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04/12/10 | 20:42PM
My fun year with Verizon...

So I moved, and I was already hesitant of using Verizon because of the things I've heard, although this would be my first time. It was the only option in the area at the time.

Everything was up and running even though it took them two weeks to get my service working, and my first bill was already $30 over what was quoted by the Verizon rep. I looked it over, and they charged me long distance WITH a free long distance package. Called, they took it off, no problem.

Next month, I find that my bill is more than 150% of what was quoted to me by the verizon rep. I literally didn't have time or patience to deal with it, so I waited until the next month. I find out that they removed me from my pricing package for no good reason, and tell me that I had to pay the higher rate for that month and that going back into the pricing package is going to reset all of my contract lengths. I argued to what extent I could, but still they are the only ones in the area at this point. Furthermore, putting me in the pricing package only brought it down to $30 more than my quoted price.

So, everything is fine and dandy for my remaining months minus a few technical service problems. Then, magically on the day of my original contract length (they forgot apparently) I found out that my bill goes up another $20 for no apparent reason. Literally all of the same services on the breakdown, just more expensive. I pay it, with intent of canceling the next month. At this point I've confirmed with Comcast that they can now service the area. Next month, my bill goes up ANOTHER $15 - again for nothing. Same breakdown. I called to cancel - and pressed disconnect service on the menu. It transfers me to a tech that doesn't do cancelations, then to two different reps that can't help me because of my location. I waited for the fourth, and they never picked up. I called again and got a rep that helped me cancel right away, but told me I had to call DirectTV to get rid of my TV (you can sign up through them but you can't cancel? nice...) So I called - DirectTV tells me I have a two year agreement (which was originally said to be 1 year by the verizon rep) and it will cost me $180 to cancel. That is where I am currently at, working to get my fee waived but I just wanted to get my story up to further warn people against this company. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DFEC53

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04/13/10 | 4:01AM
I find it funny that you would switch from Verizon to Comcast. Comcast is lowest on totem pole for customer service while Verizon remains very near the top. Good luck with Comcast, as a former employee I can tell you they don't give a shit about you as a customer!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 491659

04/17/10 | 0:30AM
neither does verison. look around you dip shit. plenty of proof verizon customer service is worthless!!

irishmike - Verizon H8er ID: 2D3161

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