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01/06/10 | 5:05AM
Go ATT or Sprint!

Get this -- I bought the Blackberry and "free" netbook deal -- but they never credited my account for the "free" netbook. A week later the netbook got the blue screen error -- so I went to return it. It took them a half hour to see me and review my account, a half hour to refund and pay for the new computer (stupid process), and 1 and a half hours to install and configure the new netbook. Then, I go home -- and log in and get the sytem restart program. They didn't even finish the install! All along the managers told me they were almost done. Almost done for 3 hours! I'm done with VZ!

- Verizon H8er ID: 75D6EB

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08/23/12 | 1:43AM
I work in IT and it literally takes less than an hour to install Windows. Windows 7 installs in about 20 minutes. Windows XP, with drivers in about 50-60 minutes. So, giving you this thing, and not even being done and it taking them 3 hours is, well, nonsense. Albeit by design a netbook runs with an Atom processor but, they aren't that slow. Verizon just sucks, and everyone that works for them sucks. They just don't know it or acknowledge it. Funny thing I was offered an IT job with them and was turned down because I didn't have an associates degree. I do have 12 years in IT though. Well, I am glad it didn't work out. They can keep their moronic standards and keep hiring idiots with a shingle to hang on their wall. Associates degree? Uh-huh!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 62A8E6

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