothing ever works07/28/13
1319. Unlimited Run-Around07/25/13
1320. no new telephone book07/25/13
1321. Make them go AWAAAAAYYYYY!07/24/13
1322. Verizon Business Invoicing07/24/13
1323. unlimited data...Verizon trying to take away07/23/13
1324. no benificiary...really? 07/22/13
1325. Cut off for Overpayment07/22/13
1326. Federal Employee Discount??07/20/13
1327. Verizon really sucks07/19/13
1328. Verizon is Jacking Me Big Time07/18/13
1329. Verizon Holding My Phone Number Hostage07/17/13
1330. Verizon Lied About Contract End Date07/17/13
1331. Complete contract and early termination fee07/14/13
1332. Verizon=$$$ hungry vultures07/13/13
1333. Verizon - FIOS sucks; LandLine Sucks; Internet Site Sucks07/12/13
1334. the worst customer service07/11/13
1335. Trying to put us out of business07/11/13
1336. We sent you an email07/10/13
1337. Verizon screws us all07/10/13
1338. I HATE VERIZON07/09/13
1339. fake alerts07/09/13
1340. fuckin verizon07/08/13
1341. Verizon Wireless Franchises?07/02/13
1342. 90 year old newly widowed --screwed by the V07/02/13
1343. I hate verizon so much 07/01/13
1344. Alvin Aska & Ricky Woo Poster Children For Bad Customer Service07/01/13
1345. haaattte verizon06/28/13
1346. Quoted one price, arrived to set up $30 more. Kicked them out.06/28/13
1347. No service_no response06/27/13
1348. I hate Verizon 06/26/13
1349. overnight shipping charge for defective replacement06/25/13
1350. Bait and switch..06/23/13
1351. Verizon cost$$$$$$$$$$$$$$06/22/13
1352. Consistently overcharged !06/22/13
1353. Verizon Screwed Ny Credit Report06/22/13
1354. Your stupid06/22/13
1355. Given 2 different price plans for same thing.06/21/13
1356. I agree !06/21/13
1357. They suck06/20/13
1358. LIES and DECEPTION at VERIZON!!!06/20/13
1359. Haven't had any bad CS experiences but still feel price gouged!!!!06/19/13
1360. LETS TAKE VERIZON DOWN!!!!06/19/13
1361. verizon does not get it06/19/13
1362. VerizaRAPE - defective devices06/18/13
1363. Mystery Account Stopping my upgrade06/17/13
1364. No Service in Fort Lauderdale06/16/13
1365. Chaaaarrrrggggeeee!06/15/13
1366. Fios is Bullshit!!!!06/14/13
1367. uhhhh06/13/13
1368. Call Center that's the truth06/12/13
1369. Omg! Hate Verizon06/12/13
1370. Gouging the Customer06/11/13
1371. FED UP with Verizon!06/10/13
1372. wannbe art gallery06/08/13
1373. Fraud Account NOT cancelled after correct procedures06/07/13
1374. ALL INFO given to NSA- BREACH of Contract06/06/13
1375. verizon ripped me off06/04/13
1376. Unfair charges06/03/13
1377. Customer No-Service06/03/13
1378. Not Only Did They Lie To Me, They Lied On ME!06/02/13
1379. Then I decided to give them another chance05/30/13
1380. They sent me a bill that cost more to send than it was worth05/30/13
1381. No loyalty05/29/13
1382. Verizon is the biggest piece of fecal matter on this Earth05/29/13
1383. Verizon over billing data by 30 times actual usage05/29/13
1384. Pi$$ed Off05/28/13
1385. VZ held disabled elderly LL customers hostage post-Sandy05/25/13
1386. time stands still when you're on verizon hold05/25/13
1387. upsells in place of customer support05/21/13
1388. $132.91 1 day early cancelation bill05/21/13
1389. Sharon Transue05/20/13
1390. I hate Verizon!05/19/13
1391. who is any better05/18/13
1392. I worked at Verizon05/17/13
1393. Fios Grabage05/17/13
1394. Duplicate Tax entries in the bill...05/13/13
1395. Stolen phone, suspended service, and expired contract. STILL RECEIVED A BILL.05/10/13
1396. i phone 05/08/13
1397. Verizon is a piece of shit05/06/13
1398. Verizon Sucks05/03/13
1399. BellTel Retires Win yet another Battle against VZ05/03/13
1400. This Verizon complaint is hard to beat!05/02/13
1402. 611 help - no longer 24/704/28/13
1403. Nokia Lumia Lie04/26/13
1404. The lie, steal and we let them!04/25/13
1405. Verizon asshole manager04/22/13
1406. FUCK FIOS INTERNET04/19/13
1407. Verizon is Google's pimp04/19/13
1408. Verizon shut down my ALLTEL phone, cost me thousands of dollars....04/19/13
1409. i fucking hate verizon wireless04/19/13
1410. Breeched Contract04/18/13
1411. Lied to 3 times04/18/13
1412. In France with no service04/18/13
1413. Tony04/18/13
1414. Mr keith04/17/13
1415. Petition to break up Verizon and AT&T04/15/13
1416. they waive if you DIE04/12/13
1417. It's A Contract, No It's Not A Contract04/12/13
1418. Bait and Switch on Fios TV04/09/13
1419. They lie04/09/13
1420. Great reception, TERRIBLE SERVICE!04/08/13
1421. Push Verizon in the Ocean04/08/13
1422. Fuck Verizon!04/05/13
1423. Don't count on ever drawing retirement benefits03/27/13
1424. Unknown charges03/22/13
1425. We don't refund no stinking taxes..03/21/13
1426. Sneaky, Slimy & Incompetent03/15/13
1427. They call me over and over and over and over....03/14/13
1428. Cheap Ass Cooperation own by China ruin American people credit score03/14/13
1429. Beware if you cancel your land line and don't take the same number with you.03/14/13
1430. Verizon customer suck03/14/13
1431. Verizon is horrible...03/13/13
1432. Worse than lies...03/13/13
1433. Welcome me to the club03/12/13
1434. Refund Delay and lies03/07/13
1435. Verizon screws families in a crisis03/06/13
1436. No way to report a downed Wire03/06/13
1437. Verizon=Liers03/01/13
1438. Verizon = Incompetence02/28/13
1439. I have verizon with a passion!!!02/27/13
1440. Verizon FIOS doesn't work and DO NOT set up auto draft payments02/27/13
1441. service stinks02/27/13
1442. verizon hold time02/27/13
1443. Looking to sue Verizon my shady employer . Shady billing02/27/13
1444. verizon rapes all of its customers02/27/13
1445. Fuck you 02/27/13
1446. WORST EVER!02/26/13
1447. Verizon rep Alzen hung up on me twice02/22/13
1448. Worst Customer Service I have ever Encountered02/21/13
1449. Internet Service Resetting All Day02/20/13
1450. cut off home phone/email/cable mid phone call!02/20/13
1451. No service=huge early termination fee02/20/13
1452. LG Extravert has no email app on Verizon prepaid plan!02/19/13
1453. Verizon is a lying piece of elephant crap.02/15/13
1454. Verizon Sucks? That's merely an understatement!02/15/13
1455. Waste of time02/14/13
1456. Verizon sales and customer service is 100% incompetent02/14/13
1458. Verizon is a Disgusting giant rapist using drug like marketing02/12/13
1459. Verizon raped my small business till it died02/12/13
1460. Diane McCarthy 02/11/13
1461. data usage with jetpack02/10/13
1462. THEIVES be vigilant about billing!02/07/13
1463. eric sheehan a monster02/06/13
1464. Verizon ruined my credit02/06/13
1465. Additional fees add up 02/05/13
1466. Customer service?????02/04/13
1467. VERIZON SUCKS!02/04/13
1468. New Home Page02/03/13
1469. Screwing rural customers with internet02/01/13
1470. Highest price for internet and keeps shutting down02/01/13
1471. NO Email for over 2 months!!!01/31/13
1472. Poor quality, worst customer service ever01/31/13
1474. Paying final bill by phone once no longer a customer01/29/13
1475. Small business sinkhole01/28/13
1476. $1000 roaming charges01/27/13
1477. awful wireless company01/26/13
1478. mi-fi 462001/26/13
1479. Yes, I told my SUPERVISOR you said she was A COWARD01/26/13
1480. vanishing $50 promotion for self install01/23/13
1481. Verizon has ubran coverage gap quotes us $200 to buy an extender01/23/13
1482. Bait and Switch01/21/13
1483. 5 Years of Abuse01/20/13
1484. droid 2 sucks01/18/13
1485. Over Charged Again and Again01/16/13
1486. Data Usage is Boosss01/08/13
1487. worst customer service01/07/13
1488. verizon cable sucks verizon dvr sucks01/06/13
1489. Tree on phone line.... Verizon says not their problem.01/06/13
1490. Bobby McLeod01/05/13
1491. cut phone service for no reason and refused to respond01/05/13
1492. Crooks01/04/13
1493. I Hate Verizon More...01/03/13
1494. Verizon Employee01/02/13
1495. yes verizon call centers are in the us but they still suck12/31/12
1496. Verizon helps smalls businesses go out of business12/31/12
1497. Verizon sucks big time12/31/12
1498. Bundle Me Not12/30/12
1499. Rape is the word12/30/12
1500. Raped for double play12/30/12
1501. Verizon gave my EX $500 refund check then reported him to collections!!12/26/12
1502. Unauthorized payment!12/23/12
1503. Verizon DSL; the haunting scam.12/23/12
1504. Lying bitches12/22/12
1505. I really hate Verizon 12/21/12
1506. Terrible Customer Service12/20/12
1507. False Data Charges12/18/12
1508. 4 Days no land line while you install Fios12/17/12
1509. verizon keeps taking money from me12/16/12
1510. Verizon has the worst customer service!12/15/12
1511. Screwed by Verizon 4G12/14/12
1512. Verizon stole my money12/10/12
1513. 31 years i've worked for Verizon12/09/12
1514. Rape Plus12/09/12
1515. Overages after they say my LIFETIME minutes expire???? WHAT? they are for lifetime.12/06/12
1516. What rebate?12/04/12
1517. SCREWED12/04/12
1518. Verizon is evil!12/02/12
1519. Helpful Employee12/01/12
1520. Gross Stupidity as Well as Bad Service11/30/12
1521. Layoff over my salary11/29/12
1522. i just left verizon wireless im free11/29/12
1523. Verizon Cell Phone Shock - $1079 bill11/29/12
1524. Fees11/26/12
1526. Verizon sucks ass11/25/12
1527. FIOS TV Destroying my peace and happiness11/25/12
1528. Upgrade Fee!11/25/12
1529. Service tecnitians are terrible too!11/24/12
1530. Having an iphone screwed me more11/24/12
1531. Killed my credit due to a mistake. Showed no mercy11/21/12
1532. Servicing New Customers before Fixing My Service11/18/12
1533. Shitty Customer Service11/18/12
1534. blood sucking theives!! CARES ONLY ABOUT MONEY NOT HUMANITY11/15/12
1535. The Geniuses at Verizon11/15/12
1536. ETF - I'll just bend over11/15/12
1537. Overcharge by 800$11/13/12
1538. Verizon omitting landline Sandy damage?11/13/12
1539. I HATE VERIZON11/13/12
1540. verizon sucks11/13/12
1541. vz websites don't even work!!!11/10/12
1542. Wanted an iPhone5 but Verizon cured that11/10/12
1543. Verizon is a rapist and that is all11/09/12
1544. overchaged for phone11/05/12
1545. How Verizon verizaraped me:(11/04/12
1546. overpriced bills and fios sucks.11/02/12
1547. non union utility crews turned away from damaged Sandy areas 11/02/12
1548. Screw Customer Service10/31/12
1549. Same Thing10/28/12
1550. VZ News from Florida... yet another lawsuit.10/26/12
1551. Verizon Bullying Video10/25/12
1552. URGENT - Verizon Class Action Law Suits10/24/12
1553. bogus charges10/23/12
1554. Discount10/22/12
1555. Horrors of Verizon Cutomer Service for Analog Phone Line for House Arrest.10/16/12
1557. Rude Customer Service10/15/12
1558. I'll stay with AT*T10/13/12
1559. corruption!!!!!!10/12/12
1560. Deny the credit at all costs!10/12/12
1561. Verizon loves to rip you off10/11/12
1562. EQUIPMENT10/09/12
1563. RAPE CHARGE International Charges at 6$ Per Minute 10/09/12
1564. No other way to explain it10/05/12
1565. New Service Whith Out Services10/05/12
1566. $50.00 for 3 days10/03/12
1567. Billing nightmare10/03/12
1568. Liars!10/02/12
1569. FUCK VERIZON10/01/12
1570. Verizon is terrible09/30/12
1572. It just never ends09/28/12
1573. Ugh. Got taken.09/27/12
1575. I couldn't take being a CSR09/27/12
1576. verizon blacklisted my company's domain!09/26/12
1577. Verizon is terrible. 09/26/12
1578. See AOL/Huffington Post reporter's article on VZ09/25/12
1579. Share everything plans = false advertising!09/25/12
1580. Why can't you get it right?09/25/12
1581. I cannot get verizon to send me a bill09/25/12
1582. Sugary Phony Customer Service09/25/12
1583. jasper09/22/12
1584. Verizon defeated by the union....AGAIN09/20/12
1585. Vandals or copper thieves09/20/12
1586. Beware of 2Y contracts w Verizon09/20/12
1588. Please don't go to verizon; stay where ever you are09/17/12
1589. I just hate their services09/16/12
1590. Horrible How they Lie and dont care09/15/12
1591. Outside plant worker09/15/12
1592. No number to call!09/14/12
1593. Misleading and Dishonest09/13/12
1594. fuck you verizon09/08/12
1595. Loyal customer gets screwed.09/07/12
1596. I ripped fios off my house and across the street to the pole!!!09/05/12
1597. stop complaining09/05/12
1598. Renewal fee?09/03/12
1600. Verizon tools over loyal customers with broken refurb phones09/03/12
1601. screwed out of $300 dollars09/02/12
1602. Did not show up and DID NOT CALL! 09/02/12
1603. looking for ways to steal money from people08/31/12
1604. Trying to screw me for 400 bucks.08/29/12
1605. Sue Them08/28/12
1606. 70 and 80 year old parent's year old Parent's08/27/12
1607. Residential is Unreliable08/26/12
1608. Lied to08/26/12
1609. Seriously? A 14-day Return Policy?08/23/12
1610. Stealing My Money08/22/12
1611. Asking me to pay for Contract08/22/12
1612. Increasing my bill because I'm moving08/22/12
1613. Bad Management08/22/12
1614. How does verizon suck? Let me count thine ways....08/22/12
1615. Verizon Sucks Donkey D@#$08/20/12
1616. They are no longer accepting Lifeline credit!08/19/12
1617. Verizon Roaming Charges08/18/12
1618. This company is shit08/17/12
1619. Their Fault but I PAY!!08/16/12
1620. Constant Verizon E-Mail Problems.08/15/12
1621. Outright lying about new payment plan.08/15/12
1622. Getting out of your contract can be free...08/15/12
1623. So many Verizon screw ups....08/15/12
1624. Another horrible experience08/13/12
1625. cwa/ibew strike08/13/12
