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03/01/10 | 20:07PM
Rejected by verizon

I went to go verizon store for text only plan and phone because I'm deaf. They advertised the plan as 35 but really it is 45. Then they noticed that I have no credit card history so they decided to give me 125 fee!! Hmm, I wrote them a check. I always been writing checks and had no problem. but they decided to call the union to make sure my credit is good. They rejected me because my address on the check doesnt match where I live now. I never had a problem till now. So My check was no good. I had my mom come over and pay her check. But guess what. Another 20 minutes, they decided to call because old ladies are atrocious!! They rejected her check also for no reason!! She even yelled at the person over the phone in the store, making a scene. Now her check is being rejected from every person/company whenever she uses it. She never had any problems till now. THe union is saying that someone has been using her identity. Why isn't nobody helping us? If verizon would just cash the check, this would not happen!! Verizon sucks.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 39E1A5

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