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Submission Title Rating Replies Date
101. Verizon Lies as a common business practice! Beware8.8010/17/06
102. VZ Florida expects additional job losses8.6110/28/08
103. Hope Verizon Goes to HELL!8.4105/12/07
104. VZ NJ Landline - the worst experience ever8.4105/01/08
105. verizon landline sale7.7001/21/08
106. No Show7.7006/08/07
107. I Loathe Verizon7.6001/04/07
108. VZ eliminates diabetic staff7.4008/05/07
109. fuck u all5.5006/02/06
110. august 2nd 2008, verizon will go on strike4.9202/17/08
111. Don't taz me Bro !!!! / Lower my phone bill4010/25/07
112. I guess I'm one1.9008/15/06
113. Don't Hate Me - No Complaints1.6008/22/06
114. The world is about to end !1.6108/12/06
116. your sight sucks1.3010/04/06
117. Hmmmmm Well1.3010/07/06
118. The ever unpopular VBTS1.2009/14/06
119. Respones; verizon assholes1.2009/12/06
120. I work for VBTS1.2209/12/06
121. Nice copy of my post, very original. Originality s1.2009/13/06
122. Pardon me1.1009/12/06
123. I love Verizon1.1210/04/06

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