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08/15/06 | 4:44AM
Check your insurance monthly

my girlfriend and I have had the family plan since Oct-05. Around January her perants switched over so he and I lowered our family plan minutes as to not waste any money with unused minutes. Well six months later she starts to have problems with her e815 hinge starting to break. We call just to verify the procedure for turning in an insured phone and come to find out we have had no insurance since Feb. I said WHAT, how authorized this and put it back on now. The regular rep proceeded to put me on hold to investigate. % minutes later her comes back and tells me that when I switched the plan I requested it to be removed. I said you are gravely mistaken and need to put it back on immediatly. The rep said that insurance cannot be put back on once it is removed. I said WHAT, send me up the line to your supervisor. A young girl comes on the line who proceeds to break every customer service rule known to business. She spoke over, down to, and around me until I gave up and handed the phone to my girlfriend. She tried to get the girl to stop talking to try to resolve the situation, no luck. When we asked for her name we were put on hold. Digusted by our treatment we called from our other phone, still on hold, and started talking to another supervisor. Finally the girl comes back on the line while we are talking to the second supervisor, we asked for her name and she hung up. The second supervisor at least did not hang up on us but did don resolve the issue. We were given the number to the insurance company and told that we could try and add the phone directly through them, but since our phones were off the insurance for more than 30 days tough shit.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1FCE4E

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