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04/03/10 | 20:51PM

In December we got another H.D. T.V. so we needed another H.D. box.

We called up and checked our the extra charge (no such difference with Brighthouse) and I was informed that we would be getting HBO and Showtime through March 15 for free. I said o.k. The sent me to the Verizon store to pick up the box. By the time March 1 rolled around, I was tired of paying these guys so much for their service (the bill was NEVER the same in the 2 years I was with them). I called up to ask them when we could leave with no penalty and they informed me that my contract date had been extended to December after my "change in agreement" took place (the new H.D. box and free HBO). They also informed me that there was a $179 fee for leaving early. At that time I decided it was the last dealing I would ever have with the incompetent fools. In all the years I have had to deal with them at my home AND business, they have done nothing but screw up.
I got a bill 3 weeks after leaving for the whole month. After calling and waiting on the line for 20 minutes, they told me to wait for another bill as the one I had was wrong. I got one a week later that was actually MORE! I called up again, waited 20 minutes, and in the middle of my explanation, their lousy phone system cut us off. I called them back and am waiting again right now. God I hate these guys.
They LIED to me by not mentioning the extension to our contract even once. The contract was in my wife's name anyway and I was not even allowed to order new services or anything else. If I ever get to talk rep, I will let them know everything above, as well as the fact that I found a new web site that they should check out. Its called Verizarape.com.

long gone and not coming back - Verizon H8er ID: D4F82B

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04/04/10 | 2:06AM
first of all adding a box doesnt extend a contract, adding a movie premium doesn't extend a contract, and then... hmmm the movie promotion was free and it was actually hbo and cinemax...

don't think it is verizon fibbing,

as far a making a change on an account... why did u do it anyway if you knew it was wrong, you obviously are allowed to make changes also..

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BD9E99

04/10/19 | 18:15PM
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