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04/18/10 | 6:36AM
Try being an employee...

Let's see, where to start.

First off, let me start off by saying at the start of my time at VZW I was so excited. I didn't really want to do customer service, but the 'potential growth' seemed impressive. Based on my experience they told me at my interview that after a year(so I could learn their computer systems) they would transfer me to IT, which never happened. After training ends, they throw you to the lions. If I had a dollar for every customer who swore, called me a fag, threatened to kill me, used racial slurs(which didn't even applied, they just assumed I was African American) I would be retired.

There is no respect, not from the company and not from the customers. Supervisors talk to you as if you are a small child. Pretend to be all friendly but are some of the most vicious people. I hate invoking the name, but Adolph Hitler comes to mind.

Most of us(at my call center anyways) genuinely try to help..but here are some examples of what happens when we do.

I had an elderly lady on the phone, who was in tears. She did not understand her bill and could not afford it(like most retired persons, she was on a fixed income). She did not understand what her plan covered, what it should cost, ect.(Side note, looked in the notes, and big shocker, it was a manager who set her up on the plan with no explanation). So after I get her to a state where she stops crying to the point where she can at least understand what I am telling her, I proceed to spend an hour, going over her bill, line by line.(lines of text on the bill, not lines of service). I explain exactly what is covered, what is not and how to avoid overages again. In addition I credit half of her overage(50 of the 100, I would have done 100, but that would have gone to a sup for approval and would be denied. So rather half than nothing). Customer was happy, even gave me a 'God bless you, young man.' and left a positive customer review of my performance. So..from the employment end of things..how did this call turn out? It was marked as a failed call. We are expected to get people off the phones in between 90 seconds(preferred) to 5 minutes. So taking an hour to genuinely help someone resulted in being screamed at by a sup.

Your supervisor will try to screw you over at every turn. Here are a few gems

I did a callback to a customer one day, about a problem with coverage. I had submitted and expidited a trouble ticket to find out what was up. He was in a major city, so there was no reason he should not have service. It was noted in the computer system. But my sup printed up a call report and claimed I never called the customer back. I told her I did and told her to show me in the print up. She refused saying her 'integrity' should be enough. She then felt the need to ask me right in the middle of the office, why I was lying to her.

Same sup. scored me low on a call. I didn't agree and asked for it to be escalated to quality department.(When this happens you receive an email with a copy of the request as well as the response) She never escalated, instead 'asked a friend' and her friend agreed. I asked to see the email as I didn't receive a copy. Again her reply was that her integrity should be enough. Shortly after I heard her talking to her friend and she said that she hated white breads(as in people). Since I was the only white person on her team, I figured she meant me. But couldn't do anything about it, her word against mine.

Back in October, I received some difficult news. My father who had been fighting cancer for two years, had been told it was terminal, the chemo stopped working and it spread to the brain, liver, lungs. I filed for and received FMLA to take care of him.(Doctor estimated he had 6-8 weeks). After one week, the same sup, called me up and asked why I was on FMLA. I wanted to tell her it was none of her business, but I didn't want to put a target on myself. So I told her. Rather than being human and even offering a insincere "I'm sorry to hear that." she tells me unless he is going to be dead in the next 5 days, she expected me in the office on Tuesday(which was the first day of my work week.)

Life outside of work? No such thing. For the first two years at least, expect to work the 2 to 11 shift. When your days off come around you are to emotionally exhausted to do anything. Not to mention, holidays with family? Ha! You will work Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Forth of July, Easter, and ever other holiday. You might think on the holidays call volume is low? Lower than normal yes, but you still take alot of calls. The slowest day of the year is Superbowl Sunday for some reason. You get two weeks of vacation time, and one week of personal time a year when you first start, but good luck using it. You will almost always get denied.

The way they score your calls is faulty as best. You are expected to take at least 60 calls a day.

Also they grade you on the average length of your calls. So you have to make the choice, sacrifice customer service for time and get screamed at by the customer. or give good customer service but sacrifice "handling time" and get screamed at and possibly fired by your sup.

Work Environment...I imagine Guantanamo is a less hostile environment. I had a cubicle by the window(somehow I lucked out) and they decided to put filters over the windows so you couldn't even enjoy the sunlight. I asked why and was told that they don't pay us to enjoy daylight, and if I wanted to do so, do it on my days off or quit. It's not as if it was distracting from my work..but you know..light of day would be nice.

Every day on the drive in to work, you will consider running your car into the highway median as opposed to going in.

Now, alot of you have commented saying that if we verizon employees don't want to be 'assholes' we should just quit. Don't know if you have noticed, but spare jobs aren't exactly out there. Especially here in the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan. As lovely as the homeless shelter sounds, I would like to be able to pay rent.

I realize this is a Verizon Hate site(and believe me I do hate them.) All I'm asking is, watch where you direct your hate. The average person who you talk to on the phone, is just trying to survive in a bad economy, while trying to balance what they can do for the customer that won't get them fired. Direct your anger at the management as they are the cause.

As it is, by the grace of god, I have managed to find other employment far less pay but without the temptation of blowing by brains out..but all the same, I can vouch for the center I worked at, that 80% of them are good people who want to help, but have their hands tied.

Best Regards to you all.

soon to be ex VZW employee - Verizon H8er ID: A3A75D

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04/21/10 | 11:32AM
Same thing happens in the east. It's a verizon standard. The supervisors SUCK***** big time. The company is NOT employee friendly. I don't advise anyone to apply for a job with verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8E4B50

04/23/10 | 15:26PM
Congratulations on your new job and getting away from that hellish company.

As long as you are leaving, could you do many people a really great service? Could you PLEASE provide us with ways to contact any higher up's...managers...etc? As you know, whenever a customer demands to speak to a manager, we stand a better chance of our call getting being transferred to the planet Saturn. Itis impossible to get through to anyone in management. Please! If you can give us any information...phone numbers...email addresses...whatever that would put us through to a manager such as the one you've described, you would be doing many people a fantastic service!

Best of luck in your new job!

Pattya - Verizon H8er ID: D46988

04/27/10 | 4:21AM
Hey I love Verizon and I never have had a problem there. Every job has its ups and downs.. It's called the REAL WORLD..

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EC1920

10/12/10 | 22:20PM
1995: I don't hate the typical Microsoft employee, I hate the higher-up people who think they can get away with blatantly illegal actions and not giving a rat's ass about designing software that crashes less than 12 times a week.

2010: I don't hate the typical Verizon employee, I hate the people who decide to charge a $1.99 "data usage" fee to people who don't even have the software to connect to the Internet.

Have never and will never pay Verizon or Micr - Verizon H8er ID: 003059

05/09/19 | 4:06AM
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InnaGot - Verizon H8er ID: AEE55B

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