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05/25/10 | 16:52PM
Verizon. Service with a... Nevermind

I currently live in South Dakota and unless you stay on the interstate (I29) the only service providers you can get are Verizon and Alltel (soon to be AT&T in SD). Why I picked Verizon over Alltel I'll never know. But my dear sweet Jesus, Verizon has been sucking the money out of my paychecks and for what? Nothing. 700 minutes, unlimited text, family plan (2 phones) 100 bucks a month (even with a DOD discount) wtf?! When I was on Unicel I paid 60 a month for unlimited text and 1500 minutes. And you know what, Unicel didn't randomly drop my calls or tell me that my wife's number was disconnected. Huh? I remember paying that outrageous bill, please tell me I didn't! Not to mention getting voice mails from non-Verizon subscribers 2 days after they called me! Insanity!

It's not bad enough that Verizon's service costs way too much (similar plan on AT&T is around 60 dollars a month with *more* minutes) but their service, not only customer service, is downright awful. Peak hours during the day, BAM, calls dropped. Texts won't send in full service areas until the 4th or 5th try... And I've tried 3 different phones!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 828474

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05/25/10 | 18:37PM
What you need to get straight in your mind is that VZ "from sea to shining sea" smells like dog crap " in the amber waves of grain". Once people realize that VZ, is a corrupt bloated corporation that only wants cash in their pocket with limited customer service, will any change be made.

VZ hater #1 - Verizon H8er ID: C44269

04/05/19 | 2:30AM

Plania - Verizon H8er ID: 224E36

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