1626. I hate verizon no answer tech department!08/10/12
1627. terrible customer service08/08/12
1628. VZ Attys think pro bono for dis folks & animals "a little hobby"08/08/12
1629. Enhanced Maintenance I didn.t ask for08/06/12
1630. They are the worst08/06/12
1631. Is Verizon working against us consumers? Whatdayathink?08/06/12
1632. Verizon is a Mother Fucking Piece of Shit08/04/12
1633. Unauthorized charges....08/03/12
1634. Verizon employees being over worked and getting carpel tunnel08/01/12
1635. Verizon Sucks07/31/12
1636. Robert Haubrick07/30/12
1637. 70 Million Dollar racial lawsuit against Verizon:07/29/12
1638. Customer Service NightMare07/28/12
1640. Summary Judgement07/27/12
1641. Go Over to Page Plus07/26/12
1642. iPhone nightmare07/26/12
1643. VeriZUCKS07/26/12
1644. Verizon looses one customer every 30 seconds07/25/12
1645. Hidden Fee07/23/12
1646. Verizon - Bullying Protection for all the CWA / IBEW Members07/22/12
1647. Verizon mistreats the customers and employees!07/22/12
1648. are YOU a ward of the state?07/21/12
1649. 2nd Quarter-wireline disappointment OR landline sucks!07/20/12
1650. Verizon Union Busting07/20/12
1652. Verizon Hit With Lawsuit Over Firing Of Employee07/19/12
1653. Verizon - Whistle Blowing07/18/12
1654. Verizon DLS - Class Action Suit07/17/12
1655. Verizon is the worst for business DSL07/17/12
1656. Verizon billing hell07/17/12
1657. Verizon just settled 10 million dollar class action suit. 07/16/12
1658. VERIZON - DSL FRAUD07/16/12
1659. Senior Citizens 3 weeks without Service07/16/12
1660. Verizon Anti Bullying Press Conference in Boston Massachusetts07/15/12
1661. Enough is Enough – Stop Workplace Bullying at Verizon07/15/12
1662. VZ and N. Va E911 systems leaders CLASH !!07/13/12
1663. Horrible service and cheating07/12/12
1664. Insurance Policy SUCKS07/11/12
1665. Another reason to kick verizon to curb07/11/12
1666. Just horrible...what can we do?07/09/12
1667. Fired because I refused to come to work...07/08/12
1668. Taken Advantage by Verison 07/08/12
1669. (Untitled)07/07/12
1670. verizon false advertising 07/07/12
1671. Phones - buttons07/06/12
1672. Slipping Bills Past Me07/06/12
1673. VZ Wireless lays off 950 in Texas07/05/12
1674. I support the Healthy Workplace Bill in Massachusetts07/04/12
1675. Corruption, Cover-ups, and Conspiracy at Verizon07/04/12
1676. Friday Verizon Fios Came07/03/12
1677. no account? wait what??07/03/12
1678. The Lies They Tell07/03/12
1679. Veriozn Fios - Bait & Switch07/02/12
1680. Florida Fuck Up07/02/12
1681. Share-everything Plan Bait and switch06/30/12
1682. 92 year old victim06/30/12
1683. non caring thiefs06/29/12
1684. Six Million Dollar Settlement Is A Reminder Of The Importance Of Complying With The California Family Rights Act06/29/12
1685. N.J. sues Verizon claiming deceptive advertising of FiOS06/28/12
1686. Are you serious?06/27/12
1687. Aggravated Harassment: at Verizon06/27/12
1688. Verizon Lawsuit Links:06/26/12
1689. Racial Torment at the Phone Company let to 3 deaths06/26/12
1690. Verizon sued for "fostering and condoning a sex-based hostile work environment.06/26/12
1691. Verizon Pays $300,000 to Settle EEOC Sexual Harassment Case06/26/12
1692. Verizon Screwed Me -by Thomas S.06/26/12
1693. Verizon Pushed a man too far:06/25/12
1694. Verizon DSL does not work06/25/12
1695. Verizon to Pay $20 Million to Settle Nationwide EEOC Disability Suit06/25/12
1696. Our Sister Firm, Fine, Olin & Anderman, Wins Discrimination Suit Against Verizon06/25/12
1697. Bent over06/25/12
1698. eric06/25/12
1699. Verizon / McAdam Lowell - SEC Filings Insider Trading 06/24/12
1700. Racism at Verizon06/24/12
1701. the screwing runs deep06/23/12
1703. Verizon reported me to a credit bureau mistakenly06/21/12
1704. Verizon is Stupid06/21/12
1705. The Most Annoying Thing06/20/12
1706. Verizon sells products, does not service them06/19/12
1707. Messaging06/18/12
1708. Tried to Charge Me After I Left Them06/17/12
1709. Fuck Verizon... Fuck them up their stupid asses06/15/12
1710. Verizon - Legislators in Massachusetts06/15/12
1711. RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06/13/12
1712. Sexual Harassment at Verizon - Lawsuit06/13/12
1713. Verizon Landline and DSL service stink and suck06/13/12
1714. Workplace Bullying Victim at Verizon06/13/12
1715. Verizon - Press Release as of June 11, 201206/12/12
1716. BREAKING NEWS: Healthy Workplace Bill Passes Another Hurdle‏06/11/12
1717. phone06/08/12
1718. Sexual Harassment at Verizon06/08/12
1719. Suing Verizon, CWA 1101, MetLife and crooked IME doctor inFederal court06/07/12
1720. verizon strike06/02/12
1721. Victims at Verizon of Workplace Bullying06/02/12
1722. You have to pay for what you are not getting06/02/12
1723. Verizon tech installs vios at the wrong house (Mine)05/31/12
1724. Bring the 12-gauge next time05/30/12
1725. Bullying at Verizon 05/24/12
1726. Cell Phone Tower Deaths-article05/22/12
1727. They robbed my mom 05/20/12
1728. FUCK YOU VERIZON05/20/12
1729. Verizon CROOKS!05/18/12
1730. More Planned Layoffs for VZ Florida05/17/12
1731. Verizon is screwing me05/17/12
1732. International Plan05/16/12
1733. Verizon, U Suck!05/16/12
1734. Says I haven't paid bill05/15/12
1735. Whorizon 05/15/12
1736. Unexplained charges05/15/12
1737. $400.00 in overages, $327.67 in cancellation fees05/14/12
1738. Worst Service Ever!!!05/11/12
1739. Verizon is trying to charge me 2 grand05/10/12
1740. Try working there !!!! :(((((05/10/12
1741. LIARS !!!!05/09/12
1742. VERIZON 4G SERVICE05/09/12
1743. Same old verizon05/08/12
1744. Added services with no warning... CHECK YOUR BILLS!!05/08/12
1745. Bullying at Verizon - What is Bullying05/08/12
1746. Bullying at Verizon / Healthy Workplace Bill 05/08/12
1747. Bullying at Verizon - Enough is Enough / Petition05/08/12
1748. I've been lied to so many times...Dealing with Verizon has is like having a terrible part time job!!05/08/12
1749. Verizon incapable of disconnecting ONE phone05/07/12
1750. Verizon tech support is horrible!05/07/12
1751. False charges05/05/12
1752. Greedy VZ executives can now get an earful05/04/12
1753. added text to my phone05/02/12
1754. Call the FCC 888-225-5322 They are Ready to Listen05/01/12
1755. 4 years of FIOS is done !!!! & other nice things04/30/12
1756. 4g my ass!!! Verizon is an expensive waste!@*%#!04/30/12
1757. Internet sucks04/30/12
1758. a rant.04/29/12
1759. Fuck you Verizon04/29/12
1760. Puking blood04/27/12
1761. Trying to Buy the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tablets04/27/12
1762. William04/27/12
1763. Early Termination Fee!04/25/12
1764. VERIZON OWES ME ALMOST 400.0004/23/12
1765. now THIS is a first !!!04/23/12
1766. Verizon internet sucks04/22/12
1767. verizon stinks04/20/12
1768. Check not accepted04/20/12
1769. Failure to Communicate 04/19/12
1770. Filthy Filthy Verizon04/19/12
1771. Hands down worse company i have ever did business with.04/17/12
1772. Husband flown to hospital had stroke verizon. 04/16/12
1773. Sheep04/14/12
1774. I hate verizon more then anyone!04/14/12
1775. The Better Business Bureau rates them with a big fat "F"04/12/12
1776. I fucking have HAD IT with Verizon!!04/12/12
1777. Unethical and Immoral 04/12/12
1778. no online bill, or otherwise04/12/12
1779. $ 30 upgrage fee on cell phones04/11/12
1780. Ocala Heathbrook sales liars04/11/12
1781. Verizon SUCKS! Wish Alltel had never sold out!04/11/12
1782. This is ridiculous04/10/12
1783. Verizon CS Sucks04/09/12
1784. Don't bundle with DirecTV04/09/12
1785. MIFI 4G MI ASS04/08/12
1786. REALLY?????04/07/12
1787. No more dry loop without voice service04/04/12
1788. Ugh! Worse than Fighting a Two-Headed Gator!04/04/12
1789. An inside look04/02/12
1790. Instead of solving the problem, they make it worse04/01/12
1791. Supplying my own MiFi, they require $400 deposit!!!03/29/12
1792. verizon scams ppl03/29/12
1793. Verizon fuckin sucks03/29/12
1794. Double Play Promotion Scam03/29/12
1795. rape!03/27/12
1796. Sales Associates Only Want Your Money!!03/26/12
1797. worst phone support ever! Except maybe Comcast03/26/12
1798. Verizon sucks, worst phone service ever!03/26/12
1799. Verizon sends you is awfully designed hardware 03/23/12
1800. PC Configuration Fee $54.9903/23/12
1801. If A-holes Could Fly, Vz Would be an Airport03/23/12
1802. Verizon Sucks shit03/22/12
1803. Statue of limitations03/21/12
1804. VZ CEO paid $ 23.1 Million up from 7.2 Million last year03/21/12
1805. verizon confusion03/20/12
1806. Screwed in-store, online, and on call...03/20/12
1807. F Verizon03/19/12
1808. the worst service ever(el peor servicio)03/19/12
1809. Verizon can kiss my ass03/17/12
1810. Must be run by monkeys03/16/12
1811. AVOID Verizon at all cost ! SPREAD THE WORD!03/15/12
1812. Mobile to Mobile?03/15/12
1813. No reason03/14/12
1814. NEVERENDING03/13/12
1815. I hate Verizon !!! Its customer services is horrible03/12/12
1816. Fraudulent Charges03/11/12
1817. can u say unfair03/10/12
1818. INTERNET LIES03/09/12
1819. Fraudulent Charges03/04/12
1820. Verizon is exceptionally horrible03/04/12
1821. Fios tech03/03/12
1822. Blog about downloads03/03/12
1823. 3 no-shows in a row and counting....03/01/12
1824. middle of the billing cycle03/01/12
1825. Verizon - Dishonesty in Advertising Offers02/28/12
1826. Contract Renewal02/28/12
1827. constant intermittant loss of internet02/25/12
1828. Installer Never Shows02/25/12
1830. Verizon Customer Care stinks!!02/23/12
1831. Verizon Raped My Family 02/23/12
1832. Verizon Raped My Family - U.S. Justice Department02/23/12
1833. I work for these fucks and they make my life miserable...02/22/12
1834. Bridges TV Dropped!!!02/22/12
1835. Lies02/22/12
1836. Verizon Fucked Me Out Of $600.02/21/12
1837. Worst Customer Service on Earth. LIARS!!!02/19/12
1838. Throw a way a brand new phone.. sure why not verizon?02/18/12
1839. Fuck Verizon DSL02/16/12
1840. Oh, Verizon, how I loathe you02/14/12
1841. Transfering a business line02/14/12
1842. Their automated phone system sucks. Their billing system sucks. Their customer service sucks02/13/12
1843. verizon 2 me: fuck off02/13/12
1844. Horribly stupid customer service02/12/12
1845. Bogus late fee charge02/12/12
1846. Cell Phone HELL02/12/12
1847. money hungry verizon02/11/12
1848. overage02/09/12
1849. what people dont realize02/08/12
1850. Worst Customer Service I've Ever received02/08/12
1851. BB Catastrophe02/08/12
1852. Verazist!02/07/12
1853. Bait and switch02/06/12
1854. Mr,02/05/12
1855. Verizon: A name that has become synonymous with dishonor and disrespect02/04/12
1856. Phone was deactivated, without notice02/03/12
1857. Well! I made the switch from verizon 2/3/201202/03/12
1858. REfusal to credit prepaid balance02/01/12
1859. How do you take Verizon to Small Claims Court?02/01/12
1860. insurance scam01/31/12
1861. i worked there01/31/12
1862. Full of Crap, time and time again.01/30/12
1863. Sent to collections for switching to Comcast01/30/12
1864. Why Verizon is incompetent; number 4,123.01/28/12
1865. I hate verizon01/27/12
1866. VERIZON IS THE WORST01/25/12
1867. Verizon MIFI sucks ass01/25/12
1868. Fees + Fees + Fees = Screw the customer01/23/12
1869. Vrizon Lies01/22/12
1870. Kin01/21/12
1871. Lemon Phone-Zero Customer Service01/21/12
1872. Better check your credit report for Verizon lies01/20/12
1873. Cheated in MD01/19/12
1874. Verizon doesnt care01/19/12
1875. How Do I Sue Verizon in Small Claims?01/19/12
1876. Verizon is the worst blood sucking money scam possible01/18/12
1877. I love these guys01/17/12
1878. Customer service is terrible and intentionally deceptive01/17/12
1879. Exchange Policy 01/17/12
1880. Blatant Bait and Switch 01/15/12
1881. Verizon Sucks!!!01/13/12
1882. i canceled service - billing got hosed (I was sent to collections!)01/12/12
1883. Speed Not01/11/12
1884. Uncle SlAMed01/10/12
1885. I got a Chromed by Verizon01/09/12
1886. 4G? More like screw me!01/08/12
1887. Verizon Call Center support sucks dick01/07/12
1888. lkwapich@yahoo.com01/07/12
1889. photocubbie01/06/12
1890. What a bunch of Jokers!!!01/05/12
1891. Lousy Tech Support01/05/12
1892. Why am I being overcharged?!?!?01/04/12
1893. employee01/04/12
1894. Verizon totally ripped me off01/04/12
1895. Verizon Customer Services rates a -1001/03/12
1896. NO c/s acct access 12p.m.-5 a.m.; 24 hr wait just to call forward01/02/12
1897. Coverage12/31/11
1898. Lousy customer service (understatement)12/30/11
1899. fees fees fees $2 to pay a bill online...12/30/11
1900. Deporable Manager12/30/11
1901. forced personal web pages12/30/11
1902. DSL vrs FIOS & Elbow & Asshole12/30/11
1903. Lie Lie Lie12/29/11
1904. Verizon, can't you get more people to answer the phone?12/29/11
1905. No Help12/29/11
1906. Frustrated with VZ service12/28/11
1907. I know someone sits in a Verizon boardroom to think up ways to rip us off12/28/11
1908. How to steal money from your custumers12/27/11
1909. They steal right out of your hands 12/27/11
1911. DFW Verizon Call center is freakin horrible12/24/11
1912. Surprises, surprises, and yet more surprises on my bill(s)...12/22/11
1913. VERIZON SUCKS!12/22/11
1914. Constant, Inconvenient Disconnections12/22/11
1915. CHARGES12/20/11
1916. IPHONE 4S12/20/11
1917. If everythings don't change anything or you will be screwed12/18/11
