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05/03/10 | 23:58PM
I Tried to give up my Iphone and AT&T

I tried to switch to verizon and set a corporate account with 5 lines and 5 new Droid-Incredible phones today. So there I was at the store with 2 thousand dollars ready to do bussiness. Since my corporation is new and has no credit history in the US (35 years in the UK) I was informed they would need another 2K deposit...on top of a 2 year contract at 450 a month????

This took 2 hours in the store to get to this point and still I am waiting for the total costing now. This was truly an eye opener for me and with this kind of utterly poor treatment before they get my money I can only imagine how horrific it would become once I am a prisoner to their contract, no thanks. I am going to try sprint.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BD0288

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05/12/10 | 1:38AM
Yeah how crazy of them to require a security deposit for a company with no credit history in the u.s....maybe verizon, a u.s. company, should verify with the united kingdom in regards to how long your company has been in business for. Wait,maybe they should just take your word for it and let you pay for the phones with I owe you's. Because that's how business is done now-a-days through the honor system

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 21260A

02/17/11 | 0:44AM
No. Maybe its shameful to me, as an American, that Verizon is a US company. Ruuunnn, lil' Brit, run!

Stefanie - Verizon H8er ID: 93C9F2

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