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04/30/10 | 20:44PM

For the last three years I've had Verizon FIOS TV/PHONE/Internet services. Prior to that I had just the FIOS Internet. During these past years I have always been able to use my webmail login, look at my billing and print the itemized Internet bill so I can turn it into work for reimbursement. So far so good..

Well, earlier this week Verizon changed all that, and without telling anyone. You can no longer look at the Internet bill separately, you now have to go directly to verizon.com, login with a completely different account and view your entire service package there. It would be no big deal except they don't break out the internet charges, so now I can't print a receipt for my service to turn in to work.

So after an hour of being on hold and shuffled around to many different "tools" at Verizon who have no fucking clue as to what the other is talking about I was finally told that the only way I could get back at the information was to un-bundle my services, which would increase my monthly price of each service and discontinue any discounts I am currently receiving.

The lady on the phone was a bitch, no one was helpful at all and they can all suck my ASS!!!

Between my FIOS billing issues and all the shit I've gone through from the Wireless side all I can tell you is that once all my contracts are up this year, for both Wireless and FIOS I am dumping this shitty ass company as fast as I can.

It's back to Comcast and AT&T for me.....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1D8FAF

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04/28/12 | 21:24PM
We fell for the fios pitch after time warner couldn't support netflix it was constant pixeling and buffering

Time warners new commericials claim they'll speed up yout internet connection for the first year!

Bottom line Fios @ minth 13 is now 204.00 a month
decembers bill was 139.00 here we are 16 months later wondering How we fell for the Fios pitch

looks like it's back to to time warner and the pixeled buffered and just slightly choppy net flix
Fios isn't the answer

fios dry no vaseline - Verizon H8er ID: E2A383

04/05/19 | 20:00PM

Anthonyfax - Verizon H8er ID: 91310F

05/06/19 | 19:31PM
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estellamz69 - Verizon H8er ID: 20B622

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