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02/05/10 | 21:34PM
You though that bill was paid!

So I had a Verizon account a couple years ago. When I moved due to military assignment, I closed the account. The following month, I got the final bill. I paid it.

Note... I paid it.

a few months later I get a letter about my "unpaid final bill" So I call them up to fix the problem. I get a rep who says "Fax me the cancelled check and Ill take care of it." So I do.

A Couple weeks later, another letter. Same thing, I call, I fax, Im promised itll be fixed.

A couple weeks later, another letter. This time I call, I speak to a supervisor, I fax in my documents and I demand that they send me a letter confirming the problem is fixed.

They finally fix the problem, and I got my letter showing it was paid.

Flash Forward to today (Feb 2010). I get a call from "Allied Interstate". This is a collection agency who claims that they do not Buy accounts or troll credit reports. They state that "Verizon sent your unpaid residential bill to us, it has been written off and this is an attempt to collect a debt."

After a YEAR AND A HALF?! No entries on my credit report from Verizon, none from this company, where did this come from.

Now, I know that allied interstate is one of the most unscrupulous collection agencies in the country. However, I decided to call verizon to confirm the information.

Big Mistake

After being tranferred through 15 different agents in four different departments, I get one agent who goes. "Have you talked to anthony? You haven't talked to Anthony." and transfers me into a dead end recording that tells me the office is closed its open from 700 : 430 Mon-fri.

The time on my watch said "Fri 5 Feb 2010, 1601

I hate Verizon, and if I can help it I will never ever ever have an account with them again.

- Verizon H8er ID: D8C38A

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12/28/18 | 4:19AM

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: 13E6D1

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