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03/07/10 | 17:07PM
Desk-Diving: Verizon's 'solution" to their crappy internet service

I signed up for a two-year contract for Verizon's high-speed internet service. I've had problems since day one. My service consistently goes out on me. So, I called Verizon several times in the beginning. No, they did not offer to send me a new modem, or have someone come out. Their solution was for me to dive under my desk, turn off the modem, replace the phone lines connections to the phone jack and to the back of the modem, wait 45 seconds, and turn it back on. Yes, this is a temporary solution, but my service continues to be interrupted. I have "desk dived" 6 times already this morning. This is their solution. This is what these morns have me do every time I have them on the phone, no matter how many times I explain that it is a temporary solution. I hate this company with a passion, and as soon as my contract is up, I am leaving them for good. Word cannot express how much I loathe this company.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7A91A0

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