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05/27/10 | 21:37PM
so much for the customer being the most important part of the company

I got my service in January because I wanted the Motorola Droid. After shopping online I wanted to see if I could get a retail store to match the price. Upon first asking they said no and as I was walking out the Rep offered to ask his manager. Sure enough he came back a couple minutes later and said they would credit my account to match the price. I went ahead and paid not thinking to double check the pricing. When I got home I looked at my reciept and realized I paid full retail price for the phones and the accessories. I had to leave out of town so I called my bank and made a stop payment on the order. Next day I called the store to let them know I'd be returning my phones and accessories. When I finally made it in to the store the store manager apologized and again offered to credit my account if I kept the phones. I agreed. Two months later I received a bill for my equipment charges as well as my service and fees for over $800 which was after the $200 credits he gave me which weren't nearly half of what I should have gotten. After arguing with customer service and the store manager over the phone I finally agreed to be put on a payment plan after being given another $50 credit. I was to pay an additional $105 on top of my current bill every month for 8 months until the balance was paid. The 2nd month of trying to do this not only was I told by the Rep I wasn't on a payment plan, but then after explaining the situation and talking to a supervisor and paying my account, come to find out a month later she told me the wrong amount and now that's listed as a past due amount. The last straw was yesterday when a Rep called me saying I was scheduled for interruption and that I owed $800 to keep my service. Again I had to explain the payment plan and talk to several people to no avail. Finally upon talking to the retention department I found out I was ineligible for the payment plan because I hadn't had service for 6 months or more. This is my fault how? I didn't put myself on the plan. I decided to call the customer relations office and spoke with an assistant who assured me an executive manager would call me within 24 hours. Its now close of business today and I still have no call back. I'm now the happy customer of att yet again. IPhone here I come!!!

Da Fiend - Verizon H8er ID: D1FD25

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05/28/10 | 6:31AM
So point of the story is...when it says that pricing is online only, then maybe we should understand that it is online only. You would not be in your situation if you had just ordered it online. They use to have a free overnight shipping special then, too. Also, are you sure that you paid full retail? I think those phones were kind of expensive even with the 2-year plan? Anyway, good luck with the Iphone. Any person who cannot understand online only will have no problem operating the Iphone.

Online Only - Verizon H8er ID: D20A22

02/26/19 | 17:17PM
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nub - Verizon H8er ID: E15DCE

04/28/19 | 7:30AM
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Anatoliyatots - Verizon H8er ID: E64C83

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