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Submission Title Rating Replies Date
76. Verizon is fraudulently withholding $5009.7102/28/06
77. We are unable to refund her $ because she will owe9.7102/28/06
78. No Bluetooth?9.7003/05/06
79. verizon kept billing me for the line that i had po9.7302/28/06
80. Number porting delay tactic!9.7407/21/06
81. verizon sucks!!!9.7202/28/06
82. Tried to port my phone number to another company9.7202/28/06
83. I was apparently dumb enough to expect to get what9.7102/28/06
84. Check your insurance monthly9.7008/15/06
85. 2 years to the day EXACTLY9.7302/28/06
86. Ya Verison sucks!!!9.7208/15/06
87. Verizon employees are in the Union.9.6102/28/06
88. (Untitled)9.6008/13/06
89. I have been waiting for my $1000 deposit back9.6202/28/06
90. Verizon raped my sister.9.6402/28/06
91. ugh! verizon!9.6206/28/06
92. Rape just for comission9.6007/23/06
93. I will pay the bill as I do not want a hit on my c9.6302/28/06
94. F*ck verizon9.6302/28/06
95. Verizon9.6409/21/06
96. They stink9.6004/11/06
97. cancelled my phone 3 days before the two year cont9.6402/28/06
98. To: Fuck U All9.6106/13/06
99. To your sight sucks9.5810/07/06
100. Verizon is Charging me for MISSED calls!!!!8.8310/25/06

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