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01/02/10 | 4:13AM

I was fed up with T-Mobile drop calls and out of service, after being their customer for 7 years; I decided to switch to Verizon! Guess what? I was wrong! The sales rep. explained that I have 20 % discount for BILL, I repeat for my entire BILL, yet after I signed the contract it turned out to be for 1 line, the most expensive and their claim that the other lines are NOT qualified for that discount! I was told that there is NO ACTIVATION fee, yet I am charged with those fees for the three lines, and after 8 days of calling and back and forth with the sales person and their so called customer service, it was credited to my 1st bill, another unprofessional conduct, when I called about my 20% discount I was told by their unprofessional so called customer service that it could take up to 2 months to get the discount, yet I informed them with the confirmation of the faxed information and they claimed that they have nothing on their end, another back and forth trips and with the sales person , finally they stated that it would be effective with my next bill. Yet if you look at their charges, there are usage charges and then administrative charges, what are those administrative charges, God only knows! The only thing that they have in their favor is that their signal is good, other than that they should be investigated by the authorities for their outrage charges, false advertisement and unprofessional business conduct. I believe that it is time for urgent regulations to control the greed of ALL wireless companies who are sucking the blood of the hard working individual and families, and it is time for them to be held accountable for their greed and lies against every one. I hope that the authorities take these allegations seriously.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0F32BB

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