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04/14/10 | 6:40AM
so their phones are horrible..

my mom has been with Verizon since before they were even "Verizon" and we always have so many problems with their phones we have to constantly return them for them only to give us more messed up phones!well my most recent is with the Voyager,i am on my 4th phone and i havent had time to send the last one back and they have to audacity to tell me if i dont send it back in the next week they are charging me $600 dollars!! $600!!!i bough the phone for $99.99 how the eff do they figure it is worth $600?not one phone they have out is worth that much. they have been constantly harassing my mom about it and she has been one of the most loyal customers to them that i have ever heard of.I think it is ridiculous the shit they try to charge.not to mention all the accidental times you press the internet button on your touch screen and it doesnt even fully connect and they still charge you $1.99 when you didnt spend even a second on the internet. It's ridiculous and there needs to be something done,i dont know how they have so many customers. I would leave if they didnt wanna charge me so much to get out of my contract!! straight up VerizaRape!

Moesqueek - Verizon H8er ID: A7673E

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04/15/10 | 5:49AM
You bought your Voyager for that price because of the 2-year contract. Whatever they charge you for not returning a phone is the retail price of that phone. There are a good number of phones that retail at $600 or more, but you get at reduced cost with a 2-year contract. Maybe you should take care of your phone to prevent having to get it replaced. You are not charged $1.99 for accidentally hitting the internet button. I have hit it numerous times and I am only charged when I navigate off the home screen. You don't sound very responsible. Maybe you should stick to two cans and a string.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 26BBFA

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