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12/12/09 | 23:26PM
what the hell is going to take...............

For the last three months i have been trying to make this genius of the accounting or what ever department is responsible to look in their records and find that they have make a mistake at the moment they contabilise my payment , i have sendthem fhotocopies of the money order cash for them and stil in between the web of spiders of this big company nothing have been resolve they keep billingme the amount that they did'nt charge right.What the hell is going to take for somebody to resolveme this situation , i have talked to customer services, phinancial sercives , for the last three months i have knock many doors trying to make those .......that i am not a thief , i am not going to scape for the amount of money they say i owthem somebody in that company come down that cloud and fix this stupid mistake, is an auditorie office that can find out and make those.....that they make amistake and has to be fixed, or is not such a thing and this big corporation can play with the ones that unfortunally fell in their cobweb.........

- Verizon H8er ID: BA1A76

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01/18/19 | 5:17AM
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Shale - Verizon H8er ID: 9D7392

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