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01/02/10 | 21:51PM

Please post here AND write to your Attorney General (consumer affair's). Every State has one. If everyone in every state writes to the Attorney General, something will be done. I live in NJ and just received a $50 prepaid visa card as part of a settlement between Verizon and the Attorney General. Plus, anyone with FIOS can terminate their contract now without a termination fee. The Attorney General needs to have as many as possible contact them before they can really take action. It does help to write here so people know what is going on but I can not stress enough how important it is to join forces and contact the ones that can take real action against Verizon. It can not be done with just one by one against Verizon. You need a large group and there is a large group in every state Verizon is in. Join together and hit Verizon where it hurts. $50 may not seem like much but I was one of the lucky ones that did not end up paying one cent for any thing. They spent about 12 hours wiring my place and another 12 out taking it out but since they never actually turned the service on, they could not charge me. So, I have the pleasure of knowing what they paid out to their workers for getting nothing in return. If everyone that has posted on this site sent a letter to their Attorney General now, you could get action. It does work. By also posting on here you are helping to make the public aware they are not the only ones that Verizon screwed. After you post here, send the same letter to your Attorney General's office and at the bottom of your post, suggest that the next person also contact the Attorney General. I am thrilled that Verizon lost here but I will not rest in peace until Verizon no longer exist.

PS, if you live in NJ and want to cancel your contact with FIOS you have to contact the Attorney General within 30 days or you will have to live with FIOS until your contact is up. the phone number is 1-888-955-5523.Call here with any questions you have about Verizon and they WILL help. It takes time but you have nothing to lose.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8EA681

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02/16/10 | 13:56PM
30 day of which? I have had an ongoing nightmare with Verizon in Virginia for almost 2 years, was sucked into the triple play with direct TV, then called by marketer once fios came into area, and suckered in to taking that on, and lid to about contract obligations being null and vid once fios took us on. WRONG, they continued to charge me for both contracts, and now have huge fee. then they witched be out of kindness from triple bundle to double bundle and left me with fios internet and phone but made me reinstall direct TV at my cost, and then charged me early termination fee for triple bundle. This of course is only a quick synopsis of my aggravation. Doesn't even touch the corner of the iceberg.

- Verizon H8er ID: 638C83

03/02/19 | 2:38AM
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mauriceka69 - Verizon H8er ID: A8D12D

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