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04/02/10 | 14:38PM
Alltell/Verizon can't block a #?

So over the past few days, someone with a random phone number not in my area code has been harassing me, thinking I'm someone else. They call me at work, at night, and at 4 in the morning. They refuse to believe I'm not the person they are trying to call, so I finally decide to block their number. I have an alltel account, so naturally I have to deal with Verizon (oh, and did I mention I switched to Alltel to get away from Verizon, only to have Verizon buy out Alltel a month later? Yeah, Fail on my part). First I call the customer service and the gentleman is very helpful, albeit when I follow his instructions later on, I am unable to block any numbers from my account. I call customer service again, and this time I get a very unhelpful woman who refuses to give me any information because I am not my mother (who is in charge of the account). My mother has given me her SS number so that I can avoid having to call her, but this customer service rep refuses to help me unless she speaks to my mother. So after lots of complaining and asking to speak with the supervisor, I get put on hold for several minutes. I end up calling my mother anyway, and when the customer service rep gets back on the phone, my mother gives her the SS #. (Basically, I could have gotten anybody to be "my mother" and read out the SS I already have. Absolutely f-ing ridiculous). After about 10 minutes, the customer service rep finally tells me there is nothing I can do to block this person from calling me, UNLESS I want to buy a new plan with verizon, or change my number. I hung up on this b and bought an iphone. I'm not kidding, either.


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D34663

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07/26/10 | 4:43AM
I used to work for Alltel. Alltel phones could not block numbers. You must still have an Alltel phone. That's why they couldn't do it. If you had a Verizon phone it would have been no problem. Fail on you for having Alltel.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8A1806

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