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03/04/10 | 23:39PM
Verizon Commercials

I hate those Verizon song commercials where they claim to have the "best 3G coverage" and show a map comparing themselves to AT&T. These Commercials are so false that AT&T is suing verizon. I Love AT&T, I get full bars almost everywhere and never drop calls or have complaints. On the other hand, all my friends and family that have verizon seem to never have service and are always dropping calls. I had the Verizon Broadband internet years ago and had to buy all these extra cords for each phone jack in my house. The internet never worked and whenever I called verizon some indian lady would lie to me and say it will be fixed in an hour. I havent had verizon since and would never get it again. I dont like to rep AT&T since I recieve no money for doing it but i must say that it is the best network money can buy. Anyone who has verizon i urge you to GET RID OF IT. Go AT&T or T-mobile for all I care. I hate verizon and hope that company goes bankrupt and dies.

Jake - Verizon H8er ID: EF7970

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03/05/10 | 18:35PM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E92360

07/26/10 | 5:15AM
ATT's lawsuit got thown out because the ads are true. ATT's 3G service sucks. Why do you think everyone wants Verizon to get the iPhone?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BD2BA5

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