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12/08/09 | 20:26PM
Uncompassionate Hog

My father was recently critically injured in a head-on car accident and girlfriend of six years was killed. My first call to Verizon I thought resolved any further charges to my father's celluar account, I couldn't have been more wrong. The next bill was .19 cheaper than the previous. During the next call, my 2nd, It was explained that only one of the phones was listed as "lost or stolen" and that before I could do anything more, I had to fax my Power Of Attorney documents to be added to the account. The papers being faxed, I called back to talk to one of the rudest service reps name Rose Marie, who informed me that my father's deceased girlfriends number would not be subject to an early cancellation fee if I provided a death certificate, which I would have to ask her family for. But my father's service, the phone which was never found after the accident would still be subject to an early cancellation fee. The account was suspended for 90 days at this point, when I asked what date the billing would resume I was told "90 days from today". When I asked if she could tell me a specific date Rose Marie informed me that I should set down with a calendar and count the days! When I questioned that a technology company such as Verizon wasn't able to tell me the exact date billing would resume I was told I was being rude. I promptly hung up and called back, this time to be told that a death certificate wouldn't be necessary because that policy had been changed in July, 3 MONTHS AGO!! Now the next bill arrives and there is still a charge for cell service on my father's Verizon bill. Now I call again, this is maybe the 6th or 7th time I have talked to someone trying to resolve this. And the answer is just to eat the early cancellation fee to avoid any further charges. The rep promptly suggests we keep the line and order a new phone for my father, unfortunately, he can't even raise his arms to feed himself let alone talk on his phone. I guess this may sound picky and true, contracts are contracts. I would like to be able to say that I can't believe Verizon would make a 73 year old man with massive injuries (2 broken legs, broken arm, broken jaw, 4 broken vertibrae, broken rib,internal injuries you know MASSIVE!!!) from a car accident pay a cancellation fee, but they did.

- Verizon H8er ID: E14338

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12/09/09 | 5:09AM
My heart goes out to you about what has happened to you and your family. If I were you I would call back one more time. I know you've been on the phones with VZW enough and maybe get more emotional each time because of the circumstances. If you were trying to cancel the service on your father's account, call back and tell them that he was/is terminally ill. You may be able to get that ETF refunded. You may want to ask for a supervisor when you call in because they'll have to approve it anyway, but it is a shot. Only do this if all the lines on the account are being cancelled because they will all be cancelled if the account owner is terminally ill or deceased. Hope this information helps you out a little.

- Verizon H8er ID: E2C2F1

12/24/09 | 16:05PM
Sorry to hear the pain you are going through. I would go to a nearby store and speak to the General Manager. Make sure that someone takes ownership of the problem If not, file an official complaint with the FCC and your state's Attorney General's office. Trust me you will get a quick response.

- Verizon H8er ID: 36217E

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