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01/18/10 | 16:48PM
verizon sucks

I have a verizon phone and internet for over a year. My internt is always down I am so tired of calling and being transferd a million times. I think they leave you on hold forever in hopes you will hang up. Every time you call it's always a diffrent story. No one has the same information. I am currently on hold with them now 36 minutes and counting. This is my second call (after 33 minutes I was "disconnected"). I think I'm going to comcast! Anything has to be better then this!

- Verizon H8er ID: ADAC45

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01/19/10 | 3:19AM
i assume the internet is down while you are posting right?

- Verizon H8er ID: 15C0B8

01/19/10 | 20:09PM
Yes it was I posted from work.

- Verizon H8er ID: ADAC45

01/20/10 | 17:04PM
DSL sucks........Switch to Comcast

- Verizon H8er ID: 549E87

02/06/10 | 17:21PM
Tried to get help with tethering. Five hours and 10 reps later was told that you can't tether Blackberry with a Mac. BS!!!!!
I then watched a YouTube Video and finally got it to work at 1am in the morning. Later find out...DAYS LATER do they mention.."uh, the place where you are going to travel to will cost you .69 cents a minute...". When did roaming charges come into the picture!!!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 4DBD7B

02/21/10 | 4:37AM
Yeah - I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over six years now, and I figured I would get their internet in my new apt. I should mention I'm also a full time student at a SUNY school (Not an online university)....and this semester they offered a course I needed, but only online. Basically I NEEDED internet. They said it would be set up by a certain date. It wasn't, so I called. They said they couldn't fix the problem yet, they didn't know what it was. Already two weeks into my class and still not able to go online...they said they would call me back. THEY DIDN'T...so I called them....on hold forever, getting transferred for ever...I was on the phone for welll over an hour, with no further info than they would try and sarcastic remarks like "oh, yeah, we know how hard it must be to not have internet".

Another week or so goes by and I call again - still not able to get on. SAME THING. I get the run around - transferred all over...I ask for a supervisor, but get either hung up on, or told that they DON'T HAVE A SUPERVISOR.

Finally, now a month into my course, I have to drop the class completely. Yeah - cost me $750 for the class plus the $150 of the book. STILL NO INTERNET. I call VERIZON and I'm told they will have to send someone out to my apt to see what the problem is. Of course, everytime they had said someone would call, they didn't...and I had to keep calling them.

So, they send someone out. Two nice guys...who find out that the phone line to my apt was burned in some kind of underground fire over a year before. Yeah - it was in the records the whole time. I couldn't get their internet, so they write me off. At this point...I'm pissed but not really ANTI-VERIZON yet....

Until I get my Verizon Cell phone bill. Yup - I'm dinged for "over my minutes"...TO THEM. Basically, because I had to keep calling them over and over and over, I had racked up more minutes than my Verizon minutes limit allowed - and I'm pretty sure I have the MAX amount of minutes a person can buy already included in my wonderful Verizon plan. So, of course, I call to explain, thinking any reasonable company would understand that I had actually been trying to be loyal to them...after all, I had been a customer for over 6 years. NOPE - after argueing for over an hour (which I've been dinged for again!) they say they are not respoinsible, because I should have found a landline to call on, if I knew I would be over my minutes. Um, the land line was the problem, remember? And, yeah - they really charged me for calling VERIZON, even though they could easily see that VERIZON customer service was supposed to be the ones calking ME. FUCK THEM. I'll tell everyone I know to get a different cell, internet, local phone. To have treated a loyal customer, who was simply trying to purchase their internet like this is PURE EVIL.

- Verizon H8er ID: 3DC462

02/23/10 | 22:52PM
HA HA HA HA!!! I am glad to hear someone else say FUCK VERIZON. I knew when I was phone shopping in Dec. '08 that verizon DICKED their customers around just by looking at their contract! I went with Alltell who turned around and fucking sold out to fucking verizon!!! They dropped my employee discount through TSC for no reason and won't credit me back. I can't get service at home on my cell they say because it's an Alltell device but they won't give me a Verizon device unless I sign a new verizon contract! I can only hope some ass hole verizon rep is reading this! I am disconnecting and you will never get my buisiness again. Oh, and by the way, I'm letting all my friends know what cocksuckers you are! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9D9861

02/25/10 | 14:55PM
We lose our Verizon internet about once month for up to 24 hours, however lately it's been once a week. When we had internet through a cable company, it went out once in a while, bur never for more than ten minutes. We got Verizon when we dropped our cable. Cable kept going up and when the internet service cost more than doubled in one month, we got a satellite dish and Verizon. Well, Direct TV sucks too. Once our two year contract is up, I guess we'll go back to cable. I guess the choice is between unreliable service and a larger bill.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E2264C

