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Submission Title Rating Replies Date
1. Verizon is Evil112303/20/08
2. and more from former landline employee10709/28/06
3. Abso-Fuckin-Lutely10210/07/06
4. Finally Got Satisfaction From Verizon10510/15/06
5. verizon is a pitiful piece of shit10005/04/10
6. Typical Verizon Employee101609/13/06
7. former Verizon landline employee10609/24/06
8. Verizon Employees Suck101707/17/06
9. An unanswered email10306/16/06
10. Hmmmm...Hysterical posts about Verizon10510/08/06
11. South Nashua NH Sore and Employees10107/05/06
12. I Also Was in South Nashua Store10107/27/06
13. Verizon Assholes9.9807/06/06
14. I Agree9.9207/17/06
15. Verizon FIOS9.9302/28/06
16. Dont Take The Free Phone Upgrades !9.9108/19/06
17. Interesting Attitude9.9009/14/06
18. Is Verizon screwing your credit?? Complaing to BB9.9708/19/06
19. Why I use Verizon9.9407/17/06
20. Resigned from my $54,000/yr job bec. VZ SUCKS9.91809/28/06
21. Some Truth About Working For Verizon9.9208/19/06
22. (Untitled)9.9102/28/06
23. highlights over the span of 4 months for my situat9.9102/28/06
24. Another Verizon Horror Story9.8309/07/06
25. Verizon is a Nightmare!9.8308/18/06

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