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02/28/06 | 1:40AM
Verizon employees are in the Union.

Verizon employees are in the Union.They have the top telling them to mix up the amout on the billing.I looked up on Google .Verizon made $300 Billlion last year.The company is doing fine. I was on Verizon last year for about 3 month's.Now they send me a bill from a collection agency also .Threating me .I paid them last year.They kept billing after I canceled. I'm on MCI and have beeen for a long time.I have no problems at all.The only reason I went on Verizon was because my daughter wanted to try MSN. If I had any Idea I would be going through this hassle a year later I would have never went on MSN. The collection agency claims there going to take legal action.There going to put my daughter in ail,Me. I think thesepeople are going alittle bit to far over a bill.And this rep. on the phone was saying I made areal lot of calls I don't even use the phone. Then they where asking me if I was looking for a house to buy .I'm starting to think they want my house. This is MSN fault for getting involved with that company.

- Verizon H8er ID: 446802

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