1918. Verizon - Winner of the Clusterf*ck of the Year Award12/18/11
1919. Do NOT sign up for their 3MBPS DSL service! Verizon is notorious for its false advertising!12/16/11
1920. cell phone/wireless12/16/11
1921. bad service/fios12/16/11
1922. Day 111 of non-stop VZ problems12/15/11
1923. No Unlimited Data plans12/15/11
1924. Analogue to Digital at Verizon-Bribes? Outsourcing achieved?12/13/11
1925. Verizon yells "FIRE" in a crowded theater 12/13/11
1926. I will make 2012 the year I leave Verizon permanently12/13/11
1927. verizon/cwa strike soon/local2323,12/12/11
1928. Verizon mistake costing me a lot of money12/10/11
1929. Enhancements not tested12/10/11
1930. Oh, that's not fixed yet?!12/09/11
1931. longest. hold. time. ever.12/09/11
1932. How The “Grinch Verizon Wireless” Stole Christmas12/08/11
1933. Verizon steals your money: bogus billing12/08/11
1934. Copper wire phone service no longer supported12/05/11
1935. International rip-off12/03/11
1936. I would rather pull out my own teeth than deal with the incompetent people of Verizon11/30/11
1937. Verizon f**ks up call forwarding request11/29/11
1938. I will help you11/28/11
1939. Verizon - Worst Customer Service Ever11/26/11
1940. verizon fires employee for reporting harrassment of manager / manager still employed 11/23/11
1941. Verizon Internet11/23/11
1942. Straight Talk here I come11/22/11
1943. ohhhhhh those dirty rats11/22/11
1944. I HATE VERIZON continued...11/21/11
1945. I HATE VERIZON11/21/11
1946. Double Charging11/19/11
1947. Prouct that never worked can't be refunded11/18/11
1948. Replacement #811/18/11
1949. Why we are cancelling our contract11/17/11
1950. Thrilled to find this site11/15/11
1951. terrible wireless service11/14/11
1952. The banks attempted to add more charges to our accounts..THE PEOPLE RAISED HELL, THE BANKS STOPPED !!11/11/11
1953. I did everything right, paid my extended coverage but got SCREWED!11/11/11
1954. verizon internet rape11/10/11
1955. Shameful11/10/11
1956. CROOKS!!! 11/09/11
1957. They won't let me pay my bill!?!?!?!?11/09/11
1958. Another example of Verizon sucking11/08/11
1959. over charge11/08/11
1960. I was totally wronged by verizon11/05/11
1961. Overcharged 11/05/11
1962. BS scam11/04/11
1963. I just wanted what I paid for11/04/11
1964. verizon SUCKS11/03/11
1965. Shut my VM off, and wouldn't apologize!!11/03/11
1966. The worst part11/02/11
1967. 10 day wait to repair phone line!11/02/11
1968. Verizon faces a Two Billion Dollar Lawsuit11/01/11
1969. Verizon Purposefully Try to Steal From Consumers11/01/11
1970. Good By Verizon10/31/11
1971. verizon = monopoly10/30/11
1972. One Day Service10/29/11
1973. Lo-speed web10/28/11
1974. too many lies10/28/11
1975. The ability of their salespeople to lie10/27/11
1976. Verizon Raped My Family10/26/11
1977. Verizo out of touch with customers10/25/11
1978. Stockhk9810/24/11
1979. jacked for $1169 10/24/11
1980. VERIZON SCREWED ME OVER!!!10/22/11
1981. VERIZON - Complain to the Public Service Commission and FCC10/20/11
1982. Customer Service Rep Lied to me10/18/11
1983. Call your state representative10/17/11
1984. gay ass plan10/16/11
1985. Helpful Advice10/15/11
1986. Screw Verizon10/14/11
1987. Verizon Forces Users to Accept Apps on Their Droids 10/12/11
1988. VERIZON NIGHTMARE COMPANY: Can't you answer simple questions10/11/11
1989. 8 days before the contract ends you get screwed!10/11/11
1990. No Dial Tone10/10/11
1991. from an employee10/08/11
1992. Grrrr.10/08/11
1993. verizon steal my money10/06/11
1994. UHHHHHH10/04/11
1995. There is no Customer Service at Verizon10/04/11
1996. Bitch-Slap Letter to Verizon (put on diapers...this shit's funny)10/04/11
1997. Insulting10/04/11
1998. Financially molested and raped us10/04/11
1999. Too Big To Care10/03/11
2000. To all Verizon customers10/01/11
2001. Trying to Switch Person On Account is Tantamount to An Act of Congress09/30/11
2002. I USED TO HAVE VERIZON 09/30/11
2003. MAN I HATE VERIZON09/30/11
2004. Verizon is f'ing with me...and everyone else apparently.09/29/11
2005. Wrath against Verizon09/27/11
2006. Oh Mi Oh MiFi09/27/11
2007. verizon lies09/25/11
2008. verizon nerd09/24/11
2009. Account numbers09/23/11
2010. Verizon, you should be ashamed of yourselves09/23/11
2011. a whole day waisted09/22/11
2012. Where can I start? 09/22/11
2013. Never sign a contract with verizon09/22/11
2014. Verizon Sucks09/22/11
2015. Thank you for this forum09/22/11
2016. Verizon Implements Network Optimization - Throttling Top 5% 09/19/11
2017. Billing problem09/17/11
2018. Clueless Verizon salesperson wiped my voicemail without warning!09/17/11
2019. They have refused to cancel my service...09/17/11
2020. Verizon is the worst nightmare09/16/11
2021. how not to run a monopoly?09/16/11
2022. Update09/16/11
2023. Overage charges killed our 11 yr relationship09/15/11
2024. (Untitled)09/15/11
2025. I hate Verizon- switching back to Metrocast09/14/11
2026. Owner/Operator09/12/11
2027. Wtf is the point?!09/11/11
2029. Verizon "Customer Service" is an oxymoron09/11/11
2030. Door to Door verizon???09/09/11
2031. Verizon Customer Service SUCKS09/08/11
2032. Ongoing failure activating email after getting FIOS (2011)09/07/11
2033. I feel hatred. I feel very, very angry. I feel loathing. I loathe Verizon, and I hope they go bankrupt.09/07/11
2034. i cannot pay my bill on line09/07/11
2035. HATE, HATE Verizon09/07/11
2036. (Untitled)09/06/11
2037. Fuck Verizon DSL09/06/11
2038. Verizon mifi fucking sucks09/05/11
2039. rebate ripoff09/05/11
2040. almost two years with a phone that didn't work09/04/11
2041. I can't believe this!09/04/11
2042. Overbilled, double billed and frustrated09/02/11
2043. verizon sucks08/30/11
2044. So DONE08/30/11
2045. internet down several times a day !!!08/29/11
2046. Verizon, the crooked company08/24/11
2047. seriously?08/21/11
2048. Verizon customer Service is the Worst08/20/11
2049. product not people suck 08/20/11
2050. ARE YOU KIDDING ME08/19/11
2051. Verizon scams08/19/11
2052. Verizion is the least reliable network.08/18/11
2053. Broken contract08/17/11
2054. VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!08/17/11
2055. breach of contract08/17/11
2056. Go strikers08/17/11
2057. Ridiculous Charges!!!08/16/11
2058. When will you strike?08/15/11
2059. they are violating the american tax payer08/15/11
2060. down for 3 weeks08/14/11
2061. Same thing08/13/11
2062. local2323/rhode island08/11/11
2063. It's a Good Thing I'm not a god08/09/11
2064. no wonder workers are striking08/09/11
2065. VZW Refuses to Replace microSD card phone came with08/08/11
2066. Down the Rabbit Hole08/08/11
2067. they just suck08/05/11
2068. why post anonymous?08/05/11
2069. STRIKE08/04/11
2070. Prohibition for Ever?08/03/11
2071. SSDD08/03/11
2072. Puching myself in the ballz08/02/11
2073. Data packages f***** me over08/01/11
2074. Verizon=Cold hearted low class no good motherf**kers08/01/11
2075. As bad as Comcast08/01/11
2076. strike08/01/11
2077. 13 months of $14.95 charges for photo cubbie?08/01/11
2078. Verizon Subcontractor employee08/01/11
2079. Verizon Wireless lays off 100 + 07/29/11
2080. Insider info07/29/11
2081. Verizon Sucks!07/28/11
2082. Mine is probably not specail07/28/11
2083. Going in circles07/28/11
2084. No, fuck the soldiers.07/27/11
2085. Tried to fill out an FCC form07/25/11
2086. Verizon Does!07/25/11
2087. Dumb fuck sales reps07/25/11
2088. Verizon Nightmare Service07/25/11
2089. Letter to Verizon CEO07/24/11
2090. cubbiephoto & AT&T07/24/11
2091. (Untitled)07/23/11
2092. you jokes07/23/11
2093. I am wishing I never had a Verizon account in the first place!07/23/11
2094. Verizon is a Hustle - Is there absolutely NO supervision of this industry!!07/23/11
2095. They Really Suck07/22/11
2096. Verizon does NOT have your back!07/20/11
2097. Dear V-zon Cust Svc Rep's:07/18/11
2098. Customer Service NIGHTMARE: Wasted almost all day07/16/11
2099. can't get help with verizon dsl extreamly pissed off07/15/11
2100. The thieves, at Verizon07/13/11
2101. just another day...07/11/11
2102. i hope they go out of business07/10/11
2103. Verizon hates the troops07/10/11
2104. Verizon double-billed Beth Israel Medical Center by millions07/10/11
2105. Verizon & Direct TV FUCKING SUCK !!!07/09/11
2106. bogus thrid party charges07/08/11
2107. A Loyal Customer No More!07/08/11
2108. wireless monopoly07/07/11
2109. Incompetent Crooks07/07/11
2110. VZ will pay $20M to settle EEOC lawsuit07/07/11
2111. Thousand of complaining pages here...07/06/11
2112. just another v-zon sucks story!07/06/11
2114. Illegal data downloads appeared on 8 months of bills!!!07/03/11
2115. Verizon Search Assist and Trace calls07/02/11
2116. Me vs Verizon07/02/11
2117. Cleaned out my checking account07/01/11
2118. Verizon will steal all your money 07/01/11
2119. Verizon Reps Need Geography Lessons06/28/11
2120. You call this service?06/28/11
2121. I Hate Verizon06/27/11
2122. Verizon just got me for $144.8506/27/11
2123. LOST 40+ voicemails that I've been saving since 200506/25/11
2124. 8am-10am Tech time doesn't exist06/25/11
2125. 7 years of loyalty...06/25/11
2126. Bent me over while being nice to me!!06/25/11
2127. Another Verizon Fios Horror Story06/25/11
2128. Worst company in the world, ever.06/22/11
2129. Really Shi**y service06/22/11
2130. Verizon sucks! 06/21/11
2131. Awful Tech Support/Service06/20/11
2132. Verizon bites!!06/19/11
2133. So true06/19/11
2134. class action suit06/19/11
2135. nothing but pain II06/17/11
2136. It worked...when all else fails... try it06/17/11
2137. Just Today... by IH8Verizon06/16/11
2138. Hostage holding06/15/11
2139. nothing but pain06/15/11
2140. Sucks also06/11/11
2141. Photo Cubbie Scam / Velocity Online Profile06/10/11
2143. Verizon Sucks06/06/11
2144. Technician No Shows and 2 hour call wait time!!06/05/11
2145. freedom06/05/11
2146. "rate stories" doesn't work06/03/11
2147. I am crying after talking to Verizon rep (revised to include more)06/03/11
2148. I am crying after talking to Verizon Rep06/03/11
2149. Photo Cubbie charge on my AT&T bill06/02/11
2150. verizon customer P.O'd.06/02/11
2151. Verizon Morons06/02/11
2152. Verizon Sucks06/01/11
2153. Verizon triple bundle ripoff 05/30/11
2154. I hate Verizon05/26/11
2155. SurpRizin05/26/11
2156. SUE!05/25/11
2157. Frustrated05/23/11
2158. Bait and switch at it's best. 05/23/11
2160. the 8am appointment that just doesn't exist05/18/11
2161. I love Verizon05/17/11
2162. Verizon is facilating fraud05/17/11
2163. Ontenet sucks05/16/11
2164. bait and switch mifi 05/14/11
2165. verizon bull tax05/12/11
2166. Verizon Robbery without a gun05/12/11
2167. Refurbished Turd05/12/11
2168. Sent to collection05/10/11
2169. screwed05/09/11
2170. This site desperatly needs a new CAPTCHA.05/09/11
2171. no iphones for me.05/08/11
2172. 3G connection problems poor Customer Service!05/08/11
2173. The Saga Continues05/07/11
2174. Verizon Cut Service One Day Early05/07/11
2175. no sympathy for the bereaved05/07/11
2176. I'm sure glad I never had them as a carrier05/07/11
2177. Hate Verizon.... four customer service reps in one night05/06/11
2178. No help at all05/05/11
2179. Best customer service in the industry 05/05/11
2180. Verizon Owes me money and won't give it back05/04/11
2181. Verizon Liers.05/03/11
2182. Text05/01/11
2183. horrible service05/01/11
2184. verizon if murder was legel04/30/11
2185. Cancelled Service04/29/11
2186. The thing that would twist the knife in all of your back04/29/11
2187. Don't call verizon04/29/11
2188. ROBBERS!!!!!! THIEVES!!!!!! CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04/28/11
2189. Dead Zone04/27/11
2190. Can't stand Verizon landline service04/25/11
2191. I HATEVERIZON.COM!!!!!04/25/11
2192. Unauthorized Charges04/25/11
2193. don't do business with this company04/25/11
2194. stole my money04/24/11
2195. Verizon doesn't honor offers from call center04/24/11
2196. My Verizon Hell04/22/11
2197. Fraud to my wireless account04/21/11
2198. Charged without activating new phone service... Sales rep. LIE...04/18/11
2199. SO DONE WTIH VERIZON04/18/11
2200. Gerry04/18/11
2201. f verize04/17/11
2202. NO MORE DATA PLANS04/17/11
2203. Verizon supports the tea Party!04/15/11
2204. Wouldn't cancel acct and lied about transferring and refund04/13/11
2205. defective phone04/13/11
2207. No more 1 Year Contract??04/11/11
2208. My email address was hijacked04/08/11
2209. I HATE VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04/06/11
2210. Double text hell04/05/11
2211. Former Alltel Customer04/05/11
2212. MISLEAD04/03/11
2213. TCP/IP Smoke signals?04/03/11
2214. Verizon is A Horrible Company04/01/11
2215. Verizon IS Satan...04/01/11
2216. I don't like verizon!!!!!!!!03/31/11
2217. WTF means: What The Fuck!!!???03/31/11
2218. Verizon LIAR03/31/11
2219. bernie ebbers was nothing compared to these people03/31/11
2220. internet service03/31/11
2221. Service outage. A tree fell on the FIOS cable.03/28/11
2222. Verizon Insurance Policy03/26/11
2223. Unexplained charges!!03/25/11
2224. I am fucking sick to death of these motherfucking cocksuckers!03/24/11
2225. They rip you off! 03/22/11
2226. Verizon Commiting Consumer Fraud re FIOS Package03/22/11
2227. Tech support that couldn't03/22/11
