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01/18/10 | 2:34AM
I have to do what now?

So a number of years ago (this story pre-dates SIM cards) my family had a family plan for Verizon. We were working with reps at a kiosk in a mall and decided we would get the free phones offered. At the time these were Kyocera QCP-2119's (yeah its been quite a while) which for us was ok. So 3 months into the contract an d we get a nasty call from Verizon, chewing us out for "Not updating our connection". .... Apparently our phones would not update the cell towers available. They threatened to end our service over this. I had had a plan from AT&T previously with a bare bones phone that had never had that problem. So after spending some time learning how to do this, we now have to run an update once a month. To do this we have to call a phone number and go through a couple of options. We dealt with doing that for 2 years. During which time the phone number we had would suddenly stop working and we would call tech support, and have to explain to the techs what we were doing and find out the new method to update. About 3 months away from ending the contract my phone will no longer accept or place calls at all. So we go to a store front and ask about replacement/upgrade options. We were told that because we bought from a kiosk we would have to pay full price for a phone. Needless to say we said "Thanks anyway" and left. I was moving out on my own soon so I just got my own contract, with, obviously, another provider. And I vowed that I would never again use Verizon for anything. I also make a point of telling my all my friends about this little story and recommend that they never use them.

- Verizon H8er ID: A93523

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