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03/23/10 | 17:10PM
Broke my Razr

I had been w/ Verizon for a about 5 years under my parents family plan, about 3 years ago we all got razrs, then 2 years later got new phones w/ the upgrade. When I moved out, I got my own Verizon plan, a month to month with a grey razr. *I really liked the phone* Yesterday I decided was going to block text messaging since a friend of mine kept on texting me, even though I told him I don't have texting and it's getting expensive. I went into the Verizon store where they removed texting. I did some shopping at other stores and then called my mother back, but the razr wouldn't dial out anymore, or even receive calls. So, I headed back to the Verizon store where my razr was passed around as people "tried" to fix it. Even reseting it failed to fix the razr. So, it's not the razr it's self. Verizon had somehow blocked its MEID from using their network. They were unable to fix my phone since it can't even dial their update system. Then they tried to sell me another phone, claiming that my phone had mysteriously died at the same time that text was blocked, when instead they blocked the razr from doing ANYTHING. Funny since I had just hung up w/ a friend before entering their store. They can't take responsibility for their actions, and my almost 4 year old razr is now a fancy brick. Thanks Verizon. Think it's time I switch to a service that actually wants customers w/o smart phone. T-Mobile, here I come.

maggiedan - Verizon H8er ID: 8DAB9A

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