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04/23/10 | 19:32PM
"technical support" in stores, actually sales people in sheeps clothing

Last night I had to take my EnV Touch back to the verizon store for the 4th time since I got it last June. The screen stops working, turns white, locks up and my phone just shuts off completely on its own sometimes. I HATE this phone. The only thing about this cell phone that I hate more than the phone itself if the service provider...Verizon. It pisses me off that they have a monopoly of sorts. The only huge company up against it is AT&T and AT&T is kind of notorious for having really bad covereage in my area.
So I took the phone in and they guy behind the counter told me to come back in an hour. Sure...no problem. I came back in an hour, signed my name in again and proceeded to the customer service area to wait for my name to be called. I was 1st on the tech support list. One by one, I watched people slide up to the counter and get serviced before I did. Finally, I walked up to the counter and "Ryan" told me that he was helping someone else. Of course he wasn't because I had been standing there for 30 mins already, I KNEW that he had just finished selling a new phone to some other poor bastard. He then proceeded to "help' this guy by going down the price list for every phone they sold, telling him the plan options, how he could upgrade for the cost of the phone, 2 yr plan PLUS $20 for upgrade fee (which to me in not a discount for ppl who are already verizon victims. That sounds like $20 more for the people they are already raping)He then steps out from behind the counter to walk the other gentleman out to the phone area to show him how all the phones work. Noone else was behind that damn tech support counter. Finally, i found a manager after standing there for 45 mins and told her how disgusting it was to me that 45 mins was an acceptable amount of time for them to leave their customers waiting. I also told her that they needed to stop polishing turds and calling them "fixed". What they had done to my phone was run some updates on it (which they had done 2 months ago). Last month, i took it back in and it was replaced. So once a month I am supposed to go in there, deal with their shit, and try not to go to jail so they can run an update on it? it seriously took 30 seconds to unplug it from the computer, turn around and hand it to me. That guy put me aside for 45 mins, when I could have been out of his hair after 39 seconds? I also told the manager that he had done this to me, and the only response was "well...there must have been some reason. MY BAD." REALLY????? Your bad? Wow.
The sad truth is that I cant even threaten to cancel my contract to go with AT&T (so I can get my Iphone)because then they would also get $100 out of me for cancellation. I think there should be some kind of rule that even with a contract, a company should still have to pull their weight or the customer can cancel at any time. If they chose to do so, they could cancel me! Only one year left and I am soooooooo gonna tell them to shove it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8B1027

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