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03/07/10 | 20:15PM
Buy one get one Free

So I'm elgible for a new upgrade at Verizon wireless so I was playing with the idea of getting one of the new smart phones and my mother had expressed interest in getting one as well. O told her that since I was going to upgrade we'll do the buy one get one free deal.

So we go into the store and are looking at the phones and no where on Verizons website nor in store does it say that in order to get the other phone free you have to have two lines on your account. What we were going to do is activate my smart phone on my account and she was going to activate the other phone on her account she has. They said that both of the phones need to share the same account.

So I then asked what if we transfer her phone onto my account get the smart phone and two hours later she tranfers off my account? They said yeah we could do that. How fucking stupid are you Verizon that makes no damn senese at all!!! Just let me buy the one phone give her the other and we call it a damn day. Its not like she's not going to activate the phone....Then she waited for a supervisor in a verizon store for 30mins to explain to her where it says that the phones need to both be on the same line. The one customer service rep says that it is implied. These bastards will advertise anything to get you into the store then try to screw you in the end!

I think this lies on the boundary of false adveritising since there is no fine print anywhere that says that eligible phones need to share the same account to be elgible for the buy one get one free

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2FF3D4

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