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04/16/10 | 23:38PM
upgrade nightmare

ok so the begging of April, son lost his phone I have insurance no big deal ill file a claim. ATT allows asurion to bill the device to your mobile bill, didnt get paid for 5 days. i called and had them suspend the line and asked for the number to asurion. they gave it to me and said. "well mr customer you can upgrade your line and it would be cheaper then the insurance deductable. i could get the standard commitment pricing for signing a new 2 yr agreement. I've been with verizon for over 5 years so i figured sure why not. i looked on line an found the phone my son wanted for $39.99 w/contract. i called back the next day and sure enough the price of the phone had changed to $99.99 w/contract. thats ok i know this can be resolved. last time i upgraded and added a line the customer service rep credited my account $150 as a curticy to show how much they appreiciate my buisness. this could work out. so I call and advise them I need two things. 1. credit the accouint the mail in rebate. 2. bill the device to my mobile so my son will have a phone ASAP. first agent (after speaking with a supervisor) stated the manger would bill the device and send me a free SD card..... ok we are half way there. i dont need an SD card I need a credit on the account. asked to speak with his supervisor. the next manager was not helpfull, she advised me to go to another website an upgrade the line. may find the phone cheaper. I advised her that I was credited last year, why wouldnt she credit me this year. (i work for ATT customer care and I know that Agent have a limit of $250 and managers have a limit of $400 to RESOLVE the issue.) she told me,,"we dont do that anymore.." I asked her what she doesn't do resolve issues? show customers you care, assist customers in resolving their issues? witch one do you not do anymore? so i gave in and said ok. fine I'll pay the asking price just bill it to my mobile and I'll do the mail in rebate, (witch I hate because all the hoops you have to jump threw) she then tells me,,, she cant bill it to my mobile because I had a past due balance..... I said, "so how is it the previos manager stated he could do it but you can't, tell ya what let me speak to your supervisor and I'll ask her" she stated that no managers were available and they would have to call me back. no call back ever came. when I called back the next day same run around.

So i took her advise and went to other web site to see if i could find the phone cheaper. went to Lets talk.com. they had a nicer phone for FREE. so i submitted an order. they stated the phone was on it's way pending verizons approval for the upgrade... two days later lets talk called me and stated that the order was canceled, verizon would not allow the upgrade due to a past due balance. even though the Manager I spoke to advised me to do it threw another web site... I called verizarape back and asked them to credit back past due balance till the order was processed and then they could revers the credit if they felt I didnt deserve the credit because of the miss information and the run around I have been getting. they said, "well sir we can apply a 10% discount to your account for the next 6 month.. ??? WTF?? what is a discount going to do to resolve my device issue. I need a phone for my son I dont need a discount!!! to this she replied." well i'm sorry sir We are not going to be able to help you...." wow really? it's like I was asking them to give me free service, or something crazy like that. so i filed an insurance claim to replace my sons phone.. got my ETF's so i could start looking for another service provider. but you would think the drama would have ended there... you would be wrong
my son gets his phone. lost all his cool ringtones so he wanted another one. we went online and i purchased one. it was sent to my phone not his. so i call verizarape back to get this fixed.. the agent advised me that she could not do it for me. I would have to register his phone with another user name and password to order him his ringtone. so I did this, another hour of my life I will never get back. i get the ring tone to my sons line.. I call them back to have the ringtone that I didnt want credited back or canceled or whatever needs to happen so i wouldn't have to pay for the stupid $2.99 that is never wanted.. the agent stated. "sir the charges are valid it was your mistake not verizons" i swear to god I fraked out, asked for a supervisor again. by the time he got on the line I was livid, an yes when I get livid the F bomb tends to come out. he stated." sir I will not help you if you use dirty words>>>" thanks for calling verizon, have a great day" needless to say I have already checked on the deposit i will be required to come up with when I move to ATT and fire VerizaRAPEs sorry a$$! line went dead. so now i am about to blow a gaskett! so glad i was not at a store. it would have been violant.,.,LOL thanks for letting me vent. think I am gonna forward this to the corprate office so they will know how un-helpful their customer service has become.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EE84E2

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04/17/10 | 15:59PM
Verizon's reps can only credit up to $50 w/o a sup's approval

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 57FE64

09/05/12 | 19:19PM
I have had to many issues to even begin to get into with verizon over the years. I will tell you the one and only thing I have ever found that seems to get their attention and get all their b.s. charges that you didn't agree to and they're hoping you won't notice back, hopefully that is. It's worked for me a couple times when they charged fees etc. Make a BBB complaint it's easy you can do it online and your no longer dealing with customer service reps that have no clue what they're doing saying, it goes to corporate and they don't want bad publicity. I was credited $600 once and $450 another time, still wasn't enough I would have rather of never had to deal with the issues and they could've kept their money.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EE5A87

02/24/19 | 2:56AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: FCDB46

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