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03/02/10 | 16:58PM
No Help from Verizon

The following is a letter that I emailed to The C.E.O. of Verizon after not getting any help from anymone below him. Of course I have yet to hear back from him.

Dear Mr. Seidenberg,

Contacting you is my last resort in getting my problem with Verizon Wireless resolved. As soon as I switched to Verizon from T-Mobile I signed a contract and bought the Samsung Glyde phone. After just a few days with the phone I noticed that the touch screen was pretty unresponsive and seemed to sometimes have a mind of its own. It got so bad at times that I wasn't able to answer or make calls, rendering my mobile phone useless. I took the new phone back to the store and explained that the screen will be unresponsive from time to time. The customer service rep explained that if I wait a week new software will be released to fix the touch screen issues. I returned to the store a week later and was told that the new software wasn't out yet but it should be out next week. This went on for about 2 more weeks until I had finally had enough. I took my phone back to the store and decided that I had made bad choice on this phone and I'd like to exchange it for a different model. The service rep then explained to me that it's been longer than 30 days at this point and it was too late to exchange it for a different model. TOO LATE!? It was too late because I was being told to wait!

Finally, the new software for the phone was released. I thought this would finally fix the touch screen problems with my Samsung Glyde. I was wrong. After just a few weeks the problems returned and they seemed to be getting worse. I took the phone in to the store for tech support and they replaced it for me with the same model (since I bought the insurance coverage for the phone). Sure enough, several weeks later I was in the store once again with the same touch screen issues. They replaced my phone again (same model, Samsung Glyde). Wouldn't you know it, the phone is malfunctioning again!

Finally I asked a customer service rep what I could do to get a new model. They told me to contact the 3rd party insurance company about the problem. I contacted them and was told that since there was nothing physically broken on the phone then there was nothing they could do and I should contact Verizon customer support. I did so and was told to contact the insurance company. Clearly nobody knows what they're doing. Also, at this point I am told that before Verizon can give me a different model of phone I need to have my Samsung Glyde replaced one more time, but this time it will cost me $50. WHAT!? I have to pay more money for a phone that never worked correctly? Is this how you treat all of your customers with problems? I was so fed up with trying to get my issue resolved and only getting the "run-around" from Verizon that I decided to just use an old RAZR Verizon phone just so that I have a phone that I know will work. Still, I paid Verizon for a phone that never worked for me.

I hope you actually take the time to read this letter and do something to remedy this situation. Something that doesn't require me spending more money to have it fixed. Please don't let this letter go unanswered. My contract with Verizon will expire in a few months and I'd hate to have to move to AT&T because I wasn't helped at Verizon.

Thank you.

Minor Detail - Verizon H8er ID: 1AB2D7

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04/27/19 | 7:45AM

piondut - Verizon H8er ID: 95C034

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