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08/15/06 | 6:37AM
Ya Verison sucks!!!

Yes Verison sucks but so do all the other US cell phone companies.
We pay 10 cents a minute to 25 cents a minute for a cell phone call...in India, Pakistan and China it only cost 1 cent a minute to make a call and only the person making the call pays...incoming is FREE!
Why the hell is out cell phone service so bad and so expensive and why do we pay TWICE when we get a call and make a call????
Can anyone explain this???
The Verizen internet service is useless...i had it and could not even get a dial up speed on it..and i was paying $80 a month!!!! What non-sense.
Now i just use a pay-as-u go service (i hate it) but its better then being billed for calls u never make.

- Verizon H8er ID: 775852

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