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04/30/10 | 16:25PM

I called Verizon when my two-year phone/internet/TV contract was up an=d spoke to a Mr Lowe. In order to keep my business, Mr. Lowe promised me that he could save me money and increase my download/upload time by switching me to Verizon digital voice. Assuring me that there would be no noticeable change in service, that the transition would be seamless, that I would retain all the same features, etc, I took the bait. I was supposed to have free movie package for a year as well. Well, today I received my first bill and, of course, nothing was as promised: I was charged for my separate fax number (was never charged before), charged for the promised free movie package, and not given the credits I was promised. I called Verizon and literally spoke to four people before I got to someone who claimed they could help me. After getting no where with her, I waited to speak to a so-called customer service supervisor, whose name is Cristina Brito. One and a half hours after initially calling Verizon, a laughing Ms Brito informed me that there was no way they could possibly offer me everything I was promised. She was able to verify in previous notes what my deal was with Mr Lowe, but said Verizon could not deliver that deal. (This is making a very long, aggravating story short). When I tried to cancel my service since they would not honor the deal I made, I was told I would =be charged the full cancellation fee of $360.00. When I said Verizon was in breach of contract, the very rude, nasty Ms Novak of their retention department cut me off and said she was transferring me to a supervisor. After 20 minutes MORE on hold, I gave up. I am reporting this to the FCC and the FTC as well as my state dept of Consumer Affairs. Over and above rude, obnoxious, unhelpful customer service, what Verizon is doing is illegal. More people need to report this sorty of thing so that they are held accountabel.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5E58DB

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05/19/10 | 2:31AM
I had the same exact thing happen, as far as one vz rep promising me one thing and then another rep telling me later "they shouldn't have told you that!" vz reps lie on a routine basis. You absolutely cannot believe anything that they tell you, because they will just renig on it later. How can you deal with a company that tells you something completely different everytime you get on the phone with them (IF you can get them on the phone). That is why I will NEVER do any type of business with vz in any way at all!

No More vz! - Verizon H8er ID: 60EDE5

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