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01/16/10 | 22:21PM
Verizon blows

Some how I kept going over my monthly minute plan so I decided to up it to 900 minutes a month with friends and family access. Now if you are not familiar with friends and family, it is the program that they offer where you can add in 8 phone numbers that you call frequently and not be charged any minutes for calling these numbers. I thought this was great but soon realized that it was a scam. You have to "register" these numbers online and for some reason they never seem to actually go through. My bill is supposed to be 100 dollars a month but for some reason this month it was almost 250 dollars. I put my girlfriend on my friends and family plan but because he number had not registered in their system after almost two months of waiting, I was charged for every minute that I talked to her. On top of this, I live near the Canadian border and was getting charged with bogus roaming charges that they refused to remove. Verizon employees scam, lie and cheat as hard as possible to make a buck. Do not get service with them. I'm personally looking into straight talk.

- Verizon H8er ID: 26C5BE

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