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09/24/16 | 20:22PM
Ridiculous charges for data

Had it a few years ago and I was paying something like $60 a month for a few gigs of data. Anyways I went over one month and got charged a lot they didn't even warn me. I got a bill for $400 and went in and tried to get the price down cause it was accidental. They weren't having it, all I can say is Verizon sucks. Since that day I dropped them and went back to Sprint. Plus my girlfriend just got a Ethernet cable put in for internet at home and the service sucks, it is so bad you can't even stream things on my ps4. When they promised it would handle it, it's a complete joke of a service. Unfortunately she signed a contract so we are riding it out but am going to drop them the first chance we get. Can you hear me know, GOOD.

Steven Green - Verizon H8er ID: E32CF4

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11/12/16 | 22:22PM
They are crooks! They screwed me so bad. I told my bf not to join.... he didn\'t listen and got screwed himself!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 17218E

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