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12/14/09 | 23:36PM
unbelievable lies, sales and customer "service"

Verizon eliminated its TV premier package and started billing me for a more expensive package without notifying me (they said advance notice was on my bill but they don't send me a bill!).

So I upgraded to a bundle and agreed to pay a little more. Sales rep flat out lied with re to the amount of the termination fee. Also, they're charging me for the Home Media DVR even though they said it'd be free for 3 months! And I've been trying to get them to send me a paper bill for 6 months. The sales rep said when I upgraded to a bundle, I'd be getting one. That was a lie. Now the CS rep says that I took my credit card off of autopay, I should be getting one. Though I've lost all trust in these people.

Worst part is that the aforementioned interactions wasted about 5 hours of my time. They always act as if you're time has no value, I think intentionally. They figure no one's going to go through all their bureaucracy in order to fix a recurring $20 charge if it means spending hours on the phone. I guess I'm willing, although frankly, I might just cancel.

We should all report them to the Better Business Bureau. Class action lawsuit, anyone?

- Verizon H8er ID: 18C9CB

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01/20/10 | 6:29AM
I don't know what state you in, I'm in PA and after spending hours with customer service I finally got a Supervisor. He allowed me to speak my mind, then told me he see's my point but that company policy prohibits him from giving credit. I was ready to hang up until he gave me my PUC rights. Bottom line is he sent me a written statement that was 3 pages long and very informative. I filed a.complaint with the PUC and within 7 days had a resolution to my complaint. I have come to learn they have demoted him from a Supervisor to a sales and service rep. This guy kept his commitments and he was the contact person for my employer. Even though he was not a business Supervisor, he would get us to the right people every time. I guess having an honest Supervisor is too much for the greedy executive officers. I mean a guy who is honest and guides you thru the complaint process takes money from the bottom line. That is why I'm with Comcast now and I was able to convince my employer to do the same. My company used to pay just over.18,000 a month to Verizon. Thats 216,000+ a year.

- Verizon H8er ID: D40527

04/09/19 | 9:52AM
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rugginty - Verizon H8er ID: 0578E0

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