2229. Verizon is not competetive enough to meet their Customer Demands. 03/19/11
2230. spelling mistakes03/18/11
2231. Crooks03/18/11
2232. DSL Woes03/18/11
2233. Employees lie03/17/11
2234. verizon ad03/17/11
2235. Bundling03/16/11
2236. Repeated Verizon Customer Supository03/15/11
2237. i dont get it03/13/11
2238. Verizon hates college students.....03/12/11
2239. Awful verizon business service03/09/11
2240. another victim03/09/11
2241. Virizon tried to bend me over.03/08/11
2242. Canceled home dsl and termination fee hell03/08/11
2243. Dave03/07/11
2244. #$%@#03/04/11
2245. fastest internet??03/03/11
2246. Verizon goes into my checking account whenever they want.03/02/11
2247. Verizon billing triple play03/02/11
2248. (Untitled)03/02/11
2249. taffy02/28/11
2250. Service is Horrific and detestable02/26/11
2251. Stay away from Verizon02/25/11
2252. Returned phone, now charged for it and have to wait until April for a refund02/24/11
2253. free 3 months of channels hbo cinemax etc02/23/11
2254. Unexplained charges, disconnected service, auto pay doesnt work02/22/11
2255. Verison... always been problem.... STILL a PROBLEM!02/22/11
2257. Ridiculous Landline Toll Charges02/17/11
2258. Just say no02/17/11
2259. Won't replace phone, won't cancel without fee02/16/11
2260. Cheap Chargers02/16/11
2261. Transition from Alltel to Verizon02/13/11
2262. worst service in world02/11/11
2263. Wireless Technology Too Costly02/11/11
2264. After 34 Days, Verizon still can't install my residential service!02/10/11
2265. Landline dial tone - PAH! Cell service? Forget it.02/10/11
2266. they dinged my credit02/10/11
2267. Verison Morons02/09/11
2268. Downlod HP Driver02/09/11
2269. Greetings, new here!02/09/11
2270. FIOS and Wireles screwing02/06/11
2271. unexplained charges02/04/11
2272. iphone02/04/11
2273. Verizon Disconnects Loyal Paying Customers02/03/11
2274. Rev.02/02/11
2275. Verizon to serve up Venison with every iPhone02/02/11
2276. How is this company still in business?02/02/11
2277. Lies and Rudeness02/01/11
2278. VERIZON "fraud" Protection Turned Off my phone 01/29/11
2279. FIOS is usually great ...01/29/11
2280. Verizon a Rip-off Company01/28/11
2281. verizon sucks01/27/11
2282. I can't wait until my contract is up!01/25/11
2283. Okay wait.01/25/11
2284. Getting rid of Verizon and switching to Straight talk01/25/11
2285. Verizon Wireless added 872,000 subscribers 01/25/11
2286. ruined my relationship01/25/11
2287. Verizon always takes advantage of its customers.01/24/11
2288. Sending jobs to India !01/24/11
2289. Endless Maze01/22/11
2290. Surprise charges on my Verizon Bill01/22/11
2291. Promised a Modem at No Cost - FALSE01/21/11
2292. DATA PACKAGE? 01/20/11
2293. Surviving Verizon FIOS Hell...01/20/11
2294. Hate Verizon 1/1101/20/11
2295. Lies about taxes.01/17/11
2296. Hate Verizon and done with them01/15/11
2297. My cry01/13/11
2298. Verizon Trys to Hide01/13/11
2299. My conversation with Verizon today:01/12/11
2300. i mean seriously now verizon is screwing with my movie time01/12/11
2301. A few of my family members get "this is not a valid number. check the number and try again"01/11/11
2302. superich01/11/11
2303. $1600 bill01/10/11
2304. THEFT of unused minutes01/08/11
2305. Auto Pay ISN"T01/07/11
2306. verizon reps lied01/07/11
2307. continuous lies01/07/11
2308. FIOS and Verizon wireless bundling offers?01/06/11
2309. let down01/06/11
2310. Two weeks without sevice and still waiting01/06/11
2311. I hate VERIZON SO much...01/05/11
2312. Merger fail01/05/11
2313. No rebates for YOUUU01/05/11
2314. 2-3 months to set up autopay? 01/05/11
2315. 3.00/month for nothing01/05/11
2316. Beware of Verizon01/04/11
2317. bait and switch.01/04/11
2318. what help?01/04/11
2319. Bundle of Crap 01/04/11
2320. too much to tell...but how to I get a copy of my CSR01/04/11
2321. Used Car Lot Sales At Verizon Wireless01/04/11
2322. GANG RAPE: how are SMS (text/pix/flix) NOT data?? another fee for unlimited SMS (texting)? on top of ''unlimited'' data? plus affirmative action for data? verizon is a pedophile.01/03/11
2323. enough already.01/03/11
2324. The Verizon HTC Droid Eris does not work.01/01/11
2325. the scam!!!!01/01/11
2326. Customer Service is Morons01/01/11
2327. Unappy customer01/01/11
2328. I am a 911 system administrator12/31/10
2329. Residential Service OUT for now 11 days!!!12/31/10
2330. Eff This! 12/31/10
2331. Your not kidding they suck12/31/10
2332. Phone accidentally turns on inside purse for 1 day in Israel, gets $1800 in roaming fees! Verizon forces payment. AYFKM?12/30/10
2333. Charging for non-use of services!12/30/10
2334. $195/mo for 150 mbps / 35 mbps ?12/30/10
2335. RECORD every conversation with verizon12/30/10
2336. collecting rebate by force of small claims court12/30/10
2337. help STOP RAPE today12/30/10
2338. do your part to STOP RAPE today12/30/10
2339. @admin: donate your MX resource records to promote verizon rape ....at no cost to you... and get in verizon's face12/30/10
2340. pissed off12/29/10
2341. Verizon Really Doesn't Want Feedback12/29/10
2342. Nobody will believe my story!12/29/10
2343. verizaRape truth12/28/10
2344. I hate Verizon so much I wrote the Better Business Bureau while on hold12/28/10
2345. verizon is a red evil communist form of network communication12/27/10
2346. CAN YOU F'ing HEAR ME NOW!!!???12/26/10
2348. Executive bonus example12/26/10
2349. Screwed over!12/24/10
2350. Bad rebate offer12/23/10
2351. Screw the loyal customer12/22/10
2352. PO'd12/21/10
2353. Verizon is nothing special12/21/10
2354. BLAH12/21/10
2355. Do not be a customer with Verizon Fios12/19/10
2356. I just got off the phone after 4 hours, and still nothing resolved, this is the 3rd time I have gone through this in the last week12/17/10
2357. Why the hate12/16/10
2358. Beware of failure to cancel account!12/15/10
2359. How do we get out of this? Help Help!12/14/10
2360. Capitalism is boss12/13/10
2361. Just try to get your phone line fixed12/13/10
2362. billing12/12/10
2363. Try signing up for Verizon/MCI's long distance12/11/10
2364. F*ck all ou spolied VZW customers!!12/11/10
2365. How difficult is adding 2 more land lines?12/10/10
2366. Anyone Run for "Kill Verizon" agenda, I will vote for it.12/10/10
2367. Mobile BB 5GB for Blackberry12/10/10
2369. I thought I had a smartphone with Kin One12/10/10
2370. I have the EnV3... It doesn't work.12/09/10
2371. EFF YOU SI KAY VERIZON!12/08/10
2372. Where are our politicians?12/07/10
2373. Verizon Wireless Sent Me To Apple12/06/10
2374. commercials12/06/10
2375. Cheated into paying so much12/05/10
2376. Verizon Wireless Data Sucks12/04/10
2377. cellysell100k12/04/10
2378. FiOS is awful! Comcast, baby PLEASE come home!12/03/10
2379. Verizon sucks!!12/01/10
2380. VERIZON ___________ SUCKS11/30/10
2381. Took my MONEY!11/29/10
2382. Verizon are fucking terrorists11/28/10
2383. deb lombard/vz security11/27/10
2384. copper lines vs fios11/27/10
2385. Canceled the one bill, sent payments and now stuck in a closed account!11/26/10
2386. Verizon created a fraudulent account in my name!!11/26/10
2387. Parental Blocks11/25/10
2388. Agent lied 11/25/10
2389. I LOVE YOUR SITE11/24/10
2390. Just a land line, is that so hard?11/24/10
2391. rude ignorant rippoff11/22/10
2392. Where I can direct a written presidential complaint?11/22/10
2393. I HATE Verizon!11/22/10
2394. Verizon Sucks!!!!11/22/10
2395. Verizon SUCKS!11/22/10
2396. I can't order PPV with my remote either, now I can't get it on the website either11/21/10
2397. CUSTOMER "SERVICE"11/20/10
2398. Verizon emoloyee11/19/10
2399. I detest Verizon11/19/10
2400. Verizon Took Our Money, And Wants To Charge Us More?????11/17/10
2401. Tired of it11/16/10
2402. Ask Verizon to give you...11/16/10
2403. Simple but very effective solutions 11/16/10
2404. Suspend my intenet/tv by error, now can't restore11/16/10
2405. $400 DEPOSIT FOR A PHONE?11/16/10
2406. FIOS 20/5 yields 12/1 Speeds & unannounced $10 hike11/15/10
2407. Another Penality / Tax Bill for VZ / Vodaphone11/15/10
2408. false_advertising 11/15/10
2409. Egregious business policies and patently fraudulent billing practices11/12/10
2410. I hate verizon 11/10/10
2411. Verizon Horror Movie?11/10/10
2412. verizon home phone and wireless11/10/10
2413. crazy silly live chat11/09/10
2414. I hate verizon11/09/10
2415. Royal Run Around !11/09/10
2416. UGH & YUK11/08/10
2417. Verizon Scams11/08/10
2418. I have a bone to pick with Verizon......11/05/10
2419. Verizon Through the ceiling international rates11/04/10
2420. mattc11/04/10
2421. verizon sucks i hate them 11/04/10
2422. I was told upon signing up that the early termination fee is easily "waived"11/03/10
2423. RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!11/02/10
2424. not able to sign on from midnight-8am for the 100th time11/02/10
2425. customer service went out the window along with all important documents11/02/10
2426. verizon suck ass!!!!11/01/10
2427. DO NOT BUY VERIZON11/01/10
2428. Verizon sucks!!!10/31/10
2429. What the hell?10/31/10
2430. May 18, 2011 I Will Be Verizon Free10/31/10
2431. Verizon as ILEC trapping me10/30/10
2432. Former Employee10/30/10
2433. Data package ripoff!10/30/10
2434. Verizon charges for things that are unexplainable and that no other company charges for.10/29/10
2435. Verizon doesn't suck, the population doesn't understand structure.10/29/10
2436. Fuck verizon in the ass hole10/29/10
2437. I am weeping in anger as I type.10/28/10
2438. Updated Contact Information for Mark D. Reddick at Verizon Communications, Inc.10/28/10
2439. verizon sucks10/28/10
2440. MyWireless has worst customer service EVER.10/27/10
2442. Again!10/26/10
2443. Wow, now this is a waste of time.10/26/10
2444. GRRRR10/26/10
2445. Verizon Raped My CAR10/26/10
2446. Verizon does SUCK -- the big one10/26/10
2447. Lack of service10/25/10
2448. Verizon "Help"10/25/10
2449. ive never hated one thing more than i hate verizon 10/25/10
2450. Water damage10/24/10
2451. Verizon trying to charge me $944.94 for their mistake10/23/10
2452. Unexplained Data Plan Charges10/22/10
2453. Congratulations to Verizon for the World's Worst Customer Service10/22/10
2454. Fraudulent "pro-rated" minutes scam10/21/10
2455. pnk ww bp10/21/10
2456. Over selling Services10/20/10
2457. won't deal with their bullcrap, not paying early term fee10/20/10
2458. Data plan10/18/10
2459. Crap phones to match their service10/17/10
2460. Unannounced charges on Remote Web Usage10/15/10
2461. A positive Verizon experience10/15/10
2462. VERIZARAPE10/14/10
2463. Suspend with my account without any notifications10/14/10
2464. Customer Service is WEAK!10/13/10
2465. Someday Sprint and Clear will take over Verizon10/13/10
2466. Verizon Sucks10/12/10
2467. Just die already10/11/10
2468. O.K. SO FAR10/11/10
2469. 10 years later...still horrible on 2nd try,10/11/10
2470. BULL SHIT!10/11/10
2471. $8400 bill10/10/10
2472. 4 hrs noservice10/09/10
2473. Wish I had another choice!!!10/09/10
2474. i need help 10/09/10
2475. 6 months of no help10/09/10
2476. All about 3 phones and a battery 10/09/10
2477. I totally HATE VERIZON!!!!10/09/10
2479. BAD SERVICE !!10/08/10
2480. still no internet10/08/10
2481. Verison sucks10/08/10
2482. FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!10/08/10
2483. fucked me agian!!!10/08/10
2484. verizarapes me to10/07/10
2485. How Verizon treats long time customers10/07/10
2486. fake charges!10/06/10
2487. They called me a liar TWICE10/06/10
2488. Like Verizon10/06/10
2489. Not going to lie...10/05/10
2490. Bad service, unexplained charges10/04/10
2491. Like New Phone Replacement10/03/10
2492. Land Lines Held Captive10/02/10
2493. Verizon are rapist!10/01/10
2494. Verizon Business: Don't Do It09/30/10
2495. Disaster IN IRWINDALE: FOOD MAKERS BAKERY EQUIPMENT desperately needs your help !!09/30/10
2496. Verizon to make us all slaves....09/30/10
2497. Fios Lying Bastards09/30/10
2498. 15 year old girl is smarter then Verizon09/30/10
2499. Well this is wrong.09/30/10
2500. fios back to hi speed09/29/10
2501. Sent to collections for the neighbors bill09/28/10
2502. Bob C09/28/10
2503. The worst web sites with multiple log on09/27/10
2504. Lying Verizon Support09/26/10
2505. Verizon are Crucks09/26/10
2506. Does it ever end?09/26/10
2507. Recommend switching back within 30 days09/24/10
2508. Fuck Fios too.................uggghhh I hate Verizon what was I thinking.09/23/10
2509. Can't Change One Setting?09/22/10
2510. Playing games with account numbers.09/21/10
2511. Verizon Nightmare09/20/10
2512. 50 + yrs. phone bill payments on time09/20/10
2513. No you don't have insurance09/20/10
2514. Fuck you09/19/10
2515. Alec Browning09/19/10
2516. They SUCK09/17/10
2517. new contract end date for warranty replacement?09/17/10
2518. Verizon phones w/ Hawaii numbers no longer working on mainland09/17/10
2519. 30 - Minutes of Runaround and Accomplished NOTHING!09/16/10
2520. I HATE Verizon Wireless with a hate passion 09/16/10
2521. THE WORST09/15/10
2522. Verizon harassment09/15/10
2523. (Untitled)09/15/10
2524. OMG09/14/10
2525. I am shell shocked09/14/10
2526. Verizon Overcharges Sales Taxes09/13/10
2527. Verizon Rebates Suck09/13/10
2528. Verizon really sucks!!!09/12/10
2529. Good product but horrible service.09/12/10
