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02/03/10 | 22:25PM
Verizon Wrongfully Reports On my Credit Bureau Reports

I have been on and off with various cell phone service providers, like many of us here, for years. Back in 2002 I was with Verizon Wireless, before they had all of the "unlimited plans" available.

One month I got a bill showing overages, and called them to see about upgrading my plan. Which many of you may or may not know but the average cell phone company if you have overages and call them, they will upgrade your plan and retro your bill for that month. So I asked them to upgrade my plan to a higher level one, which gave me more breathing room. The woman I spoke to confirmed it was upgraded, would retro it and reflect on my next bill. Little did I know that was not the end of it.

1 month later, got my next phone bill which was for the previous balance of overages + DOUBLE overages I had previous month. That genius rep DOWNGRADED my account instead of upgrading it. I called VW and explained the situation. They told me that they were sorry, they would get this resolved and I did not have to pay the overages for this month but I did for previous month...no RETRO FOR ME. No biggie, but okay fine.

Next month got the bill and plan was upgraded BUT I was now showing $401 in overdue balance. Called them back, and they told me I needed to fax a letter in explaining in detail what happened. I said I prefered to just get a number from them of someone I could talk to about resolving this. They said that department did not accept inbound calls. So I faxed over the letter. Week later never heard back. Called in again, faxed the letter again since they claimed they never receied it...except this time I included the friggin fax confirmation receipt.

By this time their collection department contacted me back and told me that it had already hit my credit report. I explained the situation, and asked if I pay this in full...will you please remove this from my credit report while I get this sorted out? At that point I already cancelled my contract and didnt even care about the damn $401 I was screwed out of...I just wanted my credit report to be fixed. She told me "yes your report will be updated if you pay this in full, and customer service department can help you work through the rest and will give you a refund."

I paid it in full on the spot with a CC number. Then month later seen my credit report still had that item on it, except NOW it showed as "$401 collections / charge off: paid in full after chargeoff $0 balance".

I called back very upset, and their collection department told me...ready for this? Told me "Well sorry sir but obviously it was a valid charge, otherwise you would not have paid it.".....

I told her the ONLY reason I paid it was because they promised me it would be removed from my report. She said she found no record of that promise and that it was only promised to "update" my report and that by paying for it, it was admittance of that account balance was legit. I told her sure, IF they did not try to friggin blackmail me and deceive me in the process.

About 6 months ago I tried to call them back, now a business owner, and told them the situation...that I needed that item removed (the ONLY negative item on my report) to make it easier for me to get a business loan...and that I was unhappy with my current provider and would be willing to pull over ALL of my business accounts to them if they just removed that item from my credit report. I didnt care about getting the $401 back, I just wanted that crap removed from my report. She said that seemed fair, she needed to put me on hold and would be right back. THen came back and said "I am sorry sir, but I spoke to my mananger and was informed that regardless of your claims, once an item is posted to a credit report...we cannot do anything to remove it" which I know is a flat out lie, as any company who posts a negative item onto a credit rpeort can go back to the bureaus to request they remove it.

I HATE these guys with a passion. Verizon Wireless is completely unconcerned about their customers and the damage they do. So now all because one of their "highly trained" reps screwed up, I am left to pay for it.

Oh and one more update for you: Even though that account was open and closed back in 2002, they decided to update the account on my credit reports back in 2006...so its now showing a 2006 account date. Meaning instead of it dropping off my report after 7 years...which would have been end of 2009....I am stuck with this crap until 2013 unless I can find some shmuck at corporate who actually can do something about it, or a lawyer who wont charge me thousands.

- Verizon H8er ID: 2A11CD

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03/27/10 | 2:59AM
If your Account was closed in 2002, then the last date Verizon can report the "Charge Off" status should have been in 2009. Updates to the Account do not affect the 7 years + 180 days rule:
Section 623(a)(5), which became law in September 1997, requires a creditor that reports a chargeoff to a CRA to notify the agency (within 90 days of reporting the account) of "the month and year of the commencement of the delinquency that immediately preceded" the chargeoff. Section 605(c)(1) provides that the seven year period begins 180 days from that date.

Seems like you should file a complaint with the FTC for a FCRA violation!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: ABB485

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