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02/11/10 | 5:03AM

I thought I might be the only one to feel like I have been dealing with morons, but after "Googling" I hate Verizon, I am not alone! I have been an Alltel customer for over 15 years. It was a wonderful company. A few years ago, I joined my son and family on a plan with Alltel. All was right with the world until last Friday when my son's phone had a problem. It couldn't be fixed. My son chose to go with Verizon as he was convinced it would be better. So, I got a Verizon phone. There was just about 30 minutes before the store closed so went with the phone my son had picked for his kids. It is a Samsung. I was told if I didn't like it, I could exchange it in the next 30 days. I took it back today and was told there was a $35 re-stocking fee. If I sent in the rebate info and tossed the phone, I would only be out $20. I went to pursue a different plan to find out that out here in BFE, Alltel (now Verizon) was the only plan with any coverage. I was also told that I could go back to Alltel when I called about changing phones. When I go to the actual store, "it was just not possible". I went out to my car, called Verizon again. "We could go back to Altell". The best part is that while in the store on Friday, my son asked them to put me on the account so I could manage my phone without them calling him for permission while he is at work. They said they had taken care of that, but noooooo, it wasn't so. My son will have to call them again, and tell them to add me. We also asked them to block my phone from the internet, as my phone sometimes gets connected while in my pocket. They said it was taken care of. While talking to a Sprint salesperson, he asked to see the phone, and I was connected to the internet. I called everyone. I told them I was going to post the worst info on the internet, and mail my experience to 500 of my closest friends and ask them to pass it along. I also told them if I could sing, I would make a video to post on You Tube. I hate Verizon. VerizaRape is a very accurate description of how I feel.

- Verizon H8er ID: A1A386

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