2530. $150 Tech Support!!!09/10/10
2531. Aweful09/10/10
2532. Customer Service???09/08/10
2533. verizon blows cows09/06/10
2534. VERIZON SUCKS09/06/10
2535. Deception09/05/10
2537. 93,000,000 idiots and counting09/03/10
2538. Do not take their word for it!!!09/03/10
2539. Poor service09/01/10
2540. How can one company be this jacked up?09/01/10
2541. Overcharged and Ignored09/01/10
2542. rip off08/31/10
2543. Verizonwireless just plain sucks08/30/10
2544. Screwed my husband while he was deployed08/30/10
2545. Cancelled plan because Verizon sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!08/30/10
2546. On a SUCKING Scale From 1 to 10, Verizon is OFF THE CHARTS!!!08/30/10
2547. 10.00$ data package08/29/10
2548. verizon rep cought rapeing goat in my barn08/29/10
2549. Waiting for technical support to set my FIOS online account for the past two weeks08/27/10
2550. Screwing Palm Customers08/27/10
2551. (Untitled)08/27/10
2552. Should it take 3 hours to download an 8mb file?08/26/10
2553. price guarantee, no service guarantee08/25/10
2554. The cause of Verizon's Incompetence 08/24/10
2555. I hope They Get Bought Out By A Better Company08/24/10
2556. Verizon need to get their act together.08/24/10
2557. New Verizon Member. I hate it with a passion!08/23/10
2558. My story is too long to explain.08/22/10
2559. Verizon is not fair to the white girls 08/22/10
2560. I hate verizon08/21/10
2561. How to cost verizon money and/or get resolution08/21/10
2562. bob 08/20/10
2563. 4.4 Million Dollars spent on lobbying ????08/20/10
2564. 45 min on hold!08/19/10
2565. Can there be a worse company?08/19/10
2566. Rule the Air08/18/10
2567. Verizon added without notice 25mb email data package 9.9908/17/10
2568. Vorizon does rape everyone08/17/10
2569. Verizon $5 Barnes and Nobel Offer08/17/10
2570. Verizon are bastards!08/16/10
2571. ALLTELL vs VERIZON08/16/10
2572. so sick of verizon08/16/10
2573. Classic Bait and Switch08/16/10
2574. Verizon is the worst08/15/10
2575. creative bookkeeping to steal minutes08/14/10
2576. Extra Charges, Bad Service08/14/10
2577. $350 is worth never having to deal with VERIZON08/14/10
2578. Verizon & GPS on Palm Pre Plus08/14/10
2579. Worst Customer Service Ever08/13/10
2580. ugh.... 08/13/10
2581. Verizon "High" Speed Internet08/13/10
2582. Raped by Verizon Employee08/12/10
2583. So Secure I can't be a customer.08/12/10
2584. Triple Play Packages08/11/10
2585. insane08/11/10
2586. Publishe my unpublished # and after 3 VA state complaints08/10/10
2587. Two year contract08/10/10
2588. Double Bundle of Horror!08/10/10
2589. Refurbished Phones08/09/10
2590. I HATE VERIZON08/08/10
2591. stressful verizon experience08/07/10
2592. This is why I hate Verizon08/07/10
2593. Avoid Verizon at all costs08/07/10
2594. verizon sucks08/05/10
2595. 238 FOR A MONTH!08/04/10
2596. Horrid experience at Verizon. 08/04/10
2597. Customer Service so terrible that i cancelled my contract tonight ... 08/04/10
2598. LEAVE VERIZON -- FOR FREE... NO JOKE!08/04/10
2599. I work for these fucking satanists,,,08/04/10
2600. What else is new..08/02/10
2601. How do we switch back? 07/31/10
2602. I HATE VERIZON!!!07/31/10
2603. really?07/31/10
2604. Slow and expensive07/31/10
2605. JUSTIN SHATTO 07/30/10
2606. Never had a problem with em07/30/10
2607. verizon simply blows07/29/10
2608. Verizon Wireshit.07/27/10
2609. No. Virginia how is your FiOS today ........ Broken ????07/27/10
2610. Incompetent Customer Servbice07/27/10
2611. america, why put up with verizon07/26/10
2612. dont dare buy an lg enV touch!07/26/10
2613. Phones... lots of phones07/25/10
2614. I LOVE VERIZON!07/24/10
2616. Verizon charges $35 dollars despite feature not working07/23/10
2617. manager followed me out of the store07/23/10
2618. Time is of the essence07/23/10
2619. why the customer service sucks07/22/10
2620. droid?07/22/10
2621. International calls $3.00/min!!07/20/10
2622. VERIZON REP07/17/10
2623. (Untitled)07/16/10
2624. New Verizon Customer07/16/10
2625. i straight up hate you verizon.07/15/10
2626. official store07/15/10
2627. VERIZON SUCKS!07/14/10
2628. Verizon Wireless Sucks07/14/10
2629. Mistakes, Mistakes.07/13/10
2630. no service07/13/10
2631. Seriously, I HATE Verizon!!07/12/10
2632. Land Line Service07/12/10
2633. Hate Hate Verizon 07/11/10
2634. The worst company ever07/09/10
2635. Customer Service Horror07/09/10
2636. Data Plan Required07/08/10
2637. Insurance? For what?07/07/10
2638. FUCK VERIZON!!!!07/07/10
2639. dumb07/07/10
2640. verizon internet07/06/10
2641. Twitter Feed07/04/10
2643. Painful Experience06/29/10
2644. I'm so pissed!06/29/10
2645. Cramming06/29/10
2646. verizon riped me off06/29/10
2647. Verizon charges Marine widow $350 cancellation fee!06/28/10
2648. Verizon is Fine06/27/10
2649. This is the worst company on the face of the planet!!06/27/10
2650. I got overcharged and nobody knows why.06/25/10
2651. double accounts06/25/10
2652. They Charge you to pay bill06/24/10
2653. Verizon iPhone... WHY?06/24/10
2654. Quite Satisfied06/24/10
2655. here's a joke 06/24/10
2656. All other carriers SUCK!!! 06/24/10
2657. Over a month later, no service, no surprise06/24/10
2658. Misleading sales06/23/10
2659. How can you esclate compliants to at VZ?06/23/10
2660. three weeks later i found out my brother died!06/23/10
2661. Fuck!06/22/10
2662. Where do I start?06/21/10
2663. Another dissatisfied VZ customer06/20/10
2664. Complete service outage06/20/10
2665. Be Careful paying by phone!06/19/10
2666. enza schoolcraft06/18/10
2667. Ew06/18/10
2668. Verizon share the network06/18/10
2669. Verizon billing dept lied and their rep lied to me- long06/18/10
2670. bundle Iinternet, phone and tv06/14/10
2671. Breech of contract06/14/10
2672. DSL and customer service woes06/14/10
2673. Verizon Rules06/14/10
2674. MY 5 day cell phone 06/13/10
2675. 2 + Hours With Customer "Service",YES, More Than TWO HOURS!!!06/12/10
2676. They Lied to Me - TWICE!!!06/12/10
2677. more costs no value... I hate verizon06/11/10
2678. Hobagshitty Group06/11/10
2679. Bad service is the least of it06/10/10
2680. Tech Support Pests06/10/10
2681. 400 dollar deposit06/10/10
2682. Worst customer service EVER 06/09/10
2683. verizon is truely the worst cell phone company06/09/10
2684. Some Good News06/09/10
2685. Droid nightmare06/08/10
2686. Verizon in lombard is a ripoff06/08/10
2687. Seven Days06/08/10
2688. Replacement Phones06/08/10
2689. whats to enV?06/07/10
2690. Service Slam06/07/10
2691. " Wacky VZ employee elimination plan "06/05/10
2692. southern indiana area!!!!05/31/10
2693. Verizon lies and does not care about its customers!05/31/10
2694. Verizon Wireless Bill Collector Allegedly Threatens to Blow Up Man's House05/30/10
2695. Verizon LG Voyager05/30/10
2696. Verizon Customer Service05/30/10
2697. dsl customer service05/30/10
2698. verizon nyc05/29/10
2699. Verizon really screwed me05/29/10
2700. DSL05/28/10
2701. I don't have problem with verizon05/28/10
2702. Touts their technology, no customer service to back it up05/28/10
2703. so much for the customer being the most important part of the company05/27/10
2704. Beware to small business customers05/27/10
2705. Verizon. Service with a... Nevermind05/25/10
2706. My mission....to bankrupt this "company"05/22/10
2707. Charged for TWO box rentals05/20/10
2708. Current VZW employee05/19/10
2709. Screwed by wifi data usage overage charge05/18/10
2710. Hate/Detest Verizon Customer Service05/18/10
2711. Verizon Thieves05/18/10
2712. Network Extender Rebate (HA)05/16/10
2713. i hate verizon05/15/10
2714. How to fight back05/14/10
2715. Customer Service Representative05/14/10
2716. 20 Cents!?05/12/10
2717. Verizon isn't bad.05/12/10
2718. worst company in the world05/11/10
2719. Verizon Charging me $1300 for a line that never made a call05/08/10
2720. Verizon made my daughter cry05/08/10
2721. the hate grows05/05/10
2722. HATE VERIZON 05/04/10
2723. verizon is a pitiful piece of shit05/04/10
2724. Verizon sucks05/04/10
2725. I Tried to give up my Iphone and AT&T05/03/10
2726. Verizon Sucks05/03/10
2727. Service Down05/03/10
2728. lol @ cellphone users05/03/10
2729. new verizon hater05/01/10
2730. Verizon SUCKS HUGS BALLS!!!!04/30/10
2732. Verizon Sucks Ass04/30/10
2733. i hate customer service rep KENNY "YES MAM"04/29/10
2734. Verizon Offer Lie04/28/10
2735. Verizon SUCKS ASS!04/27/10
2736. Hmmm...04/26/10
2737. My wife's a Rep - She hates them too.04/26/10
2738. On the contrary...04/26/10
2739. Dealing with this for 3 years...04/24/10
2740. High Speed my ass!04/24/10
2741. "technical support" in stores, actually sales people in sheeps clothing04/23/10
2742. My problems with Verizon are simply out of control. 04/23/10
2743. NFL mobile app04/23/10
2744. yeah, verizon does suck04/22/10
2745. Sick and Tired04/22/10
2746. eat a dick verizon04/21/10
2747. BURN IN HELL VERIZON!!!04/19/10
2748. Verizon sucks!!!!04/19/10
2749. (Untitled)04/19/10
2750. i hate verison04/18/10
2751. Multipal phone failures04/18/10
2752. Try being an employee...04/18/10
2753. Yes Verizon Really does suck04/17/10
2754. upgrade nightmare04/16/10
2755. Twitter04/16/10
2756. 87 degrees.. not a cloud in the sky.. WHERE'S MY SERVICE???04/15/10
2757. Changed our Plan.04/15/10
2758. I hate Verizon04/15/10
2759. verizon contract04/15/10
2760. read this04/15/10
2761. PLEASE READ...TOO FUNNY04/14/10
2762. Sigh04/14/10
2763. I can't pay my bill!04/14/10
2764. so their phones are horrible..04/14/10
2765. New Member04/14/10
2766. Verizon isn't the only one04/13/10
2767. My fun year with Verizon...04/12/10
2768. Customer service woes...04/12/10
2769. Work force are decent people04/11/10
2770. Challenge to Ivan Seidenburg 04/10/10
2771. omg04/10/10
2772. I h8 verizon so much04/09/10
2773. Fcc complaint I sent04/09/10
2774. After years of frustration, we're leaving Verizon04/08/10
2775. Verizon is evil04/08/10
2776. Words cannot describe how much I LOATHE Verizon04/08/10
2777. charging too much04/05/10
2778. You guys are crazy04/05/10
2779. Bad Connection04/05/10
2780. My land line has been out for almost two days04/05/10
2781. A Verizon tech support agent talks04/04/10
2782. Small business person04/04/10
2783. YET ANOTHER LIE04/03/10
2784. We're not Verizon, but we can help04/02/10
2785. What Now, BITCHES!?04/02/10
2786. Alltell/Verizon can't block a #?04/02/10
2787. way to welcome a new customer04/02/10
2788. In the words of Charles Barkley...turrible!04/02/10
2789. GOD AWFUL SERVICE04/02/10
2790. Getting Tired04/01/10
2791. V CAST Music with Rhapsody03/30/10
2792. Buying a BlackBerry Storm03/30/10
2793. rebates, minutes, lies03/30/10
2794. i frickin hate verizon03/30/10
2795. Got a New Phone, They added a $40 data plan on my account without my knowing03/29/10
2796. Wow..what a Joke03/29/10
2797. New Frontier customers from Verizon03/28/10
2798. customer rep intelligence03/26/10
2799. Verizon Incompetence03/25/10
2800. 240-568-2459 Executive Correspondent to NE Area03/25/10
2801. Broke my Razr03/23/10
2802. I thought cable was bad...03/21/10
2804. piss off verizon customer who is now making her own changes03/21/10
2805. Hate verizon03/19/10
2806. (Untitled)03/18/10
2807. They fuck ya, they fuck ya, they fuck ya.03/18/10
2808. CS supervisor lied to me 03/18/10
2809. sick of this !03/17/10
2810. Possibly great news for canada03/17/10
2811. 146 - 411 calls in 4 days03/15/10
2812. 9.99 Data Plans!!!! 03/13/10
2813. FiOS TV Schedule03/13/10
2815. i feel your pain!03/08/10
2816. Buy one get one Free03/07/10
2817. Bogus charges through third parties03/07/10
2818. (Untitled)03/07/10
2819. Desk-Diving: Verizon's 'solution" to their crappy internet service03/07/10
2820. Hung out to dry!03/07/10
2821. It rains therefore no phone03/07/10
2822. Verizon Commercials03/04/10
2823. Oh the tales I could tell03/03/10
2824. OUTRAGEOUS03/02/10
2825. No Help from Verizon03/02/10
2826. Rejected by verizon03/01/10
2827. why do people pay verizon03/01/10
2828. Get taken seriously.03/01/10
2829. Early Termination Fees02/28/10
2830. No difference at all02/26/10
2831. um... can you send me to someone else... wait ... on second thought02/25/10
2832. i HaTE VERiZON with a passion02/24/10
2833. Trying to let it go, but each month they do it again02/22/10
2834. Another Verizon Hater in Springfield, Missouri02/21/10
2835. Demand a copy of your contract02/20/10
2836. Verizon is like an evil stepmom02/20/10
2837. ed sleeps at his desk02/18/10
2838. New data charges for MANY phones02/17/10
2839. Data Plans:((((((((02/17/10
2840. I don't hate anyone enough to recommend Verizon to them02/12/10
2841. Try Being an Employee02/12/10
2842. Screwed02/11/10
2843. SHAME ON YOU VERIZON!02/11/10
2844. Triple Play Bait & Switch02/10/10
2845. verizon sucks out side us02/09/10
2846. I HATE VERIZON02/09/10
2847. You though that bill was paid!02/05/10
2848. Verizon Wrongfully Reports On my Credit Bureau Reports02/03/10
2849. I'm starting my own phone company!!!02/03/10
2850. Alltel to Verizon02/01/10
2851. Watch these people, they dont care who they destroy01/30/10
2852. information on suing utilities in new york 01/29/10
2853. PISTOFFFF!!!01/27/10
2854. stay with ATT01/24/10
2855. restarting servie01/22/10
2856. VZ avoiding taxes on sale of wireline properties ....01/20/10
