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Submission Title Rating Replies Date
26. Verizon is pathetic.9.8302/28/06
27. I am a former rep for VZW9.8302/28/06
28. We were an independent authorized agent of Verizon9.8002/28/06
29. Won't honor warrenty9.8102/28/06
30. Verizon kicks you while you're down.9.8108/17/06
31. Hey ! You Guys Mentioned My Store !9.8309/18/06
32. charges for nonexistant usage9.8207/26/06
33. Phone Hell9.8003/03/06
34. Today I said GOOD BYE9.8208/05/06
35. Verizon sent my bill, not yet due, to a collection9.8202/28/06
36. Verizon sucks9.8110/03/06
37. Thieveing Bastards9.8203/14/06
38. Store how Verizon can screw you.9.8008/24/06
39. VERIZON…CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!! YOU STINK!!!9.8302/28/06
40. To Hell with verizon and their CEO, that c-sucking9.8202/28/06
41. Fired by Verizon Wirless9.8202/28/06
42. Lying is the same as stealing9.8105/05/06
43. Switched to RCN, Verizon kept billing9.8408/11/06
44. Fuck Verizon9.8802/28/06
45. Liers9.8102/28/06
46. Add a line for 9.99?9.8303/05/06
47. Bunch of lying bastards!9.8103/01/06
48. No return Call9.8102/28/06
49. INCREDIBLE9.8302/28/06
50. Verizon has no ethics, no values9.8002/28/06

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