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02/03/10 | 19:45PM
I'm starting my own phone company!!!

Five and half years ago when we moved into our house, I called Verizon since they are the only company that services our area and I needed a home phone. I attempted to get their "savings bundle" but was told internet service (high speed) was not available for me and I could't even get a discount by bundling phone and DirecTv. I (very patiently - which is extremely difficult for me - ask anyone) called twice a year to see if I could get internet service. I have gotten every different explanation you could imagine from the reasonable - living in a rural area - to the insane - "they update lines leading to cemetaries before they do residential areas" (actual words I heard on the phone as I passed out from shear stupidity induces frustration). About two weeks ago, some neighbors moved in and told me they just got their Verizon DSL hooked up. I was to say the least beyond overjoyed and amazed that finally all my prayers, letters to Santa, ritualistic sacrifices of virgins, goats, and so on.... came true and they had updated the line, found the problem on their end, found new technology from a recent alien landing or whatever story they concocted this time and I would finally be able to have internet so blazingly fast, I could actually download a single song or watch the newest TMZ clip of the Yahoo top 20. So I give Verizon a call with a very proud feeling of accomplishment welling up inside. Needless to say, this 1st phone call did not go as well as planned (or I wouldn't be telling my story on this websight). They told me my phone line was not updated, and when I said ,"But it have been updated by now since my new neighbors just got theirs hooked up and their telephone pole is physically in MY YARD AND I CAN SEE ONE WIRE HEADING TO MY HOUSE, AND ONE LEADING TO THEIRS." They told me they call me back in the next 24 to 48 hours. "Not happy" is not exactly the feeling I had, but I don't want to put those thoughts back into the universe again. The next day, my wife alerted me to a problem with our home phone. We could call out just fine, but not could not recieve incoming calls. HOORAY - this means I get to call Verizon customer service again. In the back of my mind I was dreaming that maybe this simple phone issue would fix the problems of them dialing in and saying I could not get internet. They fixed my phone, and imagine my suprise when it was an automated voice calling me back to say it was their problem and not mine since all of their "human" service people were too busy to sign up (swindle) new customers. I called the Verizon internet phone number (again since they can't seem to have just one that works for everything) only to be told nothing had been fixed and I still could not get internet service. I may have had the patience to be put on hold for 30 min to talk/yell/scream/make up new obseneties to a supervisor when I was stopped sompletely in my tracks by a suggestion that I "PAY A CONTRACTOR TO UPDATE MY PHONE LINE TO THE PROPER LENGTH AT MY OWN EXPENSE." I asked the woman on the phone if she was trying to make a joke because, I told her, this was not a very appropriate time to be joking with me. She said no, that it was one of the options she was trained to give. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I couldn't stand it anymore. I hung the phone....holding back with the inner strength of Buddist Monks not to fire my phone into wall. I went to the cafe my wife owns to eat lunch, cancel my home phone service (of which I cannot get any other), ordered cell phones for the family, and put in an order for hughes net.

One of the local Verizon techs was eating at the cafe as usual and I told him I was sorry he would have to find another job or not come back here anymore - I hope he knew I was joking.

- Verizon H8er ID: C5E8D5

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02/06/10 | 14:17PM
I'm not sure where you live but your 1st mistake was to call Verizon for DSL. It SUCKS unless you are close to their central office (CO). The lines were not designed to handle high speed internet so they have to do some work to get them "conditioned". I know what has to be done because I was a Verizon tech for many years until they began downsizing.

You should call your cable TV provider for your internet. As a former verizon employee I don't even have them for internet because it SUCKS.

Let us know how you make out.

- Verizon H8er ID: 67C722

03/03/10 | 19:40PM
I would love to call the local cable company except that it only the city limits. I live - no exaggeration - across the street from the city limits and I can't get cable either. I use DirecTv right now, but they're moving up my list of things to connect also since their "guarenteed monthly pricing" keeps going up. I keep telling my wife the only sane solution is to move.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C5E8D5

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