2857. data plans for all phones01/19/10
2858. Couldn't agree less01/18/10
2859. Require Data Plan01/18/10
2860. verizon sucks01/18/10
2861. I have to do what now?01/18/10
2862. Verizon blows01/16/10
2863. I was a Verizon Representative until.......01/15/10
2864. Why do I have to loan Verizon $45.99 for 60 days?01/12/10
2865. Am not allowed to cancell the worst internet sevice ever 01/11/10
2866. What am I paying for?01/10/10
2867. Idiots01/09/10
2868. Go ATT or Sprint!01/06/10
2869. Verizon Getting the iPhone?01/06/10
2870. Guys...Really01/05/10
2872. The bloodiest, deadliest and most corrupt corporation in the world01/02/10
2873. Sam01/02/10
2874. even the employees are screwed painfully12/31/09
2875. Cheated teenager12/30/09
2876. Verizon is a liar!!!12/29/09
2877. customer service12/29/09
2878. $69.99/mo for 1 year was LIE12/29/09
2879. Verizon Sucks Balls12/24/09
2880. Can't get the price they advertise- bait and switch12/23/09
2881. i can't wait until my verizon contract is over.12/20/09
2883. Getting Charge12/18/09
2884. The New Connect Plan12/15/09
2885. unbelievable lies, sales and customer "service"12/14/09
2886. what the hell is going to take...............12/12/09
2887. Verizon A Government Entity12/09/09
2888. Uncompassionate Hog12/08/09
2889. verizan sucks12/07/09
2890. too many jigs12/07/09
2891. Verizon is Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil ,Evil, Evil!!!! Did I mention they were bastards too?12/07/09
2892. The theft of my money12/06/09
2893. You Won't Even Let Me Pay My Bill12/04/09
2894. New policy12/03/09
2895. Bend me over once more.12/02/09
2896. E-bill stop with your service12/02/09
2897. stuck paying for an unwanted features11/30/09
2898. Buying a new cell phone battery......11/30/09
2899. You're Fired Verizon11/27/09
2900. Verizon vs. At&t11/25/09
2901. Failure at a simple task11/24/09
2902. escalations contacts11/24/09
2903. Verizon Mgr.'s Resume'11/23/09
2904. get over it11/22/09
2905. Verizalunacy11/18/09
2906. I WORK FOR VERIZON 11/17/09
2908. Yes, it is true - Verizon lies11/13/09
2909. Verizon Sucks a Fuc*in Dic*11/11/09
2910. Anonymous Complaint from a Verizon Hater11/11/09
2911. 12 year customer11/10/09
2912. Lie's11/10/09
2913. VERIZON LIES11/09/09
2914. Verizon Calls Me Daily11/09/09
2915. Do you want to protest this company?11/09/09
2916. To confirm that Verizon sucks11/09/09
2917. (Untitled)11/07/09
2919. Explanation why VZ cannot improve 11/05/09
2920. IRATE11/04/09
2921. My Chat Convo with VZ tonight11/03/09
2922. It's like hitting golf balls into the ocean.11/02/09
2923. Hooorible customer service for a loyal customer11/01/09
2924. Visual Voice mail and other features10/31/09
2925. Crappy Customer Service10/30/09
2926. Verizon SUCKS!!!!!!!!10/29/09
2927. Verizon sucks10/28/09
2928. 18? 10/27/09
2929. little things10/27/09
2930. To bad my BA phone is Run by a DA10/23/09
2931. billing issue10/22/09
2932. Verizon is a bitch10/22/09
2933. Hey Keith , we are still waiting for the video footage10/20/09
2934. Scammers, Cheaters, and Liars. What more could you ask for?10/19/09
2935. I hate verizon more than anything in the world10/19/09
2936. I HATE VERIZON.10/18/09
2937. A Nightmare called "Verizon" 10/15/09
2938. Rebates10/13/09
2939. 99.9910/08/09
2940. verizon-a waste of time and money10/08/09
2941. Any employees hate working for soulless morons???10/08/09
2942. Verizon-Supported Scams10/06/09
2943. Verizon is just plain mean10/06/09
2944. Alltel Customers Screwed10/06/09
2945. Physical Damage?? BS!10/05/09
2946. Verizion can Lick me!!!10/05/09
2947. 3.48 a minute for an international call?09/30/09
2948. Mandatory $10 Data Plan for "Enhanced Multimedia Phones"09/28/09
2949. Liars09/28/09
2950. Verizon Tech Good Company Horrid09/27/09
2951. Bad Tech Support and Customer Service09/26/09
2952. Bill for NO service!09/25/09
2953. Severall rip off's from verizon09/25/09
2954. Had the worst experience today09/24/09
2955. Verizon will not support our military09/23/09
2956. new from alltel09/21/09
2957. worst service out there - i will NEVER renew again!!!!09/20/09
2958. more bad service09/19/09
2959. Totally glad I left Verizon!09/18/09
2960. Awful customer service and Installation09/18/09
2961. Wow .. 09/18/09
2962. There is a SOLUTION09/17/09
2963. Screwed at the gate09/17/09
2964. 1300 bill!09/16/09
2965. verizon sucks canceling all my accounts09/16/09
2966. I have officially been VerizaRaped to the degree I may never sit down again09/14/09
2967. Verizon Screwed My Credit09/13/09
2968. HELP!!!!! IM HOSTAGE!!!09/11/09
2969. F this Fing Company09/09/09
2970. verizon has no customer support09/09/09
2971. New England Screws by FairPoint & VZ09/08/09
2972. verizon employee with answers09/08/09
2973. Lies About Coverage09/04/09
2974. Damn Verizon to Hell09/04/09
2975. Screwed in Merger09/01/09
2976. Take notes09/01/09
2977. Mail Commercials08/31/09
2978. Shame On Me For Not Stocking Up On Vaseline08/31/09
2979. Verizon Subscriptions Should Come With Vaseline08/31/09
2980. Just keeps getting worse08/31/09
2981. My phone bill makes no sense08/27/09
2982. Verizon and the Billing Department from Hell08/27/09
2983. "supervisors"08/26/09
2984. Verizon "not receiving" my payments from my bank08/26/09
2985. Oh, how about that automated service ...08/25/09
2986. They are consistently horrible08/25/09
2987. i hav espent my summer with customer service at verizon08/25/09
2988. Medical Offices08/25/09
2989. One Bill Bulls&*%08/24/09
2990. Verizon is screwing our company08/24/09
2991. dress code08/22/09
2992. call number for problems08/22/09
2993. verizon makes children cry08/22/09
2994. mass technician08/21/09
2995. Verizon Drop08/20/09
2996. Comcast employees spreading their misery!08/20/09
2997. Grrrrrrrrr.08/20/09
2998. Samsung Glyde08/20/09
2999. loved ALTELL hate verizon08/19/09
3000. Verizon is still trying to rape me, over a month later!08/19/09
3001. Verizon Customer Serivice in Oklahoma08/19/09
3002. Merger Screw Ups08/18/09
3003. How do they sleep at night08/17/09
3004. Verizon Sucks08/17/09
3006. Alternative Phone Company08/15/09
3007. pretty frustrated08/15/09
3008. stop auto pay !!!!08/15/09
3009. Verizon SUCKS08/14/09
3010. phone problems?08/14/09
3011. what are we going to do about it?08/13/09
3012. I hate Verizon -- I wish there was another provider in my area08/12/09
3013. verizon layoffs (Part 2)08/12/09
3014. verizon layoffs08/12/09
3015. Horrific Customer Service Verizon Wirless08/11/09
3016. good news08/11/09
3017. In The Interest Of Fair Discourse...08/09/09
3018. Contact your state attorney general when you have a problem08/08/09
3019. looney tuner08/08/09
3020. Verizon Rocks!08/08/09
3021. CANCEL ASAP!08/07/09
3022. don't get fios08/06/09
3023. Verizon stolen phone policies (the new advertising campaign)08/04/09
3024. Verizon owes me a moth over-payment for the last 9 Months08/04/09
3025. verizon is f*****ridiculous08/04/09
3026. Verizon Robbery08/04/09
3027. Verizon is trying to screw me 08/02/09
3028. Mother in nursing home with Alzheimers, verizon will not disconnect her phone07/29/09
3029. Who is in charge of RIFFing in new england states?07/28/09
3030. 14 more states being sold07/26/09
3031. Who ya gonna call?07/25/09
3032. Mailing address to VZ Wireless 07/24/09
3033. verizon solutions to problems07/23/09
3037. Verizon Billing tricks07/21/09
3038. I hate Verizon07/17/09
3039. i wish verizon didnt buy alltel07/17/09
3040. Im a former employee07/16/09
3041. ???07/16/09
3042. On-Star SCAM07/15/09
3043. Endless Misc.. bills..07/14/09
3044. Screwed by the merger07/14/09
3045. There are no words to describe how much I hate verizon07/14/09
3046. Never own a Blackberry with Verizon07/08/09
3047. crybabies07/08/09
3048. Saying "I agree" is only the beginning...07/08/09
3049. I work for Verizon and Yes they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07/08/09
3050. They cut off my service after THEY made a mistake!07/06/09
3051. Charge for whole month of service I don't want07/04/09
3052. Can't get a supervisor - why can't VZN change?07/03/09
3053. Calling Verizon??? press "0" then "#" to speak with rep07/03/09
3054. FIOS07/02/09
3055. Double-charged, but "it will take 6-8 weeks to cut me a refund check"07/02/09
3056. suggestion for how to handle verizon06/29/09
3057. class action suit06/28/09
3058. vz selling off 14 states06/28/09
3059. Well, I'm 1306/27/09
3060. Verizon Wireless06/26/09
3061. Broken Promises06/26/09
3062. I Hate VERIZON06/26/09
3063. Recently riped off06/22/09
3064. Why Verizon Why?06/22/09
3065. agree wholeheartedly...06/19/09
3066. Verizon sucks donkey balls, Operator error cost me $10K06/19/09
3067. Data Charges06/16/09
3068. Verizon obviously doesn't need me as a customer06/16/09
3069. Verizon Diet06/12/09
3070. IDIOTS06/11/09
3071. Customer service? How about Customer Disservice06/11/09
3072. I have NEVER been more mad at a company!06/11/09
3073. I HATE VERIZON TOO!06/10/09
3074. so help me god...06/09/09
3075. Verizon is TERRIBLE!!!06/04/09
3076. Worst cable provider ever06/01/09
3077. Free at last! Free at last!06/01/09
3078. Am beginning to truly hate Verizon (Wireless)-hope you will accept a complaint about that part of the company!05/29/09
3079. Verizon are criminals05/28/09
3080. Visit this verizon website05/26/09
3081. is it time for law suit??05/24/09
3082. saad sobhy05/24/09
3083. Customer non-service05/23/09
3084. Verizon Greate Rape Rebate05/21/09
3085. I HATE VERIZON. 05/18/09
3086. Verizon sucks so much I'm shaking05/17/09
3087. I called text support05/15/09
3088. verizon ales team fights back down with hate mongers 05/14/09
3089. "Good Times"05/14/09
3090. Online Payment Debacle-Verizon05/11/09
3091. VZ to sell some Alltel cellular service areas to AT&T05/09/09
3092. Verizon treated me badly and screwed my credit05/08/09
3093. How should I of known they called?05/06/09
3094. Cell Phone Party Line05/06/09
3095. prepaid cell rip off05/01/09
3096. VZ plans for pandemic virus04/30/09
3097. Shady Practices04/29/09
3098. Get Those People Off the Commercial and Back to Work!04/27/09
3099. I will never have another Verizon account again04/27/09
3100. Verizon comes to japan!04/27/09
3101. VZ software error causes Double Billing 04/25/09
3102. Been Fighting with Verizon for 5 Months04/25/09
3103. Verizon No Show - Richmond VA04/24/09
3104. Verizon CANNOT get it RIGHT 04/23/09
3105. Best way to Describe it04/22/09
3106. 4 years of hasrassment04/22/09
3107. no more equipment credit04/22/09
3108. "Service Reps" trained ONLY to SELLLLLL04/19/09
3109. Can I sue verizon PT 2!!04/18/09
3110. Come on04/17/09
3111. Verizon locked me out04/16/09
3112. stop BITCHING04/14/09
3113. what the hell is phone insurance for!!!?04/13/09
3114. 5 DOA phones in a row and no help from verizon04/09/09
3115. Hate Verizon, Please call this number.04/08/09
3116. verizon is a pyramid scheme04/08/09
3117. Who's been using my line? So much for "Privacy is Your Right & Our Responsibility. This IS scary04/06/09
3118. Refund? not likely.04/06/09
3119. Beware when you call verizon04/05/09
3120. Verizon keeps finding new ways to screw me.04/05/09
3121. New "VICTIM"04/03/09
3122. Verizon, I hate you with the passion of a thousand flames04/02/09
3123. I swear on my life I will never ever go back to Verizon03/31/09
3124. Close encounter03/31/09
3125. why do americans put up with companies like these03/30/09
3126. Phone Rape03/30/09
3127. Incompetence, Indifference,In-denial: Another Landline Tale from V-Hell03/29/09
3128. Verizon rapes family for 869.00 still no service...03/29/09
3129. FUCK Verizon03/25/09
3130. Billing Questions03/24/09
3131. im amazed why people use verizon03/22/09
3132. Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Alltel customer going to AT&T03/19/09
3133. I'm Moving03/17/09
3134. VERIZARAPE03/16/09
3135. Please Help, Verizon Business line trouble03/16/09
3136. if you're an existing customer, you can't switch to a prepaid plan03/13/09
3137. verizon billing the worst out there!!!! 03/10/09
3138. Worst of ALL03/09/09
3139. Completely Hate Verizon03/09/09
3140. food for thought03/09/09
3141. avoiding termination fee03/06/09
3142. verizon just billed me $440.18. 03/04/09
3143. Verizon DOES Suck! Don't visit Kiosks in Malls!03/03/09
3144. Router problem...03/03/09
3145. bundled and raped03/02/09
3146. What the f****Ck02/28/09
3147. verizon wireless internet scam02/27/09
3148. This is so bad.02/25/09
3149. Verizon can kiss my butt02/25/09
3150. They won't send you a gift certificate so don't believe it.02/25/09
3151. I work there too02/25/09
3152. i work there02/25/09
3153. Whiners02/21/09
3154. worst company ever02/21/09
3155. Get a life losers!02/20/09
3156. Class action for Verizon Employees Denied Unemployment?02/18/09
3157. customer service black hole02/17/09
3158. Send me a replacement!!!02/17/09
3159. Please Report Your Complaints to the Attorney General For Your State02/16/09
3160. They Screw Everyone!02/14/09
3161. ARRRRGGGG02/12/09
3162. Verizon doesn't deserve to be in business02/11/09
3163. Verizon not loyal to its customers02/08/09
3164. Verizon Ads02/07/09
3165. Ivan the Terrible and our $20,000,000 he has02/03/09
3166. Elderly Abuse02/03/09
3167. Verizon is the worst American Company02/03/09
