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01/02/10 | 13:12PM
The bloodiest, deadliest and most corrupt corporation in the world

My husband worked for this bloody organization. As a battered wife of many years I fled the state of Pennsylvania with my two children for Greenville, South Carolina. My uncle's wife allowed us to stay in her vacation home until I could land on my feet. I was in the shower when my aunt's friend came running across the road yelling that there was an operator on the phone for me from Philadelphia. I was paralyzed with fear. She along with several others had traced my family's lines to locate me and gave that information to my husband. I was forced back to Philadelphia where I was beatend unmercifully for leaving. I fled again. My husband committed suicide and because of my mental state at the time, Verizon was able to and did beat me out of my husband's pension an other money. I wanted to talk to the head of the corporation, Mr. Raymond W. Smith but was told he was "too rich" to talk to me. Years later I met him at the annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's birth. He of all people was given an award in Dr. King's name. Dr. King's blood like mine, my husband's, former employees and that of so many others is pouring out of that building. That bloody Z is representative of everything they'll do to you from A-Z. I told Mr. Smith what happened to me and he fixed his face like Chucky's and said "what they did to you was a disgrace, you should have sued". He arranged for me to meet with a fake vice president at Verizon's headquarter's in New York City to discuss my situation. She told me about crimes committed at the company and promised me my husband's pension. That never happened. I met with another executive vice president and he told me that their equipment is used to look up information on their enemies!!!!!!!! They were also charged with tracing the lines of those seeking justice for Amadou Diallo, the immigrant that was shot 41 times by New York City police officers. Verizon was accused of tracing their lines to see with whom they were associating. Two supervisors came to my home and told me that several employees there committed suicide but before they did they left enough information with family members about the company, therefore they were able to go after the company. So you can see why I call them the bloodiest, deadliest and most corrupt corporation in the world. Anytime Mr. Smith's name is mentioned the first thing that's said is how much money he took from the company. His bank account is filled with blood-soaked and stolen money and money belonging to widows and children. Please let me know of anything that I can do to help any cause against Verizon. They have contributed to the suffering of too many. Pleas let me know of anything that I can do to help further any cause against them. The t-shirts are a great idea.



- Verizon H8er ID: 01214F

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01/08/10 | 15:15PM
oh the stories people come up with

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