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04/08/10 | 2:02AM
Words cannot describe how much I LOATHE Verizon

I have had nothing but problems with Verizon - ridiculous, week long battles with them for various things like, uh, PHONE SERVICE. I hate them so much I put off calling them to inform them I'm moving and want to cancel my phone and internet effective April 16th. (I'm moving to an area where they don't proved phone/internet service. Although even if they did, after this last experience I would cancel Verizon anyway.)

The gas, electric, water company all got it right--they've left my service ON until the date it is scheduled to be turned OFF. But NOT VERIZON! No, they canceled my service the day after I called. How f-ing hard can it be to fix the mistake they made? I have made at least 9 calls about this, and I get increasingly enraged with each one.

The reps (most of them) are idiots, and make it worse. Someone trained them to try to calm customers by saying, "Don't worry," to which I eventually responded, "Why SHOULDN'T I worry? You screwed this up to begin with, you've lied to me, and you still haven't fixed it!!!" One of the more amusing conversations was when I had a really bad connection. How ironic that I have a bad connection with a phone company!

I finally got someone who spoke decent English and who was senior enough that he was able to expedite the order to reinstate service. (The order WAS for my service to be restarted ANOTHER FIVE days from now. Mind you - I can't send receive emails AT ALL, i.e. my email account was closed.)

I thought I was in the clear when I turned on my computer tonight and saw that I had Internet again. BUT NO EMAIL. I get an error message saying there's a problem with my account.

Fuck Verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8B897F

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04/08/10 | 10:55AM
Pay your bill on time you lil bitch

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 05C109

03/13/19 | 11:08AM

JacobCulse - Verizon H8er ID: EF9142

04/04/19 | 12:04PM

Davidfut - Verizon H8er ID: 171A24

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