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03/07/10 | 18:17PM

I had my phone service w/ Verizon & later added my 3 children to the account. My oldest son married & joined his wife w/T Mobile. Somehow, though my son's phone was not the main number, closing his account confused Verizon & they sent me a huge bill ($176.83) in error. (Verizon claimed this mistakenly "orphaned my 3 other lines" causing the error). I called Verizon immediately upon receiving the bill because I had auto withdraw from my checking. Verizon apologized for the error & mailed me a "zero balance" receipt. At that point I closed my account with Verizon & decided to go with T-Mobile. Imagine my surprise when my next bank statement arrived & saw Verizon had debited my account for the $176.83 causing me to accrue $210.00 in over-draft fees!. I again called Verizon, who apologized (after asking me to fax my bank statement showing illegal withdraw)& they said I'd receive the check within 30-60 days. What a joke! Weeks, then months passed without Verizon reimbursing the money they illegally took from me.
I've spent hundreds of minutes on the phone with nearly 30 different customer reps to no avail. At one point last August a rep noticed that they still hadn't closed my account(w/ access to my checking) even though I was assured by several managers it was closed.
TEN MONTHS LATER & STILL NO REFUND! I keep getting a billing notice showing a credit which is worthless as I am no longer with Verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 42E68B

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