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12/06/09 | 19:25PM
The theft of my money

In October I moved, and in doing the right thing, I called all of my service and utlity providers to inform them of the dates. Of these, Verizon was the most difficult to get in touch with and it was not until after I moved that I was finally able to get phone and internet services switched.

My phone and internet were bundled and I asked to keep the same service. The following week I received notes in the mail confirming the details. The next bill I received was 4 times what my normal bill had been, going from $67 to nearly $240. There was an unbundling fee of $120 as well as higher rates for phone service and internet service.

Repeated calls to billing were of no help. While each of the people I spoke with were sympathetic, not one of them could fix the bill. I spoke to more than 10 differnt people on the phone, two seperate chats and a half dozen emails.The guys in India said they could credit the un-bundling fee,but that it would take two billing cycles for this to take effect.

It was suggested that if I paid the reduced bill in advance then the automatic bill payment would not be taken out of my account. That turned out to be a lie. Fortunately I was able to stop the smaller payment, but am still scrambling to avoid over-draft fees since I was not budgeting for the excessive payment and essentially live paycheck to paycheck.

Finally, I was told that it would take at least 30 days for them to give me back my money. This seems counter-intuitive as it take micro-seconds for Verizon to withdraw the money from my account. Apparently that valve only works one way as they have to send me a check and can't re-imburse my account electronically. Hell, even the IRS can do that.

So, I am left with trying to get all my money back, the stop payment fees, move to cable for the internet and say good bye to Verizon. As well as filing complaints with the BBB, the FCC, the CPUC and any other consumer protection agency that may care.

- Verizon H8er ID: CFFED3

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