05/11/10 | 13:38PM
Verizon sucks! I have a business email account along with my dsl. With my business email, I have up to 8 sub accounts that I can have open. I currently had one and needed to add another sub account. Since I could not do this myself online (for over a month, I kept getting error messages) and I phoned the Verizon rep 2 x to have them do (each time getting a response that their system must be down). On 5/6/10 I was on the phone again trying to get a sub account activated, and the dumb ass tech took down both my other email accounts and still didn't activate my third account. How can one tech take down two email accounts and no one else in Tech Support up to Supervision can figure out how to enable my email accounts? I keep getting the phrase, we will have it rectified in 24-48 hours, but I have been down now for 105 hours!! The other excuse, "it is in another dept" I ask them to phone that dept and expedite this since my business depends on my email. They have no way to contact this "other dept" WTF!! If I had another dsl in my area, I would have jumped ship by now but this is exactly why Verizon in my area sucks because they have no competition.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9914CA

05/19/10 | 0:37AM
I completely agree that Verizon (vz) is THE worst company ever!!! I had FIOS Internet and home phone with vz and it was an absolute nightmare. The vz employees are SO stupid! My first indicator of this was on day 1, when the vz rep called our new home phone number, which was supposed to be installed that day, to tell us that the scheduled install was being delayed. What an idiot! One bad experience after another followed this initial indicator. I was lied to time after time, overcharged, and spent hours on the phone getting absolutely nowhere! I told more than one vz rep that they were either totally incompetent or lying or both. I will NEVER (x10) do any business with vz for any reason. It MIGHT be possible that there is another company as bad as vz (although I doubt it), but there is no way that there is a worse company on planet earth!!!!!!

DJ - Verizon H8er ID: FC656F

02/16/11 | 0:26AM
Verizon is the biggest wireless scam company,they purposely use the old CDMA technology as opposed to the more advanced GSM format that uses sim cards.The reason being is that with CDMA , Verizon has total control of all the customers information , such as your address lists.The other reason is , if you lose or wish to upgrade a phone, you can't buy a used Verizon phone and expect them to activate it,because they wish to have you under a new two year contract , by selling you another phone supplied ONLY by them.Verizon also trains their call center employees to NEVER to admit fault of the company.The whole wireless industry runs rampant due to the fact they are not under any watchful eyes ,like land line companies are.Lobbyists are paid millions of dollars from cell carriers to ensure it stays this way.Enough said ?

SICK OF IT ! - Verizon H8er ID: D38D76

04/30/11 | 20:03PM
I bought an iPhone 4 from verizon a month ago and I have to say the service sucks ass I can't load a dam YouTube video or go into any website without it taking forever I've gone to the Verizon store and they just left me waiting for nothing to tell me they can't do anything about it

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 90280A

10/24/11 | 16:10PM
In plain english Verizon AND MOST OF CORPORATE AMERICA SUCKS. they have insulated themselves from us scumbags( the ones who pay them like the loyal idiots we are) as they know we will never take it higher, say legal ACTIONS.
One place to fight is to STOP THE CONTRACTS and mandatory data...SCREW THEM!! THE only data my smart phone uses is the data from Veriason and friends updating their spyware and their ads.. Now all you dumb asses can keep on crying on he web , but really, what t does that accomplish ??!! Get togther, get a slimy lawyer and start the battle
It's time that the consumer goes nuclear on these thieves
One other thing, if I saw the fucking human check I wouldn't have wasted my time with a comment DFUCK YOU AND YOUR SCRIBBLE BULLSHIT !!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 00C2A2

12/14/11 | 8:57AM
haha, my Verizon shitty westell broke, so i bought the best one available plus insurance for like 80$, and my internet worked great. then, wouldn't u know it, 1 week later a tree took my lines down in a snow storm. i had to have called them at least 30 times( sadly not exaggerating), spoke with many rude ass customer service assholes, and even got called a douche bag by one of them... i had to schedule 5 appointments, 3 of them they didnt show up for, and didnt have any records of. and because apparantly we paid to little for there service, so the deleted are account and made us make a new one for 20$ more a month... like wtf??? so the came out and put up new lines. i was glad to have internet back, but wait?? no internet... called them, they said that it must be the wiring in the house(which is argued for about 10 minutes that its not cause i wired the house myself, and tested it all.) so, 2 guys came and said they dont know what the last repair people were thinking, because apparently they wired the lines to the wrong pole.. like how the fuck can u even do that?!?? and after this huge annoying dilemma, the end result is 3 weeks without internet, them charging 39.99$ a month(plus 40.00$ installation fee) and 350/kbs down speeds ( because apparently the 1mbs i had before the snow storm isnt possible in my area and never has been) like im gona fuckin lie about that??? so after 1 too many lagged cod:mw3 matches, i went on rcn.com and ordered the best, most expensive package possible, and am not even gona pay my Verizon bill.... like seriously, fuck them...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B0BD35

03/23/12 | 23:02PM
I lose connection DAILY and they're a pain in the butt to call because I end up being on the phone with way too long! I dont have the time or the patience to sit on hold and go over the same steps I've already done over and over and over...

jus venting... - Verizon H8er ID: 83EB2D

05/13/12 | 11:07AM
I also lose connection daily and it happens about every hour ir two. It is driving me drazy. Then when I call they tell me that the service is down so I will have to call back later. Next time I call them and they say that 'm just going to cancel right then and there. I know all I need is a new router but I can not convince them to send me a new one. Ugh.

Havehadverizon10yrs - Verizon H8er ID: 417EFE

12/11/12 | 0:22AM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 144566

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