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03/30/10 | 18:05PM
i frickin hate verizon

i first used verison about 5 years ago. they wanted a 400.00 dollar deposit because i had no credit. i figure it would be like enywhere considering my lack of credit. mind you, not bad credit just no credit. so i gave them the deposit and got a phone. i was under the understanding that my bill would be around 80.00 dollars a months. ya right. with all the hidden fee's it came to be almost 125.00 a month. 45.00 dollars more then exspected. so i said forget about it. quit paying my bill, figure the 400.00 dollar deposit would take care of my contract. No, it didn't. they sent it to collections and didn't even use the 400.00 dollars towards anything.

Now,almost 5 years later, i have a company phone that goes through the worst cell phone company out there. yes you got it, verizon. i have had my phone for almost 3 weeks, a guess what? you got it. more problems. when someone calls me on my phone and i don't answer it says my phone is not in service and call again later. so today i call to see if they can fix it. i call and talk to a nice lady. nice at first that it. she tells me she needs to talk to the person that set up the account. well guess what. that person doesn't work for us anymore. i replaced her. "well, there is nothing we can do for you. you need to come down to one of our stores and show proof who pays the bill." REALLY? it's so funny how i can set up an extra phone to an account, but i can't fix a problem with one of my phones?! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW VERIZON?! I FRICKIN HATE YOU!!!


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