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04/02/10 | 4:52AM
way to welcome a new customer

Where to even begin...

Technically I am not a truly-new Verizon customer, but this is the first apartment in which I have owned the actual line (two and a half years previous, I paid quite a bit to have DSL on a line I didn't own but used). The DSL itself was fine. Grand, in fact. Have never seen anything so stable and reliable. Considering I hardly ever talked to their customer service reps, I forgot over time the initial problems I had... but remembered again recently for some reason.

Back then when I started DSL they put me on a couple free trials for garbage I would never use (games and protection software, I have my own thanks). Those trials did not simply vanish after ending, but then began adding to my bill. It took quite a while to get them turned off (the first service rep lied and left them on) and then even longer to get them to credit the amount billed for things I was not informed properly about. Lesson learned: avoid all free trials from Verizon. Also, apparently call endlessly until someone actually shuts off unwanted services. Whenever that is. It's not like you can believe a word anybody there says.

So, my own place now. I ordered phone and internet from Verizon on March 11, so says the almighty phone bill. That I am holding here, my very first paper Verizon bill that I estimated should run around $95... and is, in fact, $166. Which is supposed to be a $24.99/mo local and long distance plan, $31.99/mo internet, 1/3 of the wireless modem/router cost ($18.33 this round), and a $20 activation/shipping fee. Keep in mind that I'm on a very low income, so it matters even more so than being inconvenient and pissing me off. That's food money. Not that I'm paying what I don't owe. More on that later.

I already checked my plans online earlier this week, and called Verizon because I was worried about seeing $40.99 listed for voice. The sales rep I realize now flat-out lied to me, telling me that when my phone bill showed up it would have the proper discount. This was after she spent several minutes supposedly looking over my account. Gee, then why does it say $40.99 on this bill, with another $20.50 in charges from that same rate for part of March that apparently isn't included in the April billing cycle?

Mind you, my phone line has been dead up into the 25th. A maintenance call for the 24th mysteriously did not get entered into the system. That was the earliest they could give me when I called near the beginning of my nonexistent service. I avoided their godawful $90/hr tech charges because they thought it was a problem with the outside box, and the tech ended up coming into the apartment of what I believe was his own good will (GOOD FOR HIM actually the techs themselves have rocked). Found out the line was disconnected inside the apartment, probably by Comcast. Sigh.

DSL did not work until the next day when another tech came out to fix it. When I asked what the problem had ended up being he just said it was sometimes finicky, and he got it working so I certainly won't complain on that front. However, I had been told by a random service rep during one of way too many calls to Verizon customer disservice, that I would be credited for any time on the bill that I couldn't access with the phones being messed up. Funny, that credit's not on there. I've been billed for it instead. For Verizon not providing me with a service and their reps lying to me. What fun.

Then there's $20 in miscellaneous fees, too. No sales rep mentioned this crap. Federal Subscriber Line Charge? Federal Universal Service Fund Surcharge Long Distance? I can understand the taxes but COME ON.

So yay. I get to talk to more liars tomorrow. At this rate, it would have been cheaper to go with Comcast on one of their worst deals. I've just hated Comcast worse in the past, but it's been years since I've had to deal with them. Siiiiiiigh.

Fuck you, Verizon. Fuck. You.

ladyshane - Verizon H8er ID: 345654

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03/24/19 | 21:04PM
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Shawntriem - Verizon H8er ID: 092447

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