3168. I hate Verizon.... Period02/03/09
3169. FAIL!!!!!02/01/09
3170. sneaky sneaky sneaky bastards02/01/09
3171. I hate verizon01/30/09
3172. Big Hopes, let down in a slow burn...01/30/09
3173. i hate irony01/29/09
3174. Yet another example of a Verizon nightmare01/29/09
3175. Can I sue Verizon???01/29/09
3176. They have not done a single thing correct...01/28/09
3178. bait n switch01/22/09
3179. I CAN NOT STAND VERIZON!!!!!!!!!01/21/09
3180. Terrible back office01/21/09
3181. Don't get Verizon FIOS!!!!01/20/09
3182. Automated Madness and Stealing01/20/09
3183. Can't change billing method01/19/09
3184. $240 Charge for broken phone01/17/09
3185. To add insult to injury they are spying on you illegally01/17/09
3186. Worked there...It is awful01/17/09
3187. Their Utter Arrogance01/16/09
3188. Website never works01/15/09
3189. I hate Verizon01/13/09
3190. If it is too good to be true..01/12/09
3191. DSL Verizahellppppppp01/09/09
3192. Phantom customer rep?? Sociopath Liar??01/08/09
3193. I fucking hate verizon01/03/09
3194. F Verizon01/02/09
3195. I'm getting double billed01/02/09
3196. No service12/31/08
3197. Overcharged12/30/08
3198. stattic line12/30/08
3199. An Empire of Unending Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Typos corrected)12/30/08
3200. Keith, Did u know that....12/30/08
3201. Charged for HBO when I didn't order it12/29/08
3202. im not convinced...12/29/08
3203. i hate verizon and their run around sooooooooooo much12/29/08
3204. Current Absurdities at VZ12/27/08
3205. $1,000 cell phone bill........for texting12/26/08
3206. Merry Christmas from Verizon12/24/08
3207. WTF are they thinking12/24/08
3208. verizon lies12/23/08
3209. I too HATE Verizon12/22/08
3210. fake unpaid balances and more...12/21/08
3211. useless verizon workers12/20/08
3212. Pay for no service12/18/08
3213. I hate fucking Verizon12/17/08
3214. Installation12/17/08
3215. FUCK VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12/17/08
3216. Lying fucking whore douchebag12/11/08
3217. Thanks for this site12/11/08
3218. CORRUPT VERIZON12/11/08
3219. managers fired12/09/08
3220. Retiree even frustrated with Verizon12/08/08
3221. I have never had such a horrible experience12/06/08
3222. Officials Look To Fine Verizon For Service12/06/08
3223. SUR CHARGES12/05/08
3224. FIOS12/04/08
3225. "Knock Yourself Out" (rude cust sup rep)12/03/08
3226. Extremely Poor and Confused Customer Service12/03/08
3228. No, you can't speak with a manager because it's Monday12/01/08
3229. I really hate verizon.12/01/08
3231. verizon/net nuetrallity11/26/08
3232. Worst customer service ever11/25/08
3233. 11/22/08 Yes. I said 'hate'11/23/08
3234. I hate DARE11/23/08
3235. Obama's information stolen by Verizon's customer service 11/21/08
3236. deb lombard.....vz security11/21/08
3237. problems?11/21/08
3238. Verizon - awful technicians and support11/20/08
3239. Verizon would no take no for an answer, once a member get ready to pay for no service 11/19/08
3240. first level managers getting axed11/18/08
3241. phone number for problems11/18/08
3242. $200 free phone11/18/08
3243. Im not paying for a damn ringtone11/17/08
3244. I hate them too11/17/08
3245. "Your Husband is Obviously a Bum"11/14/08
3246. unloyal union employees.11/13/08
3247. They are crooks!11/12/08
3248. landline prblems?11/08/08
3249. managers disrespecting managers11/07/08
3250. Free Trial turns into charged trial, no refund, and collection agency!11/07/08
3251. fios problems11/06/08
3252. verizon sucks11/05/08
3253. Unhelpful service rep11/01/08
3254. VZ Florida expects additional job losses10/28/08
3255. worst customer service ever10/26/08
3256. bad situation10/25/08
3257. class action suit?10/25/08
3258. bad service10/25/08
3259. Could not buy services10/25/08
3260. I HATE VERIZON10/21/08
3261. They gave me 3500, am I happy?10/17/08
3262. Rip off Curve10/17/08
3263. Verizon Haters - Now there is a Facebook group called "I HATE Verizon"10/14/08
3264. If Verizon wants to sell Fios, why do that make it sooooo hard?10/13/08
3265. I HATE VERIZON "service ticket"10/13/08
3266. outrageous charges10/10/08
3267. Moving10/07/08
3268. Want a logo?10/06/08
3269. Thank God it's not just me10/02/08
3270. Replacement phone10/02/08
3271. Can you cuss on here?09/30/08
3272. VERIZON IS SHADY09/29/08
3273. The nerve of my switching to them ....09/25/08
3274. Dry Loop DSL customer... 09/24/08
3275. mike ohara09/24/08
3276. Nothing New09/17/08
3277. Don't Get "Out-Dumbed" by Verizon09/17/08
3278. Just flat out lied09/16/08
3279. The most hellish customer "service" experience EVER09/15/08
3280. union member rats09/15/08
3281. VERIZON SUCKS09/12/08
3282. VERIZON IS A FACIST MF 09/12/08
3283. class action lawsuit .... may be in the works...09/10/08
3284. I forgot my Verizarape-whistle when I left the house...09/10/08
3285. Verizon Employee09/09/08
3286. Wow...09/09/08
3287. How dare they?09/06/08
3288. Die Verizon, DIE!09/04/08
3289. This company needs to be shut down. 09/04/08
3290. Why can't they just suck less?09/04/08
3291. my buddy the verizon employee08/30/08
3292. scumbag managers08/29/08
3293. Contact Info For Executives08/28/08
3294. Ex-employee's Story08/28/08
3295. 10 months and counting...08/28/08
3296. Crazy Crazy Company08/22/08
3297. Alltel Customers will be violated by VZ08/20/08
3298. Verizon's bad billing08/19/08
3299. Collection Agencies08/19/08
3300. your stupid08/19/08
3301. Verizon will not help police during an emergency08/18/08
3302. I predict the downfall of verizon08/15/08
3303. Double Trouble08/15/08
3304. Unscrupulous verizon08/13/08
3305. The more I work for Customer Service, the more I feel I must end it all08/12/08
3306. Fees & Douchebags08/12/08
3307. Termination Fee and dropped calls08/12/08
3308. I too hate Verizon08/11/08
3309. toilet overflow knocks out VZ switching station08/09/08
3310. Verizon Migrane08/07/08
3311. They're Really Not That Bad...08/07/08
3312. no contract08/05/08
3313. A new low...08/05/08
3314. scumbag managers08/04/08
3315. Many workers on Vz FiOs project are in U.S. illegally 08/03/08
3316. THE STRIKE IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!08/03/08
3317. STRIKE AT MIDNIGHT08/02/08
3318. sixty minutes08/01/08
3319. Appallingly Incompetent!!!!08/01/08
3320. VzWireless Fires Mother on Sick Leave While Husband in Iraq08/01/08
3321. I hate Verizon07/31/08
3322. replacement workers ready to work07/30/08
3323. FIOS - Strike & NYC to stop Fios construction....07/28/08
3324. I HATE VERIZON07/28/08
3326. strike almost definite07/26/08
3327. Verizon And Verizon wireless07/25/08
3328. august 2nd strike07/25/08
3329. 14 YEAR EMPLOYEE07/25/08
3330. Support the Verizon Union!07/24/08
3331. Cancer expert warns employees on cell phones07/24/08
3332. Verizon has me well on the way to a nervous breakdown07/23/08
3333. august 2nd strike07/23/08
3334. Abusive representatives07/22/08
3335. credit balance goes to a collection agency07/18/08
3336. updates on verizon strike07/18/08
3337. august 2nd strike likely07/18/08
3338. Verizon Fraud07/17/08
3339. Verizon+your money=legal robbery07/16/08
3341. AUGUST 2ND STRIKE07/14/08
3342. A cut above the rest07/13/08
3343. third time's the charm - not07/11/08
3344. I HATE Verizon too!07/11/08
3345. What part of "close my account" don't you understand?07/10/08
3346. Their Colours Are Red & Black07/09/08
3347. Computer Glitch?!?!07/09/08
3348. VZ FLORIDA , President was Canned07/08/08
3349. Massive Overages07/07/08
3350. Switch to Verizon screwed up. Lost phone service07/07/08
3351. (Untitled)07/07/08
3352. AUGUST 2ND STRIKE07/06/08
3353. Half an Hour of Crap07/05/08
3354. Have a Great Fourth of July07/03/08
3355. The Most Incoherently Managed Service On The Planet06/27/08
3356. LIARS...LIARS...LIARS....06/27/08
3357. $425 bill?!?!06/25/08
3358. i want my money06/21/08
3359. Getting Back at Verizon06/20/08
3360. Fed up.06/20/08
3361. i want to nuke them06/19/08
3363. moronic VZ 06/17/08
3364. Give the employees a break...06/15/08
3365. VERIZON ROCKS!06/14/08
3366. Pregnant and no longer allowed to speak to Verizon06/13/08
3367. VZ allows employees to save on gasoline.......06/13/08
3368. 2 Months...still no DSL06/12/08
3369. Fuck em' all...06/11/08
3370. Help is available.....06/11/08
3371. Verizon: Worst Company I've Ever Had to Deal With!06/10/08
3372. My rant to Verizon06/09/08
3373. ban verizon06/09/08
3374. i hate verison so much06/06/08
3375. I am at Work (For Verizon) Right Now06/05/08
3376. local 2323..rhode island06/05/08
3377. terrible service06/05/08
3378. I totally Agree!!06/04/08
3379. Verizon is the worst!05/29/08
3380. Before you choose Verizon you might want to read the email I sent them this morning. 05/28/08
3381. Very Backwards, Lazy Concept Of Customer Service05/27/08
3382. AUGUST 2ND...STRIKE05/25/08
3383. Verizon customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!!!05/24/08
3384. Verizon's got yo' money. LOLOLOLO05/17/08
3385. Verizon is the most irresponsible cheat!05/16/08
3386. Mismanagement05/16/08
3387. Just shoot me05/16/08
3388. qiut verizon after 13 years05/16/08
3389. Florida seeks to fine VZ for bad service05/15/08
3390. Continued Bad Service05/13/08
3391. Missed service calls -05/12/08
3392. want to piss off VZ05/12/08
3393. Verizon ....Cutting off Cell Service on Mother's Day!!!!05/12/08
3394. august 2nd...verizon will strike05/10/08
3395. VZ NJ Landline - the worst experience ever05/01/08
3396. no customer service04/30/08
3397. How much does it cost???04/29/08
3398. Will I ever have a phone?04/29/08
3399. 67+ million customers04/29/08
3400. Free TV04/28/08
3401. verizon strike04/24/08
3402. Verizon must Die04/22/08
3403. I need a lawyer for a case vs. VZ Florida , can you help04/16/08
3404. Bundling04/14/08
3405. Incompetent, Dishonest, Inept--FRAUDULENT BILLING04/10/08
3406. Vz FL Under Local & State Agency Review04/09/08
3407. They are THE WORST04/08/08
3408. What a dreadful company!04/04/08
3409. Horrible Internal Communication04/04/08
3410. My story with Verizons bullshit Reinstating a Waived Termination Fee04/02/08
3411. Worst service ever!!!04/01/08
3412. local 2323, rhode island03/31/08
3413. I hate Verizon, too03/29/08
3414. Verizon are Criminals!!!!03/27/08
3415. Verizon Florida State of Affairs03/27/08
3416. terrible service03/26/08
3417. Verizon Vs. AOL03/26/08
3418. Verizon Math03/24/08
3419. Verizon Lies03/24/08
3420. They messed up my msn03/23/08
3421. will always be mad at Verizon03/23/08
3422. I feel like I am among friends here...03/22/08
3423. Verizon Jobs!!03/21/08
3424. Verizon is Evil03/20/08
3425. Seidenberg rolling in the dough03/18/08
3426. The "S' in DSL sure doesn't stand for service03/15/08
3427. crybabies03/15/08
3428. VERIZON IS SCUM03/13/08
3429. Same story03/11/08
3430. Verizon Customer Forever03/11/08
3431. Outrageous bill for global access 4,486.3403/09/08
3432. "Ratied"...?03/07/08
3433. Should I go back to Verizon?03/07/08
3434. Time on the phone03/06/08
3435. Absolutely Flat Out Lied Too TWICE!!!!03/05/08
3436. EVIL? or just VERIZON03/04/08
3437. phone numbers03/04/08
3438. Best bashing site03/01/08
3439. Fraud Batterys only charge limited times no matterwhat02/29/08
3440. Verizon's Security is now compromised02/29/08
3441. Verizon has destroyed everything it touches02/29/08
3442. TAKE ACTION02/29/08
3443. Verizon Sucks A@@02/28/08
3444. Customers Bad, Telecommunications Bad02/28/08
3446. MMMMMMM RESPONSE02/26/08
3447. Can't switch rooms in same building!02/25/08
3448. Hmmmmmmm02/25/08
3449. Verizon DSL dis-service02/24/08
3451. Beware when you change phones02/23/08
3452. Outrageously bad customer service02/23/08
3454. Should I take Verizon to court ? / answer02/20/08
3455. Should I take Verizon to court?02/20/08
3456. august 2nd 2008, verizon will go on strike02/17/08
3457. unsatisfied customer02/16/08
3459. Verizon Horror02/15/08
3460. Verizon Sucks!!!!!!02/15/08
3462. Panama02/15/08
3464. another lost customer02/14/08
3465. Menu idiot with personality(not)02/13/08
3466. Hmm02/13/08
3467. irratated customer02/12/08
3468. TO THE MORONO02/12/08
3469. You dont get it you are a morono02/12/08
3471. verizon bottom line02/10/08
3473. Managers, Customers, Employees & Service02/10/08
3474. Your stupider than I thought02/09/08
3475. ASK FOR A MANAGER?02/08/08
3476. LAST ENTRY REPLY02/08/08
3477. To the Morono who posted this MAKE VERIZON SCUM PAY02/08/08
3478. my time is apparently not valuable02/08/08
3479. Comcast has better service!!!!!!!!!02/08/08
3480. Answer to " Verizon is a Joke"02/05/08
3481. Verizon is a JOKE02/05/08
3483. Cancelling SERVICE02/04/08
3484. SCUMBAG MANAGER02/02/08
3486. found a new service!01/30/08
3487. Something Needs To Be Done About Verizon !01/30/08
3488. NO WATER FOR TECHS01/29/08
3489. Lack of Toilet paper @ VZ01/28/08
3491. Verizon can k!ss my @$$01/27/08
3493. verizon scum01/26/08
3494. Verizon's Anthem01/25/08
3495. Ex-employee01/24/08
3496. moron time01/24/08
3497. Two Sides of A Coin01/24/08
3498. MORONS ARE PRESENT01/24/08
3499. VZ Florida loses one more01/23/08
3501. Bundle Bunghole01/21/08
3502. phone number to presidents office01/21/08
3503. verizon landline sale01/21/08
3505. Does Verizon think I am stupid?01/16/08
3506. employee deaths01/15/08
