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12/15/09 | 20:21PM
The New Connect Plan

About a week ago, my voyager decided to randomly not work, my screen developed lines and every time I hit a button it moved. I had insurance on it so I called up Asurion who were amazing and I received my new voyager the next day. Sadly it was broken, personally I don't think it went into the box fixed but Asurion was amazing again and sent me out another phone, (this whole thing was free of charger since the original phone I was replacing was a replacement from my first phone). The lady warned me that they didn't have any voyagers so I received an Env Touch. No Problem until I try to turn the thing on.

After spending an hour on hold and being switched between two different people, I find out that apparently the "data plan free" phone is now requiring a data plan.

The issue...

We switched our phones last November to be on the nation-wide so we could get the voyager now we have to switch again. It will be 40 extra dollars a month on top of what we are already paying to get the family switched. I can get myself switched for 10 dollars a month more but I lose the Family Share plan and will end up spending the more money.

Not to mention the fact that the sales rep I was speaking too was a complete moron who would double talk and confuse himself (without me helping). He also decided in that moment to explain that I was behind my bill and would be charged a suspension fee if I did not pay it soon. I paid the bill weeks ago; I found out later that he was looking at another customers record and that I would be transfer to someone who had my records but only after I had paid my bill? In that moment I decided to pull the "Can I please speak to your manager?" to which I got hung up on and had to call back.

After finding out the hassle it will be, I decided just to call up Asurion and see if I can be put on a list for a voyager whenever one comes. I guess Verizon doesn't make voyagers anymore... news to me. I miss the days where companies wanted to keep their customers instead of spending time making things more complicated for them. I have gotten to the point where I have to call them for fear that if I have to talk to a sales rep at a store, I will not be able to restrain the urge to strangle them.

Hours of my life wasted with Verizon in the 2 days: 5 hours waiting and 2 hours talking to morons.

- Verizon H8er ID: FE9E3F

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12/16/09 | 23:05PM
You shouldnt have to be on a connect plan with an env touch. I have one activated on my family share on that line is $9.99 extra with a 25 mb plan.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9D87E3

07/07/10 | 20:04PM
I could have switched over myself for $9.99 a month but would have lost my unlimited call and text since my plan would be seperate from the family plan. We finally got it figured out but now that same phone that I got in the rant above has already been replaced twice. Kind of sad considering I wrote that rant in December of 09. Shouldn't have needed four different phones since then. I also wish I had been warned about how horrible a phone the EnV Touch is. Almost done with my two year... almost done and then I'll be free!!!

Autumn - Verizon H8er ID: 658454

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