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02/12/10 | 10:20AM
Try Being an Employee

They got rid of, around the world, a whole pile of guys and girls in their 50's, some 6 months ago, all on top of their pay scales, as if it was just another night of throwing out the trash cans.

My job was outsourced to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Then In heard this afternoon they got rid of some more on the same criteria.

Well, we shoukd just tune into all the corporte web casts to see how well Verizon are doing before we are sent out the door!

- Verizon H8er ID: A29535

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02/12/10 | 19:53PM
You should realize that VZ has ZERO tolerance for productive well paying American jobs that have taken years of service and training to produce. You are in a ten mile long line of former employees that wish VZ would go bankrupt. They will probably get a Obama bail out plan and then we can set back and laugh when Seidenburg finds himself on the curb. Hope you remaining managers all crowd under the " dome of silence."

- Verizon H8er ID: BACEE1

02/12/10 | 21:50PM
I don’t know if Verizon monitors this like they do dsl reports and such, but i really hope they do. I was a pretty high up employee at one of verizon’s outsourced call centres when i was fired for stupid reasons that had nothing to do with them. However if other vz centres are ran like the one i was at then there’s no wonder this forum and others like it exist. The only time the call centre takes the dsl customers seriously is on those rare occasion when Verizon vendor managers say something – otherwise the agents spend most of their time avoiding calls and passing off any real challenges to someone else – preferably in the US. The centre I was at is not American and pretty much jokes constantly at the pure incompetence of Verizon which wouldn’t last a week here. Our call centre was only concerned with sucking as much money out of Verizon as possible and never has nor never will follow any of the protocols or concerns of this client. They hire known criminals, ignore possible terrorist screen lists and only now asking for valid id to work there. There is no secure network or deterrence from employees to access some pretty usefull information about Verizons customer including IP’s billing information and email passwords (to business accounts as this centre deals with Business). Yes I’m a bit bitter but call centres are all the same and there is no respect to their clients just ways of soaking them. As long as Verizon deals with these centres than don’t ever expect customer service to improve.

- Verizon H8er ID: 02E630

03/31/10 | 16:47PM
Great post about call centers. Sending U.S. jobs offshore only hurts the U.S. economy and customer satisfaction. Verizon just wants to suck the money out of its customers and doesnt care about their satisfaction at all.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B676AE

04/04/10 | 6:41AM
Amen! My job has been sent to the Philippines, and now I am having to fight tooth and nail against my long-time colleagues for the few openings there are left in the area - all of which SUCK by the way. And yet, until our jobs are gone in August, we are still pushed to get our stats, take care of the customer, hound the customers for their email addresses to try to get them to stop calling in, don't let calls hold even though our call center is short about 60 reps, and "stay positive." FUCK YOU IVAN! You bought MCI and turned it into the most disgraceful telecom company I have ever worked my ass off for.

A Disgruntled Soon-to-be-ex-Employee - Verizon H8er ID: 3E4BFD

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