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12/29/09 | 4:35AM
customer service

there customer service is the worse customer service of any company I've ever delt with!

- Verizon H8er ID: 31D517

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01/07/10 | 22:38PM

- Verizon H8er ID: F15575

01/20/10 | 6:03AM
You should try their customer service now. Firstly they have a new phone system that sucks. It's Voice Over Internet and it sucks. Sounds like I'm talking to someone in India. Sounds like two tin cans and a string. Now second, the reps can't properly transfer. You spend 30-45 minutes waiting to talk to someone, then they tell you that you are in the wrong department. They go to transfer you and next thing you know you've been hung-up on. Verizon has Ma Bell turning in her grave.

- Verizon H8er ID: 973976

01/27/10 | 4:23AM
I called into Verizon's customer service (REALLY THERE SALES DEPARTMENT). On my first contact I was told I'm in the wrond department. I was told I live in a Fiber area and needed to talk to a Fiber Rep. I was on hold for 20 minutes only to be transferred. It took 25 minutes to get to a Fiber Rep who immediately tried to sell me FiOS internet, Verizon Video, Long Distance, and Verizon Wireless. I told this Rep I only wanted basic phone without internet, without Verizon TV, and NO LONG DISTANCE. After he tried selling me three times I told her she can give me the extra service free for a year and I'd still say no, the rep put me on hold. I decided to stay the course to see if she came back or not. 30 minutes later I was back with a different Rep, the little bitch blind transferred me. I GUESS BASIC PHONE SERVICE MAKED NO MONEY SO REP DUMPED ME ON ANOTHER. Now get this, while I was ripping into this Rep all the sudden I heard bells ringing, loud clapping, a female (suspect a supervisor) in back round yelling "come on people, I need 10 more DSL and DirecTV sales".

No wonder Verizon announced today it's plan to reduce it's headcount by 13,000 jobs. Verizon recorded a net loss of $653 million, or .23 cents per share. I can tell you why, poor customer service, outside contractors who lie to make a sale, inside reps (not all) who do the same. Representative who are so focused on making a sale, they forget that customer service is what makes or breaks a company.

Bring back what I think they called "THE UNIVERSAL REP". They handled everything, no mis-directed calls due to the menu. Let the rep handle all requests first, do customer service first, the sales will come second.

That is my thought.

- Verizon H8er ID: D97B13

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