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09/27/16 | 17:43PM
They keep sending bills long after account closed

Well folks, as you can read in the transcript, i needed to close all my verizon accounts, as in the transcript , i ask over and over to make sure everything is closed and all balances payed, yet today i get a bill for $114.00 . I payed it because it would take more than $114.00 worth of time to go through the numerous people to get no resolve im sure..

Reference Number:
Chat Transcript
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE - All replies are automatically deleted.
Charlie : Thank you for contacting the Verizon Wireless Chat Team regarding your account. How can we help you today?
You : Hi, I need to disconnect and shut down my remaining phone .
Charlie : Oh, my. Thank you for bringing that to my concern. Rest assured that I will fully assist you with your concern. I will definitely look for options to help you out with your request for the remaining phone.
Charlie : I appreciate your effort staying on the line. No worries, I'm here to help you today.
Charlie : I am currently pulling up the account, to address you properly may I know your name please?
You : Our company gave us all new Verizon phones so I won't need mine anymore.
Charlie : Thank you for those information! Is it okay if I call you by your first name?
You : Sure, thanks.
Charlie : Great! I got your account pulled up. Just to clarify, may I know if you would like to keep the same number on your New Verizon phones?
You : No, our company () wants us to use their numbers..
Charlie : Oh, I see. I understand that, it will be beneficial for you and your company to use the company's number instead.
You : Yes..
You : So , after I shut this phone off I shouldn't have anything associated with this account. All phones should be disconnected right?
Charlie : Just to make sure I am working on the correct lines, may I have the line numbers you want to disconnect?
Charlie : Yes, if we disconnect all the phones, automatically the account will be disconnected as well.
You : Those phones should have already been disconnected .
You : The last one is the iPhone 6 plus ..
You : Ok, anyway. Everything should be off.
You : And how can I pay my last bill. ?
Charlie : Oh, as I see here, there are still 3 lines activated.
You : NO, I had the other two turned off earlier this week. Doesn't matter, I just need to make sure all three are off.
You : And my account closed ..
Charlie : While I am validating the request, do you know anyone who may be needing these lines? I found out that the lines can be transferred to another person, like a friend or family without having to pay other fees.
You : nope, that should be good .
Charlie : Oh, thank you. I am now processing your request.
You : ok. will I still be able to log on and pay my last bill ?
Charlie : The last bill will be sent to you via mail. No worries, that already includes all the balance for your account.
You : ok. great. just want to make sure everything's zeroed out.
Charlie : Yes, definitely. As your specialist, I also want to make sure that you will not incur any balance as you cancel the account. I will be fully documenting our conversation and initiate a request for the bill follow up.
Charlie : last bill*
You : Ok , so just want to make sure, everything on my Verizon account is closed (all three phones) and the billing will stop today 07/29/16
Charlie : Yes, the disconnect order will be up for today as a request.
You : So, I wont need to follow up or do anything else ...
Charlie : Indeed, no need to follow up. rest assured that this is well taken care as of today as per your request.
You : Ok, well thank you. Anything else ?
Charlie : Just a heads up, your device will stop working some time after 7:30 PM on 8/19/2016. Rest assured that's because you paid for a month in advance. Moving forward you will not be charged extra.
Charlie : And you can only reactivate an E911-compliant device. There is no guarantee that you will have the same MDN upon reactivation. If the reactivation takes place on or after the 51st day, then a deposit may be required, and you will need to visit a VZW Retail Store or contact our Telesales Department @ 800-256-4646 to start the reactivation process.
You : I cant get a refund for the 19 days ?
You : So I've already paid for this moth and shouldn't have any remaining balance then, correct ..
Charlie : The disconnection process actually takes place at the end of the bill cycle. As this will ensure that there will be no system changes that will affect your bill.
Charlie : Yes, no remaining balance.
You : Ok, well thank you...
Charlie : You're most welcome!
Charlie : To sum it up, I processed a disconnect on all your remaining lines. Apart from this, is there anything else that I can help you with?
You : One more thing. Can I have all services shut off even though I've paid already. I have given the old phones to someone but don't want then to have access numbers. Could you suspend the numbers until the 19th?
Charlie : Oh, I will verify that request.
You : ok. thanks.
Charlie : You're welcome!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9D3E7E

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