3507. I hate Verizon01/10/08
3508. paul simas01/09/08
3509. A 2 for 1 deal - but not for you - you're a customer01/09/08
3510. january 7 post01/09/08
3511. Answer : "How to fight them"01/08/08
3512. How to fight them?01/08/08
3513. Wanted discrimination lawyer for a case vs VZ01/07/08
3514. VZ Corporate Colors & History01/06/08
3515. FIOS FIVE01/06/08
3516. VERIZON IS SCUM01/06/08
3518. Verizon Florida Union01/04/08
3519. Customer Disservice01/03/08
3520. THANKS FOR THIS SITE!!!!!01/03/08
3521. They Don't Tell You! A Verizon Wireless New Every Two Story01/02/08
3522. Answer to Poor Service from VZ12/31/07
3524. I need to vent12/28/07
3525. I just hate them12/27/07
3526. Being Billed For No Service12/26/07
3527. verizon managers are scum12/24/07
3528. THE WRATH12/23/07
3529. Seidenberg sodomizes the USA and VZ employees12/22/07
3530. TAKE ACTION12/20/07
3531. Get A Life12/20/07
3532. Verizon VoiceWing isn't even provided by Verizon!12/15/07
3533. employee verification12/15/07
3534. VZ+DSL+Fios = Corrupt12/13/07
3535. please god, smite verizon DSL12/12/07
3536. Smart Phone Hidden Charges (Raped Indeed)12/10/07
3537. email phone service12/10/07
3538. I Hate Verizon!!!12/05/07
3539. You Gotta Believe12/02/07
3540. I Hate Verizon11/30/07
3541. What do we do, get them out of here!!11/30/07
3542. A bunch of dried up douche bags11/23/07
3543. Where's my money11/23/07
3544. New low for bad tactics11/22/07
3545. Overcharging me...and I get blamed!11/20/07
3546. Severance--- BS11/19/07
3547. vz is scum11/19/07
3548. verizon is scum11/19/07
3549. Verizon rebate is a sham11/19/07
3550. PASSWORDS / what a load11/16/07
3552. Had to MAIL a LETTER to complain11/12/07
3553. I HATE VERIZON11/09/07
3554. Your problem is our problem the 21st time you call11/07/07
3556. Verizon lawyers corrupt11/05/07
3557. calls11/04/07
3558. disbled employees11/04/07
3559. employee mistreatment11/04/07
3560. The F*** with Verizon11/03/07
3561. what a joke11/01/07
3562. VERIZON -- spread the risk & avoid problems11/01/07
3563. Help10/26/07
3564. Don't taz me Bro !!!! / Lower my phone bill10/25/07
3565. Pay us more to give you less10/19/07
3567. PC broadband roaming charges10/09/07
3568. scammed by verizon10/02/07
3569. I so don't want to be IN! Verizon Is a horrible wireless tyrant!10/02/07
3570. Rebate Scam w/ Verison Wireless10/02/07
3571. I HATE VERIZON09/27/07
3572. not everone09/25/07
3573. Verizon sucks09/21/07
3574. Get a life09/21/07
3575. I HATE VERIZON TOO09/19/07
3576. customers aren't too bad either09/16/07
3577. VZ cans J. Ferrell / Indian takes the reigns09/13/07
3578. Verizon upper management09/12/07
3579. I hate Verizon wireless. Here are plenty of reasons why:09/10/07
3580. let's get a class action lawsuit going09/08/07
3581. Future Financial Probe to sink VZ09/07/07
3582. Thieves from HELL09/07/07
3583. I hate Verizon!!!09/06/07
3584. Academic Study Request09/05/07
3585. Count me in as hating verizon09/05/07
3586. No Installation Fee on DSL - surprise surprise!09/05/07
3587. Double and triple raped09/01/07
3588. Verizon Fraud over $6608/29/07
3589. ass holes at verizon08/29/07
3590. Fuk Verizon08/29/07
3591. Corporate Activation08/28/07
3593. Verizon Wireless Sucks08/22/07
3594. V Rep Fell Through My Ceiling08/19/07
3595. Finally a fellow hater that cares enough to make a site about it08/19/07
3596. I will NEVER do business with Verizon AGAIN!08/16/07
3597. Look out if you overpay08/16/07
3598. NO Service08/16/07
3599. Um, up and down, complex and confusing to sales staff08/11/07
3600. Replacements08/08/07
3601. VZ eliminates diabetic staff08/05/07
3602. US Telephone Infrastructure in failure ,too08/03/07
3603. Verizon Blows!08/03/07
3604. Four Phones in Two Weeks08/02/07
3605. Verizon Ethics Policy07/31/07
3606. More profits to VZ - eliminate bottled water07/27/07
3607. mega phone cell phone07/23/07
3608. Hillary and all the rest of my Distinguished Colleague's07/22/07
3609. Verizon Lover07/22/07
3610. Adolf Hitler read this Documen t! Cant find the Word dispute any where!07/22/07
3611. FIOS FLOP07/20/07
3612. I wish one day verizon will file chaper 11!07/18/07
3613. Joking..07/16/07
3614. Your Joking..07/16/07
3615. Verizon want to be like 'ENRON'07/13/07
3616. Quotas equal production equals PROFITS07/05/07
3617. They don't want you to know they are closet Nazi's07/04/07
3618. What you made romaing calls? That'll be a mandatory 2 year contract .07/01/07
3619. Thank God i'm not with Verizon anymore07/01/07
3620. What a Nightmare!!!06/29/07
3621. CUSTOMER SERVICE06/28/07
3622. Waited hours for nothing06/27/07
3623. Here's what happens when you move your service06/27/07
3624. As a member of the family...06/27/07
3625. 45 minutes on Verizon cell regarding my old dry loop bill06/26/07
3626. Free Roaming and 1-800 "BEWARE"06/19/07
3627. If Verizon lawyers are watching this site , they can ....06/19/07
3628. to inside information / call centers06/19/07
3629. Inside Information06/19/07
3630. so fed up with Verizon06/16/07
3631. 8830 great phone, but GPS doesn't work in US06/16/07
3632. Don't use Verizon06/15/07
3633. Not just wireless/They treat small businesses worse!06/12/07
3634. what is verizons value proposition06/10/07
3635. Horrible to their Customers06/09/07
3636. Underground Cable06/09/07
3637. No Show06/08/07
3638. Run like hell.......06/05/07
3639. HATE VERIZON06/01/07
3640. Bad Phone Line05/31/07
3642. So much anger.05/30/07
3643. VERIZON ROCK'S05/16/07
3644. Get a name/number when contact is made.....05/14/07
3645. Hope Verizon Goes to HELL!05/12/07
3646. Verizon Sucks. Period.05/07/07
3647. The ISDN Billing Horror Story05/06/07
3648. Response to "The Facts!" posted 5/2/200705/06/07
3649. My Verizon Horror story05/06/07
3650. I'm confused05/03/07
3651. DSL Hell05/03/07
3652. The Facts!05/03/07
3653. The deposit rip off04/30/07
3654. Did you get your deposit back?04/30/07
3655. Down with verizon!04/26/07
3656. Monthly Rape04/25/07
3657. get a life04/24/07
3658. bryan harmon gay employee of verizon wireless04/20/07
3659. They Keep Taking My Money!04/16/07
3660. I think Verizon disables the phone04/13/07
3661. Brutally Raped by Verizon04/11/07
3662. What do you know?04/06/07
3663. Here they are, some of the top let them know how you feel.03/27/07
3664. I am here to join03/27/07
3665. insurance not removed03/21/07
3666. Class action suit against Verizon?03/18/07
3667. FiOS TV and Internet Customer -HOSED! Screw you Verizon!03/15/07
3668. Verizon is Anit-Environment!03/15/07
3669. OH YEAH I CRIED!03/14/07
3670. Lieing about email03/11/07
3671. Horrific Customrer Service & Switch & Bait Pricing Scheme03/10/07
3672. Verizon: Be Warned03/10/07
3673. The following is a letter I sent to my local Verizon store.03/09/07
3674. Verizon Patents03/09/07
3675. verizon is worthless.03/02/07
3677. Failed Yellow Pages/collections03/01/07
3678. DANGER!!!03/01/07
3679. Verizon killed my American dream02/27/07
3680. Bad zone (wireless story)02/22/07
3681. DSL can disappear for many reasons02/19/07
3682. just wondering02/13/07
3683. 13 days with Verizon02/12/07
3684. From an Employee of Verizon02/12/07
3685. I bent over for Verizon (not backwards-forwards)02/12/07
3686. Verizon workers screw up. so do there customers02/04/07
3687. Warning on New Wireless Accounts02/01/07
3688. $800.00 Home phone bill01/31/07
3689. Angry in Maryland01/26/07
3690. Verizon Tech Servicers01/24/07
3691. Verizon taking customers for granted01/11/07
3692. Issue of verizon not bringing DSL to your area01/11/07
3693. Burn, Verizon, Burn01/10/07
3694. No DSL01/09/07
3695. I Loathe Verizon01/04/07
3696. new charges every time01/04/07
3697. Verizon double bills cell phone customers who pay with credit cards12/30/06
3698. helpful phone #12/30/06
3699. My DSL just disappeared.12/28/06
3700. equation of "service"12/27/06
3701. funny12/21/06
3702. Unpopular VBTS is a fuckin asshole12/20/06
3703. The ever unpopular VBTS is back12/20/06
3704. Customer Service LIED!12/09/06
3705. I'VE BEEN RAPED12/08/06
3706. How did they doop you12/08/06
3707. so pissed off12/07/06
3708. nice start to what could be a fun site!11/26/06
3709. Verizon Hell in California11/21/06
3710. basic Life insurance for Retired Employee11/10/06
3711. Ad Fraud11/10/06
3712. they charge me for using a WiFi connection11/05/06
3714. Free at Last.10/26/06
3715. Verizon is Charging me for MISSED calls!!!!10/25/06
3716. After 15 Years...10/20/06
3717. Verizon Lies as a common business practice! Beware!10/17/06
3718. cross border I think not10/15/06
3719. Finally Got Satisfaction From Verizon10/15/06
3720. ohhhh brother10/09/06
3721. Hmmmm...Hysterical posts about Verizon10/08/06
3722. Hmmmmm Well10/07/06
3723. Wow, excellent site10/07/06
3724. Abso-Fuckin-Lutely10/07/06
3725. To your sight sucks10/07/06
3726. I love Verizon10/04/06
3727. your sight sucks10/04/06
3728. Verizon sucks10/03/06
3729. and more from former landline employee09/28/06
3730. Resigned from my $54,000/yr job bec. VZ SUCKS09/28/06
3731. former Verizon landline employee09/24/06
3732. Verizon09/21/06
3733. Hey ! You Guys Mentioned My Store !09/18/06
3734. The ever unpopular VBTS09/14/06
3735. Interesting Attitude09/14/06
3736. Nice copy of my post, very original. Originality shows intelligence.09/13/06
3737. Typical Verizon Employee09/13/06
3738. Pardon me09/12/06
3739. Respones; verizon assholes09/12/06
3740. I work for VBTS09/12/06
3741. Another Verizon Horror Story09/07/06
3742. Store how Verizon can screw you.08/24/06
3743. Don't Hate Me - No Complaints08/22/06
3744. Is Verizon screwing your credit?? Complaing to BBB!!!08/19/06
3745. Dont Take The Free Phone Upgrades !08/19/06
3746. Some Truth About Working For Verizon08/19/06
3747. Verizon is a Nightmare!08/18/06
3748. Verizon kicks you while you're down.08/17/06
3749. Ya Verison sucks!!!08/15/06
3750. Check your insurance monthly08/15/06
3751. I guess I'm one08/15/06
3752. (Untitled)08/13/06
3753. The world is about to end !08/12/06
3754. Switched to RCN, Verizon kept billing08/11/06
3755. Today I said GOOD BYE08/05/06
3756. I Also Was in South Nashua Store07/27/06
3757. charges for nonexistant usage07/26/06
3758. Rape just for comission07/23/06
3759. Number porting delay tactic!07/21/06
3760. Why I use Verizon07/17/06
3761. I Agree07/17/06
3762. Verizon Employees Suck07/17/06
3763. BBB Saved my A$$07/14/06
3764. Verizon Assholes07/06/06
3765. South Nashua NH Sore and Employees07/05/06
3766. ugh! verizon!06/28/06
3767. An unanswered email06/16/06
3768. To: Fuck U All06/13/06
3769. fuck u all06/02/06
3770. Suspect Billing by Verizon Wireless05/21/06
3771. Lying is the same as stealing05/05/06
3772. 2 1/2 years of rape04/12/06
3773. They stink04/11/06
3774. Thieveing Bastards03/14/06
3775. Add a line for 9.99?03/05/06
3776. No Bluetooth?03/05/06
3777. Phone Hell03/03/06
3778. Bunch of lying bastards!03/01/06
3779. There is one reason why people in this society go bullistic! That one reason is VERIZON!02/28/06
3780. We were an independent authorized agent of Verizon Wireless02/28/06
3781. Verizon is pathetic.02/28/06
3782. No return Call02/28/06
3783. I will pay the bill as I do not want a hit on my credit rating.02/28/06
3784. I'm being charged $625 in error02/28/06
3785. I was apparently dumb enough to expect to get what I went to my local VZW store to purchase02/28/06
3786. I am a former rep for VZW02/28/06
3787. (Untitled)02/28/06
3788. cancelled my phone 3 days before the two year contract was up02/28/06
3789. Verizon DOES suck02/28/06
3790. they were charging $37.95 instead of the $29.95 that was in our contract02/28/06
3791. Tried to port my phone number to another company02/28/06
3792. Always apologizing02/28/06
3793. 2 years to the day EXACTLY02/28/06
3794. Verizon is a terrible, horrible, unscrupulous company02/28/06
3795. INCREDIBLE02/28/06
3796. verizon kept billing me for the line that i had ported out02/28/06
3797. Verizon wanted a $1,000 deposit.02/28/06
3798. highlights over the span of 4 months for my situation02/28/06
3799. To Hell with verizon and their CEO, that c-sucking Phil Lattio.02/28/06
3800. Verizon has no ethics, no values02/28/06
3801. Liers02/28/06
3802. Massage--Non-therapeutic02/28/06
3803. Verizon Yellow pages02/28/06
3804. verizon sucks!!!02/28/06
3805. I have been waiting for my $1000 deposit back02/28/06
3806. I think they have some kind of hidden minute fee02/28/06
3809. A new verison victim02/28/06
3810. We are unable to refund her $ because she will owe it in the future."02/28/06
3811. Liers02/28/06
3812. Fired by Verizon Wirless02/28/06
3813. Verizon is fraudulently withholding $50002/28/06
3814. Verizon separates the country into four regions02/28/06
3815. DELAYED BILLING02/28/06
3816. Verizon FIOS02/28/06
3817. Won't honor warrenty02/28/06
3818. My Verizon story:02/28/06
3819. "pass the buck" customer service02/28/06
3820. I used to love Verizon...02/28/06
3821. Verizon sent my bill, not yet due, to a collection agency02/28/06
3822. I am a vzw customer service employee02/28/06
3823. F*ck verizon02/28/06
3824. Verizon employees are in the Union.02/28/06
3825. Verizon raped my sister.02/28/06
3826. Verizon, what a JOKE!02/28/06
3827. breaking up02/28/06
3828. Fuck Verizon02/28/06


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